Your favourite dream character!

I have no idea what his name is, but it was this cool looking teenager around 15 or 16, but then we got to a harbor and he turned into a giant whale that eats everything in its path (i can’t remember the words, but only the sound of the stupidly annoying theme song that was playing in the background when he was in whale form). He ate me then I got to see through his eyes, and when we got where we needed to go, he spit me up, what a nice whale.

Mine is now the girl from last nights dream…

Mine would have to be my “archtype” as he was identified in a dream. I first learned about him from seeing an “archtype mural” in one of my dreams. Later I sought him out and met him, and returned his lost top hat (he’s apparently the “magician” archtype). His name is Peridon, and has two apprentices that sometimes show up. He has the black suit, top hat, beard and wand like the stereotypical magician. Probably the DC with the most sense of humor short of Dark Self :wink:

Apparently he’s my Dream Power guide as well…it’s fun learning new tricks from him! And he has good taste in company…my SG, DG and other favorite DCs. Not to mention he’s a killer chess player.

I miss seeing him, it’s been far too long :cry:

My favorite dream-character has to be this red-eyed girl who looks like me…She has the same exact voice as the mania of the bipolar I was born with and she’s been so many fascinating characters, devising up so many different, extremely intense (and often disturbing or frusterating) recurring nightmares/dreams.
Every few months I seem to be able to recall more dreams co-starring her. She’s got her own sociopathically funky morals on everything, and she doesn’t mind telling me them.

  1. Age…about eight: she was just talked about. She had terrorized some place I was visiting and trying to repair. I know it’s her; I dunno how, but I just know it was.
  2. Age nine: Very bipolar-y; I kept impulsively returning to this park which kept returning me to the gates of this dark, firey place. Which she ran. Enslaving all the kids I’ve ever known or glanced at, having them harvest coal or something from the caves. At first, I was one of them…but I always felt I was being treated different/lighter then the others. Eventually, she made me, quote/unquote, “co-boss” of this place. They hated me and I felt sick and weird and guilty secretly doing less work then the others with this job. But she’d keep taking me for walks and telling me how I was “better then them”…Again, I was nine. Messed up, huh?
  3. Age early twelve…The dreams started out as me being on top of the world, protecting my village from villians by non-violent means. Slowly but surely, my small group of friends started avoiding me and the same guards that used to praise me and shake my hand started hurting me and calling me things like ‘insane’ and ‘murderer.’ I continued to try and protect these people, despite their intentions and thoughts about me. When they beat on me, I refused to fight back. They’d tell me I did the most gruesome of things to them, and that I was a lier when I said I didn’t remember doing any of them. I was exiled to the village’s tall stone wall, which was heavily guarded, only until needed. On the other side was nothing but near-endless descilant DESERT. On the first night, SHE appeared. She came out of a shadow of a bush, features identical to mine, only less mutilated and messy, with reddish, synical eyes. “So we meet, at last, (my name)…” she said between laughter. She told me about everything she had done and how I was powerless to stop her. She had already killed my friends. For nights, she’d come and visit me, taunting me, telling me of her deeds, and daring me to JUMP to the other side. “Why do you insist on protecting people who won’t let you even touch the ground…?” she asked once or twice. Slowly but surely, she just stopped visiting me all-together, and gradually I learned to anticipate her visits. I was left alone, on that wall, to decay and go insane in my solitude. - Did I jump…? I don’t remember, but I don’t think I ever did. I cried multiple times and sometimes woke up to chest-pains. Few, way too close to home. …I wrote a short story regarding these, recently: featured deviation on my DeviantART account But I took out a lot of the more disturbing stuff to make it less personal and more generic.
  4. And then, more recently, about a year or two ago, ages 14/15…she kept threatening to–and–shaking me awake. Unless I made degrading deals with her about getting my dreams on weekends and letting her take up space in another part of my, as I like to call them, “blankness-dreams,” and the like (don’t think I’m kidding.) I was so tired back then. Then laughing. And it was quite inconvienient how I was attempting public-highschool at the time. I must’ve looked like a nut, always sleeping through my classes. I’m like a toy to her, it seems.
    And that laugh…but I haven’t had the mental stuff of Bipolar since I was like thirteen, so what the hell???
  5. The very last one; age 15, I believe. I dreampt I woke up in bed. I’ll admit I don’t like the dark very much, and it was dark in my room. So I got up and flipped the switch–no light. So I went into the hall. No luck. I kept going through my whole (old, as it turned out,) house, a little fearful, until . I gave up and returned to my room. There was a weird feeling and flourescant light surrounding my bed. Upon coming closer, I saw a foot half-covered in the covers–which had drops of blood on it. Then I took a step back, and guess who. I wasn’t scared as much as frusterated, as her (she’s extremely pale in this one, unlike all the other dreams) shrill manic laughter filled the room. And that was the end of that.
    I gotta wonder if, three years later, she’s gonna come back. I really have to get to know her better, ask her why she haunts my dreams like this, and why she keeps returning. Maybe if I can find a way to unlike my old bipolar/mania, years from now perhaps, and see if that has anything to tell me about her. It could be my bipolar, which I was born with, trying to contact me. Through my subconscious, where I’m assuming she’s been locked up since I was thirteen.
    Yeeep, I’m crazy. Only a little bit. But aren’t we all? Anyways, she shares my name, so I don’t know what she calls herself. And, just to top off this freakiness, whenever I’m thinking of her and talking to someone, I almost-always say “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “me.”
    Yeah, a red-eyed lady that’s consistantly my age and looks like me is my most favorite DC.
    I’m sixteen, by the way.

My dream girlfriend :love:

I’ve never really seen her well, but she is about 5’6", with brown hair and… well, I can’t remember anything else.

1st appearance: I had goten back from a huge war. This war included me fighting of about 100 zombies with a sword (very fun indeed). When I got home to her, I hugged her and woke up.

2nd: She had goten kidnapped by Warren Jeffs. His assistant gave me the keys to the upstairs room where she was being held. I ran up to her and gave her a hug. I became lucid after that. (I probably though “Hey, I don’t have a girlfriend!”)

Extremely neat :content:

Thanks dude :cool:

Someday you may have your own dream girlfriend (just kidding)

I dont really have any reoccurring characters.
I have on the other hand really fallen in love with some only to wake up and realize it was all a dream. When i say fall in love, then i mean such strong love that i have never even felt in waking life, which of course leaves me very depressed when i wake up.

I recently had a dream about this girl who looks like Shelke from Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, but in my dream she goes by Mina the Enigma.
I asked her this very ambiguous question, “What are we here for?”
She answered, “After the rain comes the sun…”
She is by far my most interesting DC.
Does anyone mind helping me interpret this quote :eh:

I remember being about nine/ten and having a VERY RARE recurring series of dreams revolving around (no red-eyed evil twins or zombies but) this nice, calm apartment. The highlights of my days were getting to visit a neighbor, an old man who wore suits and excentric tannish outfits, who was an inventer and sometimes showed and explained to me his inventions. I was so curious and innocent in these dreams…I went through periods where I’d have recurring dreams about being a carefree little toddler; those were probably variations.
This was all quite comforting as, at the time (as well as all the other years behind), all the adults (and kids) thought I was insane (as well as myself) and unable to do stuff. ANYWAYS…when I woke up in the middle, at long last after about a month of great subconscious comfort. And almost felt like crying (or mourning) because I never felt such a lack-of-chaos towards a person as I did that nice old-guy inventor. I was quite frusterated, and for many days I missed him.
I sympathize with that. I always thought I was just weird the way I get attached to dream-characters, but apparently this is common…

off topic…

well for me if it was my dream and I had asked that question.

The rain would represent normal life … the tears… the discomfort (wet clothes) … the fun (splashing in puddles) and the sun would be the afterlife.

I have a new favorit Dream Character. It’s called a Daseal and this one was a boy named Jake, i’m coming along with drawing him, so if I get good enough I can show you. It was amazing when I turned into him one time. He’s very nice, and strong. Can’t wait to draw him better and show everyone :happy:

I have two dream characters that come up a lot. The first is named Spork; he’s a little older than me (born December, while I was born February). He has greenish-grey eyes and dyes his hair black and is about 5’8" or so. He smiles a lot, and plays the bass guitar.

The second is named Duvvy. His birthday is in April or May (I can never remember which, except in the dream). He’s about 6 feet tall…he might be shorter, but he seems that tall because he’s skinny. He’s blonde and has a British accent. He sings pretty songs.

I don’t consciously call them up and I haven’t had an LD in years…my last one was when I was eleven. It used to come naturally, but it stopped when I started getting more homework and sleeping less.

I couldn’t find it anywhere else even with search, so sorry if its already been asked.

Who is your favorite DC in normal dreams, and lucid dreams?

Normal: My magical cat who has been with me through quite a few dreams.

Lucid: My sun is always my favorite. Yes it is a DC, trust me.

:yes: it has been done … so moved it into the already existing topic :moogle:

I’ve met two DC who have really stood out. One I met all of ten seconds. An incredibally beautiful girl who just smiled at me and laughed as the sunset behind her. I’ve searched for her in every LD I have but I never come close to meeting anything more than a blur or pixilated face representing her and I’ve never had time to remove the veil before waking up.
The other who really stood out was a posh postman who helped me fight off a zombie invasion with his trusty spade and kettle full of boiling water. That dream was a bit nasty but he was brilliant.

I love my most common DC, he is seriously a legend! He’s in most of my LDs just hanging out with me, he’s Glorfindel from Lord of the Rings, here’s a drawing of him for those who haven’t read Lord of the Rings:

Except he’s about 6’8 in my dreams and looks a lot younger.

Hmmm… Odd thing is, I don’t actually name characters, so I spose I have to go with “Hot redhead girl”.

I meet her from time to time, usually in bad situations, seems to have the ability to fly, which is nasty, since I can’t.

My favourite dream character was a winged black dragon I sat upon his back. :smile:

My best friend/ dream guide Adam, he’s cool

I’ve never met really friendly Dream Characters (usually act aggressive towards me), mostly fantasy/VG creatures and some people I meet often (they always appear in my dreams, 2 of them are “Dream Signs”).