You lost the game. Do an RC!

Youve had dreams about the Game? You must be a terrible player. Ive never had a dream about it. LOL Ohh I forgot. I just lost the game.

Kava, Im in the same situation as Bay, I can talk about the Game without losing it, and in my dreams I think of the Game sometimes without losing :tongue: but I remember a dream with a real loss :tongue:

And I’ve lost the game.

Hmmm, I’m a bit lost here. How can you talk about the game and not lose it? :eh:

First mattias, grah :tongue:

Secondly; the reason I, Bay (and Qu actually :tongue:) dont lose when talking about it is that we lose so often that we actually forget to lose it :razz: yepp, losing too much creates an immunity :yes: I dont know how this is about Magnus, maybe let him talk about this himself :tongue:

Yes, GHOSTIE11 is right. The actual thing that makes you lose is when you remember that you must not remember or you have lost. If you don’t make that association anymore everytime you think about the game, you can actually think about it without losing.
I still remember in the beginning I really felt like I lost every time. Now I only feel like it when I really concentrate on the game (or sometimes when it catches me off guard :tongue:). It simply does not feel like losing anymore (but that’s not because I lost so often but because it became so natural to me). It’s weird to describe I guess :o

Self-defense mechanisms? :tongue:

:no: tosxy, I wouldnt say that, there is no defense against the Game, its just that being in contact with it so often as we (the Game addicts :tongue:) are, we just stop thinking about the actual losing. Or was it this you called “self-defense”?

And Bay is right about the offguard thing, its those times when one doesnt expect to lose that make one lose :razz:

Of course I was referring to that, it’s what I quoted in the first place :tongue:

I also notice the game is having an exponential increase in references around here. I hope people will take it well when it starts breaching their dreams (and hopefully, they will RC to that :lol: )

Oh ok! Got it. I thought you guys were able to talk about the game without actually thinking about it :bored:

(I lost the game >.> )

I keep checking this post and I keep losing the game. lol RC time Yay!

I’ve lost the game tons of times today but also introduced two of my friend to The Game! But there is a weird thing that happens. Instead of making a RL whenever I remember The Game, I remember The Game whenever I do a RC >.<

I think the origins of the game are on Encyclopedia Dramatica, but I don’t know, might have originated on 4chan, lots of pointless things come from there, more specifically, /b/…

dude, I’ve been doing this for a year now. Good to find like minded people. Now I’m happy to lose the game.

You make me a sad panda :sad:. The game infultrated the Quest for Lucidity!

Adam M: The Game started in Europe in like the 1970’s… it came from the "Don’t think of " thing, you know, how it’s impossible to not think of penguins right now, don’t believe me? Try it! I bet you can’t stop thinking about penguins.

Anyways, my fourth or fifth LD was caused because of when I learned about the Game, someone refused to explain it to me and just told me that I lost the game many times over the course of that day. Every time I heard it, I did a RC, and it worked into my dreams.

Quite a vivid dream, though.

I never thought about penguins

Ha! I allowed myself to see a penguin only at the end of reading your post. And then I forgot the thread entirely. :tongue:

Gaah! :angry: I found it very annoying to log in to the forum, and lose The Game at the forum index :tongue:

How is this “GILD” going for me you might wonder, well, I RC every time I lose, and I do it the other way around actually (eg. when I RC I remind myself of The Game :tongue:) how is this going for the other ones that try this? :grin:

the link between RCs and the game is weakening, which is good, because I can keep up with RCs now even without the game :tongue:

But they haven’t made it into my dreams yet. Fortunately, the game hasn’t, either :smile: