You lost the game. Do an RC!

Now it also works the other way round… doing a RC makes me lose.

For me too actually :tongue: which makes me wonder if Im really dreaming, but now the triggers that make me lose are thinning out :meh:

thread made me lose the game first time this month

This is the most evil thread I´ve ever seen. :happy:

So every RC I do will make me lose the game from now on.
(Plus, posting here probably makes other people lose - insert evil laughter there…)

I wish I had never read this thread… :rc:

.< on a more serious note I find this method very ineffective due to that I lose very often now, and it seems I start getting immune to the triggers :meh: instead I use to think about the Game when I RC :tongue: which makes me stuck in a losing circle :grin:

lol at that! ^

Anyway, I lost -_-
looks at my hands

Hehe, now I know why this is ineffective for me, like any other method this one should not be overused :wink: I should switch to another for a while :tongue:

Plus losing the Game too often makes it lose its meaning :tongue:

I don’t think it’ll work for me… maybe i try tonight :wink:

Urg! You realized how … long it took … to get down … to the posting section?! … 7:21 … Ah, I have confused myself! … 7:22 … oh look, it suddenly changed! That means I’m dreaming! :happy: Wow, that was quick! Thanks, non existing OP on non existing dream LD4All! jumps down cliff Joking … Yeah, right, lost the … Game … … … . GREAT, I can’t reach … the post button! …

Edit: Oh sorry for waking up an nearly one year old thread! >_< I misread the dates on the first page as october 2011 for whatever ridiculous reason.

But I do think GHOSTIE is partially to blame - he is the one who led me here, eheh.

My friends are obsessed with the Game, I lose often. I’ll be RC’ing a lot :razz:

Ugh! Why did this topic have to be revived???


/me does an RC

Please, Mr Rhawin the moderator which obviously has the power to get rid of me, have mercy. :sad:

[mod]Eh… I feel lenient today :lol: :tardis:[/mod]

Gah Ghostie’s sig.

Thankyou for reviving this thread… You just broke a few years of relief. :wallhit:

And ghostie that’s a little unfair and evil :down: