Your favorite comedy movie.

Mine has to be “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” …its just a funny movie…either that movire or the many Adam Sandler or Jim Carey movie I also own.

I’ve got far too many to name. I love shrek though :smile:

My favourite comedy actor is Jim Carrey… He is really funny! lol: lol: lol: I liked Ace Ventura a lot.

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My fav comedy is FREDDY GOT FINGERED - Tom Green, he cracks me up every time!!! :happy:D

Yeah, Jay and silent bob strike back for me too.

also, Waynes world 1 and 2 are killers :smile:

dumb and dumber
nuff said

Dumb and Dumber definitely. Sorry guys but i hate Jay and Silent Bob. They’re just annoying. But Dumb and Dumber is the funniest movie ever made.

:rofl: The most funny film ever is probally American Pie 1 or 2! :mrgreen_hat:

Yeah I think American Pie 1 was funny too :cool:

American Pie was great…very funny. I love Bill Murey (if thats ow you spell his name). The man who knew too litle was one of his brst movies…soo funny…

I would go for Zucker-brothers… for example Naked Gun-movies are excellent.
For some reason I don’t like so much toilet-humour what Jim Carrey is mainly doing… Me, Myself & Irine was quite good though.

Dumb and Dumber!

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by good old Stanley Kubrick (1964) is not only one of the best comedy movies but even one of the best movies in general I ever saw. It’s and “old” movie, but still awesome… Also very realistic, for example the FBI almost investigated why that B-52 Bomber in the film was so perfectly replicated! Becomes again a hot item these days with all this nuke-business in India and Pakistan (no crazy generals capable of pushing the button there I hope :bored: ).

  • The Ali G movie… what’s it called? Ali G in da house??
  • Austin Powers 2.

American Pie wasn’t really a comedy in my opinion. I didn’t really find it that funny. It was more like ‘Oh my god, that’s sick, and these kids are teenagers just like me, so I guess I might as well laugh.’ Just my opinion tho :smile: I’m just not into gross-out comedy that much. (Unles it’s done by God… er… sorry… I meant to say Tom Green… I HATE when I do that.)

Anyway, Clue, the movie based on a board game, is a hilarious movie PACKED with joke after joke after joke. It wasn’t that popular, but I suggest all of you who liked the Airplane movies or the Naked Gun movies to rent this movie.

Um… I think that’s it.

P.S. My Salvia D should be arriving any day now :smile:

One of MY favorite comedy movies was Shanghai Noon. It was funny as hell. Im not sure if any1 here has seen or heard of it…but its a good and funny movie. The main characters are Jacki Chan (or however u spell it), and this guy with a weird looking nose. Shanghai Nights is comming soon ^_^. …Did u guys know they r making a second part to Dumb & Dumber !?? Its called " Dumb and Dumber’er’ ". [/b][/i]

Yeah… erm

Dumb and Dumber (thou who doubt - see it!)
Me, Myself and Irene
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Detroit trilogy is pretty funny too

Ali G Indahouse wasn’t that funny, it was just… sad :smile:
Same with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back… just NO! :happy:

Here’s some awsome visual stand-up comedians:

George Carlin
Eddie Murphy (his 80’s stuff)
Robin Williams (Live at the Met and Live at Broadway… whoa! :grin:
Also if you manage to, go watch Robert Schimmel perform, my GOD he’s hilarious!

So there’s a little list, I was picky :razz: Enjoy!

Monty Pythons only mentioned one time?
You don´t know them or you don´t like them? :happy:
It´s my favourite, but I can understand that many people don´t like it…

But I got to agree, waynes world and about everything with Jim Carrey is also funny.
And simpsons/futurama, but that doesn´t count as a movie

And how about funny books?
I think Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett are really good at this


Ive gotta add one more praise for Monthy Python movies! :smile:

Movie that i have laughed at the most was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. lol:
Film hit me be pretty hard as i was sober when i watched it but in the end i felt somehow dizzy just because of watching it. :spinning: :mrgreen:

Yeah i totally agree with Douglas Adams as i readed some time ago his Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Serie which was great. But Terry Pratchett? Only played some PC game that was influneced by him, maybe it was about grim reaper…? Anyways gotta grab one of his books if see one on our local library.

Shanghai Noon is one of my favorites too. The other guy is Owen Wilson, I really like the type of humor he uses. Shanghai Knights looks really good, too. I heard the new Dumb & Dumber movie was going to be a prequel called “When Harry Met Lloyd (sp?)” It’s supposed to be set when they are in high school.