Your favourite dream character!

My favorite DC is a little boy 3 or 4 years old.

He is very peaceful and happy and he radiates pure love.

Over last 4 years, I have dreamed of him maybe 3 times.

Always very short dreams where he shows up for a few minutes and I wake up so happy.

I imagine he is like a Tibetan Lama who has achieved full enlightenment and blesses through his being. Or maybe he’s Telesphoros :smile:

I can’t say he’s my favorite, but he had to be the most unusual dc I have had met. There was something about his timidity and fear that made me want to help him.

I was outside a dept. store and some people were using a wooden piece of furniture that belonged to me to display things they were selling on the street. I came up to claim my property. They were cooperating about taking the things out, when I noticed that inside a compartment of this “cabinet” (which didn’t quite match any rl furniture) was a small, young demon. He had sort of a plant like form, with pieces of skin that curled off him like fern fronds. He was sort of yellow to mustard colored.

My first reaction was that I wouldn’t care to touch him, like you react to an ugly bug. However, he seemed so helpless and frightened that I decided to get him out of there and to somewhere where he would be safe. He may have been a demon, but there seemed nothing bad about him at all. I guess I took him inside, but I don’t really recall anything more after that.

He certainly was attention grabbing.

michelle trachtenberg who else? :dream: :hugs:
i cant call her up…but we made a deal to try to find each other all the time.
unfortunatly since that night it usually doesnt work…and if it does…she appears just as i wake up :wallhit:

Huey, that sounds almost exactly like the character Sandy from my dream-based novel thingy. She’s based on a character I dreamed of years and years ago, but the way I write her in the story and the way you describe Jessica seem almost identical (in my dreams and in the story Sandy haunts the attic of an abandoned barn, but that’s the only difference I can infer from what you said). That’s pretty cool that we’ve both got that character swimming around in our heads somewhere.

As for my favorite dream character, she first appeared in a dream I had where I had founded an underground utopian city. I was a super-genius inventor and my prize invention was my personal assistant android, which I named Persona because of her incredibly advanced artificial intelligence. During the course of the dream I had her help me with various little details, and to my great discredit I took advantage of my status as her creator and programmer and did… things to her (yes, those kinds of things). I guess it may have been a mistake to model her after my ideal woman.

However, she wasn’t a particularly interesting character. Her mannerisms were very robotic and awkward and she rarely exhibited any of the advanced emotional programming I’d given her. But to my great surprise I dreamed about the underground city again, and again and again, and over time she developed into a fascinating character. In the second dream I had about her she was very distant and only helped me when I was very explicit and ordered her directly. I began to suspect that my taking advantage of her had made her realize that I wasn’t to be trusted, or, as I came to find out later, to be loved.

She rebelled. I was enormously proud of her for being so intelligent and I knew that she was completely in the right, but when she started terrorizing the citizens of my city in her search for me I knew I had to stop her. I found that it was nearly impossible to escape or outthink her; I’d simply relied on her too much as a second-in-command. She had access to everything I had access to, and thanks to her computerized brain and her ability to interface with the city’s computer systems she could use that access faster and more efficiently than I could. I realized that I couldn’t stop her and allowed myself to be captured.

When I was brought before her, she told me about what she had been thinking since I built her, in that awkward robotic manner of hers, with occasional flashes of great anger or confusion. She told me about how all my conflicting actions (treating her as a slave, a tool, a daughter, a partner, a lover, and as many other roles) had confused her. She told me that her own conflicting emotions (seeing me as a father, a superior, a director, and to my surprise, as a lover) confused her further. She told me that she meant to keep me alive and well because I might be the only one who could help her sort out her issues. Over the next dream and a half we just talked and sorted out our issues, finally breaking down and crying (I’d never seen her cry before; in fact before her rebellion I’d never seen her exhibit more emotion than “mildly amused” or “slightly perturbed”) and promising to help each other and try to understand each other from now on (actually, I did most of the promising since she’d already been doing this). It was a very moving moment.

Since then I’ve only seen her a couple times. I often try to find her when I’m lucid, but I’ve had no luck so far aside from a few conversations over the phone.

After I LD tonight, it’ll be HER

Aragorn from Lord of the Rings!

Except then I got him trampled him with oliphaunts… I’ve not seen him since… :\

It looked pretty realistic, too :happy: But maybe I shouldn’t be so happy about that ^_^;;

The girl that lives in the giant tree i dont remember what she looks like but shes a fox :razz:

Graygoe, one of the voices I hear. He’s a navy blue dragon with golden eyes, small ears, bird like claws, and feathered wings in my dreams. I used to have so much respect for him until I found out I was schizophrenic and I stopped believing the things he’d tell me.

I like Knuckles from Sonic adventure , I have met him in a pre LD I think it’s pre becuase I think I intended to ask a differant question then the question I asked him, and he gives very good advice. I just ask questions about him or maybe real life situations like if you had a problem in life, how to deal with it. It’s pretty cool how he responds to you. Sorry I don’t have a favorite real life dream character yet.

Hah, my favorite so far appeared in my 2nd (and most recent) LD, or rather my 2nd short-lived lucid moment. He’s Dark from D.N.Angel, and so far he’s just appeared once. For those of you not familiar with the anime/manga D.N.Angel, the main character Daisuke can transform into Dark, a phantom thief with black wings and purple(!) hair. I liked him here because he was a nice guy even though he got annoyed at me a lot, and also because he went along with things when I realized I was dreaming.

Anyway, during the ND part of the dream, I wanted to transform into him and fly around, but he was tired of my nagging so he ditched me and went off somewhere. I could have still transformed against his will, but that wouldn’t have been very nice of me. :razz: For an hour I tried to find ways to fly without transforming into him, but nothing worked (not even the ld4all forum…). So he came back, saw me still trying, and figured what the heck. He had no trouble flying at all, but he didn’t go very far because he was just doing it to shut me up ^^; but at least he didn’t complain when I said “Wheeeeee!”

Then when he/I landed and separated out, I realized I was dreaming and said so, and Dark just smiled and said “Heh.” A liquid mirror thing came up in front of me, and when I looked back at him, he just stood there and waited for me to walk through it, so I did.

…Also, my real life friend Sam[antha], aka )(star)( on this forum, showed up a couple times as either herself or a Phantasy Star Online character, but she never does anything…

Oooo I love that anime! Hmm Dark seems to be a fun DC. Or maybe just get With and have Dark wings :happy:

I never get any good DC’s I’m always in a dream (even LD) with people I know and I usually end up beating the crap out of everyone else. :sad: I don’t know why I’m so hostile in my dreams.

I would say it is Larten Crepsley… the only one i remember…

My favorite character is Gunslingin’ BB now! :good:

WAIT! NO! My fave… it just HAS to be my fake SG… he was cool… but my real SG is cool aswell…

Haha, I read that dream. She did seem very cool! :tongue:

Yeah, and so was that psychokinetic psychopath butcher-chick…I still wonder what she “…didn’t do…” :hmmm: with all that blood over her French-maid’s outfit…:uh:

Mine have too be my gym techer from one of my lucids.
He told me too turn from dragon back too human soo I did not make the other kid gellus.
That was kind of wered…

I have a new favorite dream character. His name is Lucas. He’s been appearing in my LD’s lately. We like going on killing sprees together. He usually has a lot of great ideas.

:lol: Wyvern…