Your most epic Normal Dreams!

Ok I have the impression that this topic is still missing, so I decided to make it up by myself.

I also have found an awesome/epic apocalypsis-dream in my dreamdiary :eek:
I will write it out tomorrow, :write: because it´s very late right now and I don´t want to miss my sleep for another 30 mins. Sorry.

Nevertheless feel free to share YOUR most epic ND!
I´m looking forward to read them all :hurray:

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As promised…my dream:


I am in a room with twelve of the highest mages on Earth.:wizard: There is a huge conference table we are sitting around, the magicans discuss what to do next.
We all know that for some reason the American government has decided to drop several experimental and incredible destructive bombs over Europe. We are also aware of the concequence, that the whole worlds civilisation will not recover from the long-term effects :nuu:
The mages come to the conclusion that it would be the best thing they could do to teleport the whole city we are in with the very end of their power to another planet.
For some reason I already know that they will not succeed :sad:
The explosions will happen in about 15 min :scared:

After a short time the mages start with some sort of ritual. Some very cool lightshow later, they have failed to fulfill the teleportation.
All are turning to me at once; their leader tells me, that they will only succeed, if they let me become a high magican as well :grin: So they begin another ritual which finally raises me to a higher level of existence :alien:
With that moment, the dream splits into several places of action: At first it is like we are linked by some sort of video conference to some people in a cave near the crater of a vulcano. We ask them if they are ok. They try to prepare for the explosion as much as possible :hide:
Now my sight shifts to two guys walking over a great plane.
Suddenly a massive explosion is happening in the distance :thud:
A huge wave of dirt, fire, gas and bigger and smaller stones is rushing in their direction :unsure: within less than a second, it has reached them. There seems to be not chance, but the wave just rushes over their heads in about 10 metres height :eek: But before they can recognize what happened, the shockwave in the earth reaches them in form of a massive, two-hundred-metres high wall of stones and the earth itself. This time there is no escape; the two unlucky men are buried by the unimaginable force :wam: In the moment they die, my vision shifts again.

I am now “in” the person Tim from the book “Limit” by Frank Schätzing. He decided to make the most of the left time: He is Snowboarding somewhere in the Alps, the snow is great like powder and soo deep, the landscape is beautiful and wild, the view breathtaking :twirl:
And in all this gorgeous beauty, he enjoys the ultimate line, down from the perfect summit.
After the ride, he jumps in his small bus and prays to reach the people in the cave near the vulcanoes crater in time :clock:
While Tim is still drivin for his live, two of the people at the vulcano say that they will all die, no matter what they do and they want to give their lives an end by themselves… :neutral: So they jump of a cliff down in the vulanoes lava. I am one of the others standing by, just watching :meh:
I say, as I see them burning and screaming undertoned :" aww that seems to be a unpleasant death" :panic:

I am now near to an old industrial building, propably a furnace. With two girls i climb the building until we are close to the top. To get to the highest roof, I have to balance over a pipe and them climb over a cable trough a small hole in the ceiling. At first I am scared and fear to get a surge from the cable, but the girls tell me its safe.

So I climb on the roof and watch the world going to its end :sadyes:

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But yeah, mine choice would be the one with the comet, there was this huge rock falling down to earth and we had to stop it from crashing,
at the end we had failed, but it actually didn`t bring any impact on the earth, it brought back
the dinosaurs. More details in my older Journal,

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My most epic dreams are the ones in which I can fly. In those dreams I am usually chased by something or someone.

I think the most epic one was one about a war. The parents from our town were sent to fight and the children were ordered to fleed. Being one of the older teenagers, I was given the responsibility for a big group of children, including my sisters. So we walked through awsome narnia like landscapes and faced all kinds of dangerous anemies. In the end I helped the others to fly into the safe castle, which was our destination. We were almost killed on our flight towards the castle when a dumbledore like character stook out his hand and saved us. Once safely inside he gave a very inspirering speech on braveness and solidarity.

I felt very proud when I woke up after this dream. The journey seemed to have taken months, but ik had only been one night. It still felt as a big adventure.

Enjoy your dreams!

Here’s one of mine from almost THREE years ago. This was before I started my DJ topic on LD4all. I still remember this dream pretty clearly, despite it being so old. When I read it just now it all came back to me as if I’d dreamt it just last night. This is one of my favorite normal dreams. I’ve never had one like it before or since.

Sunday 04 November 2007

#1 – Train Station in the Lost World

One of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had, this one. The world in this dream is a lot like the real world, but a war torn one. Everything is being watched by the bigwigs and the whole world has gone to hell. People are trying to make the best of things, and the ones higher up are taking advantage of the dire situation of the common people. That’s the premise.

