Your favourite dream character!

Siiw gave me the idea for this topic, since I remember she had a dream character she’d call up in lucid dreams. So I was wondering - out of all the dreams you ever remember, who was the favourite dream person to top all the rest? Someone who you’d call back if you could? It has to be a REAL dream character - that is, not someone you know from real life. Describe a little about them, please, for I’m interested to know what they’re like!

It’s a really hard choice for me, but my favourite I think would be a man called Cato from a dream early this year. He had dark hair, light blue eyes, pale skin and was in his early thirties - too old for me to be interested in him romantically, but that’s not the reason I chose him, anyway. He was particularly memorable because he acted so much like a real person - he didn’t approve me causing havoc and running around being irresponsible, was extremely serious and severe, and I was always getting on his nerves (which just made me tease him more, of course)! But his heart was in the right place, really. I just had to get to know him for a while to realise it.

And my favourite non-human character: Whiskers, my black pet cat. She was really beautiful and intelligent, and got mad at me and ran away when I didn’t appreciate her enough. But she forgave me in the end eventually and came back. :smile:

The Eye of Storm

Eight years ago, there was a major change in my life. I started daydreaming and writing stories. Naturally, the stories reflected the situation, and one of the characters represented me:

She was the Eye of Storm–a priestess with long white hair, a white veil, and a white hooded priest coat. Riding a white camel, she wandered on a frozen desert, to seal with her an unwanted piece of memory. She was to remain banished for eternity, so that the pain she kept would never return to the one she loved.

As the story continued, I felt guilty for reflecting my pain onto her. I stopped the story. But she didn’t leave. She stayed, so that the pain could be transcended, for both of us. But it was not easy. In July of last year, I came across a site on lucid dreaming. I realized that

I could find her in my dreams.

【 暴風の眼の追求 】 - The pursuit for the Eye of Storm

I can’t say I have a favorite DC, but I was really glad when a character from one of my stories showed up in my dream – Wolfie, my lupine adventure partner! And he was exacly like I imagined him… :aww:

My favorite DC is an unnamed girl who appeared in a few dreams last July. Looking back at my DJ, the first mention of her is in a dream where I parked my car in a Kroger parking lot, that was kind of far from my school. On my way I met her, rather than admitting my stupidity, I lied and said that it was easier to get out of the parking lot at the end of the day. I another dream, I saw her while surfing in a lake on an ironing board. I wanted to say something, and the only words I could think of were “O Captain, My Captain.” I haven’t seen her in any dreams lately, though.

My favourite DC was in my second LD. He is unnamed. He wore lots of layers and a large trench coat and the collars covered most of his face. I first saw him and I was a little scared of him, I said “are you my SG?” he replied, “no.” then looked at me sharply and said, “but have you been doing your addition lately?” I was confused but when I woke up I really liked the idea of him. He appeared to be making sculptures :smile:

Ill have to find him next LD :smile:

I can’t say I have a favorite DC, as I just enjoy talking to all of them. But I did have a fantastic dream once where I met God… or at least some representation of him. He just sort of appeared, hugged me, and we went on to talk for a while. He had a nice sense of humor, too. I liked him. I couldn’t see his face, though, it was blurred. I believe he also had a wife, whose face I could see, but she didn’t talk to me. (It seemed like a fair tradeoff.) She turned into a tree. The whole thing was just amazing.

my favorite dreqam character is The Monkey he appears in LD alot and always has knives which he juggles or throws and just generally likes to cause mischief. Pretty cool guy if you ask me.

My SG rocks… but I really liked Drew Carey. :grin: I’m not one to really like celebrities that much (I can’t even put a name to a face in most cases), but he’s always a funny guy to hang around with. That one dream where I became famous on Whose Line had to be my absolute favorite.
Ahhhhh… someday I’ll revisit and have some fun. :dream:

My favorite character has to be this girl I meet sometimes in the dreamworlds. She usually looks a little different every time. But she’s definitinely the same girl. In the dreams I always have really strong feelings for her. And she just seems like the perfect friend/girlfirend.

I usually feel really dissappointed after I wake up from dreaming of her. :content: <3

Apart from real people who happen to show up in my dreams, my favourite dream character is probably Death. If not Death, then my favourite character is the Soul Collector.

:roll: Hmm, DCs are such interesting specimens–it’s difficult to chose a favorite…oh! Okay, here’s one:

His name’s Vio, and basically he’s my bad side (for those of you who watch or watched Jackie Chan Adventures, think about the bad Jackie when Jackie used the tiger talisman), but he’s so cool. He usually accompanies me in most of my dreams, I can even account a few instances where he burst from my chest or head or back. He has this reckless, ‘devil-may-care’ attitude and some violent, sardonic way of solving a problem that almost always backfires with an ironic twist or goes horribly wrong. He looks like me, but has dark, blood-red hair, glowing silver irises, and some kind of angelic markings all over his body (sometimes he has horns, claws, and black wings–like Devil Jin, but never all at the same time :content:) But, there’s just something about him that I like–he plays a role of being cool and malevolent, but has actually done very helpful and good things.

Well, that’s it–maybe I’ll have another favorite DC to post about, but as of now, my evil subconscious Vio is tops! :cool:

I can’t really think of a real favourite at the moment, but in a LD I met this funny and cute girl.
In the dream, the adults tried to convice young people to kill themselves. There were these “courses” teens took, where a man told them about “the glory of suicide” etc.
Of course, because I was lucid I did not jump down from the building, I flew down. :cool:
Anyway, I met this rebel girl who also opposed herself from the suicide classes. She had kind of short hair (for being a girl), which was brown and straight I think. But she also changed her looks trough the dream, so sometimes her hair was red and sometimes she looked like a mix between Winter and Otra in Girly.
She was mostly dressed in black or dark green.
She had a car made of red (like brick stones) sponges. :grin:
She could fly too, but not as good as I did.
I think her name was Linda… :meh:
Anyway, she reminded me of a RL friend and was a fun person to be around.

Well, i met this DC only once, but it was one of the best DC i met. It was John Paul II, and he was acting like he was my grandfather…and i had this dream just a day before he felt in bad health IRL :cry: (the pope, not my grandfather)

I have many favorite DCs, but currently my facorite is my blue demon Belamrus (ack too lazy to get my DB for the right spelling) who I summoned recently in a semi-LD. He was scary when I first summoned him, but was goofy later when he was chasing me. Ah… I wished I turned back to listen to what he had to tell me.

Sometimes when a person or thing in my dreams starts to aggravate me, I summon a black dog that attacks my enemy. But when I say the word “white” the dog’s hair instantly turns white and it wags its tail and pants happily. However, whenever I go to pet him/her, it disappears.

I don’t know if I have a fav cus i’m always meeting new DC’s, existing and non existing people. The best so far that doesn’t exist IRL would be an unnamed gnome (considered “person”?) I met who told me i was dreaming. He told me to buy instant lottery tickets, which i did the next day, and won $4 which I used to buy energy drinks. A lot of my DC’s tell me to do something, but this gnome guy was the man. I never saw him again, but we chilled for like 8 minutes of dream time. :cry:

I don’t see many DCs. Maybe i will create a few tonight if i can. Even if i DID see some i don’t know their names. I’m really bad with names, unless i get to know the person.

I had this dream character called Alex, wasn’t his name he never had one. I just refered to him as Alex as for some reason it seemed right.

I eventually used him as a character basis for someone in one of my stories, I never dreamed of him since. He would be my favorite, I’ve never thought to call him up in an LD though.

My favourite dream character is called Nino. He is like my twin brother. Sometimes, I can see the “story” in the dream from both’s point of view. He is more careful than me, and sometimes he tries to talk me out of exploring dangerous places, or he can even go there himself first to see. He turns up in the best adventure dreams. :cool:

Favorite dream character, huh :roll:? Ah, it’d have to have been a DC that invoked the most feeling in me during a dream and gave me that lingering-effect after I woke up :uh:. A female, no doubt–but who :unsure:?

Jessica. A ghost girl that haunted the third or fourth floor of an abandoned work building. There was nothing sexual about the dreams with her, but just this sad-scared-arousing feeling about her–mixed feelings that had this awesome emotional effect. Everytime I was near her I wanted to turn and run, but then I wanted to stay and talk with her at the same time. Then, I’d wake up and be like, “Whoa… :eek:” The feeling is hard to explain. Perhaps the dreams are deeper than what I think? Perhaps :meh:.