Young People and LD

I only heard about lucid dreaming 3 days ago, and I already had a lucid dream. On the first day I heard about lucid dreaming, I tried to remember my dreams, and I remembed 3 of them. On the second day, I tried to have a lucid dream. I didn’t actually think it would work, but what the heck, I tried anyways. I told myself that I would remember I was dreaming and then try to fly. I didn’t remember that I was dreaming, but I did have I dream where I was in perfect control and awarness of my actions and could fly. I also remembered 2 other dreams. The next night (last night) I tried to have a lucid dream again, and I did! It was the kind of dream where you know you are sleeping, and you know there are no consequences, except the you think that the people in your dream are real. Lucky for me, my dream was about geography class. My friends and I skipped school and spent the day running around at the park, way faster than we could in real life. It seems that most people take much longer to have there first lucid dream. Seeing as I am only 13 years old, could my ability to have lucid dreams easily have to do with my age? Does anyone know anything about lucid dreams being more common in children and/or teenagers?

Children definately tend to have more lucid dreams (they also tend to have more vivid dreams and better dream recall in general).
I don´t know about teenagers, but most of us are younger than 20 in here, so that could indicate that teenagers don´t have to try as hard as adults as well.I don´t know for sure.
However, there is also something like talent when it comes to lucid dreaming, so perhaps you are just one of those persons who are good at it.

have fun with it :smile:

Hmm… Beginners luck! Good luck, hope you keep it for a while! there was a good quote from the alcamist (sp) but i cant find the book…


Personal Lengend: Your personal “meaning/purpose/ultimate goal of life”

I used to have really vivid dreams and some LD’s as a child, before I ever heard about lucid dreaming. Now though, my dream recall is crappy, and I only average about 1 LD a month, when I am really trying hard.
Maybe children are better dreamers because they don’t have as many worries and things to stress them out and distract them from sleeping and dreaming peacefully. And also maybe because they are more imaginative. They are not yet as experienced in the real world and so it doesn’t seem weird to them to be able to control dreams,

It’s really quite obvious why children have more LDs than older people. The primary reason is because they haven’t spent as much time developing a standard sleeping routine. This means that for them, each night is full of strange and unusual experiences that don’t follow any kind of pattern that the rest of us have developed over 20 years. Also, it might have something to do with children not yet properly defining a constant seperation between dreams and the waking state. Because of this, they’re probaby once again more aware while dreaming than people that develop a standard sleeping routine.

… myself…I believe children are better at all these things because they have not yet had the overwhelming influence of society telling them their perceptions are wrong, evil, imagined , etc. I used to LD, OBE, and do a lot of precog predictions as a child …until my mother tried to intill in me it was the work of the devil - at which point I conciously blocked it out.
I am in my late 20’s and rediscovering it all with my adult rational mind. My mum has begged me not to have anything to do with LD’s, OBE, AP, etc - but I wont let her influence me this time. So dont let anyone else define your reality…if you have got it …GO WITH IT !!! They are the one’s who are missing out !!!

my mom thinks this LD stuff is a bunch of BS… i’m only 15… she has a lot of influence over me… so i’ll just try quietly but im really starting to doubt if i ever can do it or if this is a really really big international hoax

hey most of you adults are doing better than me. I guess it’s because i’ve got a lot of stress on me right now

Be sure it’s not a hoax! Even the most skeptical organisations have recognized the fact that LDing exists and can be learned.

Maybe this is one of the big reasons why there are much more younger people LDing, the adult world sees it as something childish. The open mind seems to narrow with age :sad:

Well, I think its mostly a personal thing. I am 14 and have only had 1 (possible) LD after about a month of trying.

My dad and mom thinks lucid dreaming is STUPID. When I used to go to for an old forum based on dream interpretation, my parents tried to stop me from going there… but they couldn’t stop me from dreaming. I always remembered my dream since I was a baby… I never wanted to stop remembering my dream because it was basically my 2nd life… a perfect life to escape. Then eventually they give up except that they used to have time limit on dreaming. Then when I joined here… my parents let me surf on whatever I want (sometimes they complain that I spend a lot of time on this forum) and now I’m 18… at dorm with my computer… no restrictions. :grin: I’m so happy. :grin:

It doesn’t mean that I’ll spend on this forum 24/7 though. :wink:

Parents can be so closed-minded sometimes. I think it is probably down to the fact that they simply don’t understand about lucid dreaming, and also don’t want to.
When I was growing up, dreams etc. were thought of as being linked to superstitions etc. My parents, though not closed minded, did tell me to ‘be careful’.
I still get strange looks from some people when I mention my dreams.

With dreams, there is so much still to learn, and there are many ‘uneducated’ people when it comes to dreams.

what? your parents try to stop you from reading about dreaming…why?

also as to why children more easely have LDs i’m with Tripper, but also Atheist mentioned some intresting things i havnt thought of, thanks! : )

Sleepyhead… sad, but very true. We mostly live in western society now. Western society isn’t exactly an open minded society like eastern society does. I often try to ask my parents if they remember their dreams, but they say that they never do. They act like dreaming doesn’t even exist which is sad.

We all dream, no matter what (even if we don’t remember any of it). If we don’t dream… well… we will be messed up. You cannot live without REM cycle. It is essential to your life force.

Many people fail to realize that.


I’m I to late to post?!

The reason adults find Lucid dreaming harder to learn is because they are not in a learning envioroment all the time. But children are so the brain is ready to learn. After adolesence the neoropathways (sp?) become set and learning becomes harder. The same topic would have to be repeated three times to an adult but only twice to a child, for example.

Sorry, I couldn’t help my self with the techno stuff. :content:


Well thats 1000$ question!
Why are the adults so blind?

I m afraid the answer is quite simple:
Its not about situations that made the so tired of theyr life
its all about theyr minds
Adults cant be less that logic.Logic makes them blind.Thats how they will always be.Tell me a name of a 90 years old human that believes in aliens …(Is there except Agencies employes ?)
Im sorry i cant handle english language well but thats what happens when you live in other country.
Today i ll try LD! I was used 2 when i was smaller.Now i m 16 i ll find my way home :wink: wish me luck.

Once a friend said Open Minds Are Better Minds…

Dream Well !!

      Trully yours John.ZZZZZZzzzZZ :eek:

Hmmm I’m 14 and it took me about 3 months to have my first lucid dream, so I really don’t think age matters…I guess it just depends on if you really wanna take the time to do this, or the techniques you use, or if you’re just a natural lucid dreamer… :neutral:

I’m 14 as well and I found this site about a year ago. It also took me about three days to have my first LD (very short, though)

sigh it is sad. :sad: I don’t blame my parents, though, they’re pretty cool about this stuff. My mom sometimes mentions her dreams. When I have kids, I’ll teach them about lucid dreams and obes and psychic powers and cool stuff like that.

It may be that for adults dreams are connected with psychoanalysis and crazy people. They think that dreams are only good for fixing mental problems. In other words you have to be crazy to talk about dreams. :cool_laugh:

Good Point Dust. I mentioned some of this stuff to my dad last week and he immediately said “don’t mess around with it, you’ll end up going crazy”.

Where that perception comes from I am not sure but on further questioning it was blatantly obvious that he in his late 50’s has spontaneous LD’s himself but does not acknowledge or label them, and did not like it when I did it for him.

I guess denial will save his sanity…lol…but my acknowledgement has doomed me …go figure…lol… :smile: