You lost the game. Do an RC!

You lost the game. Do an RC! See, I was in chat today, when Globetrotter asked— Did anyone here tried “GILD” [Game induced lucid dreaming]? Now, having missed the topic he was actually referring to, and seen as how I was in #ld4all in the first place, it seemed perfectly logical for me to, you know, lose the game. (This link is important to understand this post. Go read it.)

That gave me a half-brilliant idea. In fact, I originally thought this was what GILD was about. Someone must have thought of this before, but I don’t think it’s properly documented. So here’s the idea: every time you lose the game, do an RC!

You’re welcome. :yes:

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Right, so there are a few reasons why this shouldn’t work in practice. First, even people very much obsessed about the game don’t seem to dream about it often; second, when they do, they don’t seem to lose it. On the other hand, the key to RCing is creating triggers, or associating RCs with old habits so as to maximise your odds of remembering to do an RC within a dream.

The two possible outcomes of this are: either you start losing the game like crazy, or the positive reinforcement of doing something useful out of the game will neutralize its effect, and thus you win the game. But either way you’ll have a period there where you do a lot of RCs (and lose the game a lot), which is a great oppotunity to start associating them with everything.

So go Marcel Duchamp about it: every time you lose the game, do an RC; and every time you do an RC, associate it with what you’re doing. Now, every time you do that thing again, lose the game, and do an RC.

And yes. I know. This is brainwashing; insanity ensues. Again, you’re welcome. :yes:

One word: GAH

/me reality checks


i can’t decide if this is brilliant or rage-inducing.

Me neither. :bruno:

I’m in. And i lost.

EDIT:Also, first post. Lol.

I just lost the game and told a few people about the game because of you :content: RC

I did lose in my sleep once. I dreamt about the game and conciously lost it. I also tried associating the game with RCs but somehow couldn’t make it a habit. I think I’ll try it again :tongue:

I had a dream not to long ago, where I got killed by a tank in a game in a dream, I then ‘woke up’ in the dream in my bedroom, and as soon as I realised I was dreaming, It was too late as I blacked out and fell asleep within seconds in the dream, I then woke up in my bed. T_T

Not to long ago I lost the game in a dream

I’ll say Bruno, this doesn’t sound bad at all. Congratulations chap :tongue: you’ve transformed the life of some into a RC-bomb.

also does a RC

ROFL this is so twisted and mind bending, its breathtaking… walks away giggling psychotically and RCing manically

So dreaming about lucid dreaming, i lost?? RC

I’ve never lost the game in my dreams as far as I remember.

[title]But I did lose the game in a dream![/title]

Fair enough. However, if Magnus and Q (two big addicts of both the game and lucid dreaming) didn’t lose it in their dreams — even as they dreamt about the game! —, it’s safe to assume that this isn’t the right way to explore it as a lucidity inducing resource. :wink:

[title]Dang, you’re brilliant. Wait, no, you’re evil.[/title]


[title]I think I didn’t get it :eh:[/title]

Alright. The Game is something a bit more specific. It’s a mind game. The goal is to suppress the memory of The Game itself. So when you think of The Game, when you remember it, you’re losing it. You don’t want to lose, so you have to forget it. Every time you lose, there’s another rule, you have to announce you lost The Game and explain it if necessary (which is how it spreads).

So, not thinking about The Game → winning (for now).

Remembering The Game → you lost! Must forget it, go! go! go!

The Game is hard to win forever because thought suppression doesn’t work well. (Allow me: you! Yes, you. Right now! I challenge you to not think of a white bear. Do not think about a white bear; don’t! — See?) Since it’s so effective, I’m proposing that we use it as a complementary tool to [size=100]RC[/size] related techniques: every time you lose The Game, do an [size=100]R[/size][size=100]C[/size] and establish a new trigger for future [size=100]R[/size][size=100]C[/size]s.

Example: you’re having breakfast and you remember The Game. “Holy mother of God, I just lost The Game!”, you announce frustrated. Right then, do an [size=100]R[/size][size=100]C[/size], and from then on, every time you have breakfast, do another [size=100]R[/size][size=100]C[/size] (and as a bonus, lose The Game once more). You can see how this will drive people crazy. :grin:

Doesn’t matter! :happy: See the part in bold in the text above. :wink:

Gaaaaah! I noticed this on your FB-wall :lol: :razz:

Ive lost several times in my dreams and I used to RC every loss before the summer, however I stopped :roll:

But I just must say that you are very evil right now! :puh: :truit:

Erm…So this is a method for realising your dreaming because you do an RC every time you remember ‘The Game’, It follows on into the dream world, you perform an RC when remembering ‘The Game’ and realise you are dreaming…Or am I still wrong. T_T And for my first post, it was very late when I posted a reply, I was a half dead zombie. :content: This ‘Game’ just helps with motivation for doing RC’s more often. :eh:

Well since I lose the game about 20-30 times per day when I’m on ld4all and in chat, and since I completely lack any lucid dreaming talent, I like to call myself a perfect test person to see if this method can bring any benefit :tongue:

I’ll try to stick to RCing and associating as well as possible from now on, but actually I don’t expect this to work ^.^

By not expecting it to work, that doesn’t really help. And hey…I also lack lucid dreaming talent, and I expect it to work, so I am another test guinea pig. Oink. And this ‘Game’ I am doing I can make the reason for the game anything I want, So I think, whenever I think to myself “What was I just doing?” I lose the game and have to perform an RC. :slight_smile:

You’re right, not expecting it to work is really the wrong way to get to it.
But I have to agree with the vast majority of the people who dream about the game: You usually don’t lose in your sleep. So I guess just RCing everytime I lose will hardly get me any better at lucid dreaming.
It’s really more the approach of associating all the things that make you lose with RCs to get you into doing them in dreams, too. I think that part of the technique has a much greater influence than the actual game itself.

Well the thing I think with this game, the more you do it the more chance there is for it to come into your dream, thus giving you a huge chance to become lucid. By not doing it enough your just wasting time I think. Might aswell try another technique? It does feel like a hard technique to pull of thow, but seeming as I havn’t become lucid yet, this is yet another technique for me to try. :content: So I will stick to it for a few days. And I do agree to your last post, but I am seeing this ‘Game’ as a motivational thing to make me do RC’s more often. :content: And then it will carry on into the dream. With a bit of Lucid Magic. :tongue:

I don’t know how long you’ve been playing the game, but probably not as long as me. If you lose it very often you somehow become mostly immune to it. I can often talk about the game and make others lose etc. without actually losing myself. That’s also the point why I think it won’t work too well in my dreams anymore, because it’s just too much of a habit, a normal thing for my mind. Attaching an RC to it seems too simple (and I have tried that before) :wink:

So my advice would be to not overdo it or the game can quickly lose its effect for you… whatever effect it has on you.