The two people starring in this dream are my mother and I. And the dream itself mostly takes place at the train station in Amersfoort (but nothing like the real one, obviously). It’s many times bigger and has many levels. It appears as though I had only recently been “found” or “rescued” or something, as my mother took everything that happened for granted. I was being shown around the train station, which would be my home for the rest of my live. The manager of the place and one other person were showing me around, telling me that it was against the law to leave this place (or something like that at least, they didn’t give me the impression that I could come and go as I pleased). I saw many people who had lost their old lives and were just sort of surviving, like homeless people.

There were several “ground floors”, separated by escalators (a bit weird to imagine, I guess). One floor below the main ground floor was a place deserted by mankind and completely savage and prehistoric. Literally so, because there were dinosaurs roaming the place. Imagine a train platform with train tracks on both sides (but with the tracks in trenches a few meters deep). In those trenches were Tyrannosaurus Rex and other dinosaurs. They couldn’t (for some reason) climb up the platform, so as long as we stayed close to the middle we were safe. I asked myself why they didn’t just follow the tracks to the outside world. They appeared to be miserable as well.

A little up ahead the area was flooded. My mom and I were given appropriate diving equipment and received an underwater tour. It was very murky and large carnivorous marine animals were all over the place (like sharks). They didn’t attack us until after the tour, but the two people guiding us (the manager was no longer among us) managed to fend off the attack and got us to out of the water again. There were also ruined trains all over the place, with huge jaw prints on them.

The place was more like a prison. People weren’t happy. They’d have given everything to leave that place, but we were all explicitly told that we were not allowed to leave and that escaping would be punishable by death.

Later I went inside some sort of large building, alone. It looked a bit like a shopping mall with way too much room. There were restaurants there (mostly deserted) and the whole area looked to be in extreme poverty. I walked till the end of that place and came to a large door. On the other side there was a door leading to a room (a shower or a bathroom or something) and a staircase leading down to a supermarket (Dirk to be exact). Then my mother was suddenly there again and I told her that a supermarket down below wasn’t very convenient. My mother had secretly managed to do some shopping at another place, like the outside world or something. We were a bit better off than most of the other people, at least. But whatever she did was illegal.

Then something odd happened. An announcement was made. An international train would be leaving for Germany from the main platform. I think that only certain people were allowed to board the train, but it was odd because everyone was on the platform, thousands of people. My mother and I looked in the direction the train would be coming from and a train passed us by and stopped further up ahead. I saw another train coming and stopping on the same platform and I thought it was part of the international train to Germany, but this train was headed someplace else.

My mother and I made our way through the crowds, trying to get to the rear of the train (in order to board it) before it would leave again. Many people were headed in that direction and our luggage was slowing us down. I believe my mother grabbed all of our stuff when the announcement was made (we lived inside the mall complex I think). On the way we even passed the manager who stood there with other people (government officials). I think they were armed. He didn’t recognize me specifically and my mother and I made it past him.

After running for a while we managed to get to the rear of the train. I saw a few signs with names on them of places in Germany (though they actually looked Polish). I managed to squeeze myself in and my mother came in right after me. The doors closed immediately behind her. Then the compartment we were in turned 90 degrees so as to be placed on the track properly (but it already was before we got in… Whatever). For most people, this train was their only hope of seeing the outside world again. It seemed as though Amersfoort (or the Netherlands) was the only place that was corrupted OR that Germany was the only place that WASN’T corrupted.

In any case we had made it. A piece of our luggage was stuck outside the doors, though and I feared that the officials would be able to track down me and my mother because of it. With some effort I managed to get it inside before we passed the manager and the other officials. We had found a seat and I made sure we didn’t face the platform. On the train were people who were supposed to be there as well as people who weren’t supposed to be there, but no one seemed to mind. I worried for a while, but my mother pointed out the window and it was clear that we had already left the station far behind us. The view was pretty spectacular (just a really beautiful and uncorrupted landscape, as if I’d never seen it before).

I had my most epic ND recently, but all I can remember are feelings and colors, unfortunately.

Love this topic! I was just thinking about how I love those epic dreams, and then I come here to find this listed as a recent post.
I’m reading them all.

I just had an epic-like dream. Here is a link to it in my ld4all dream journal. It’s called “I’m an Angel that Defeats a Demon”.

I wrote it with not all the tiny details. Just the basic picture. Later I will share more past even more super-epic normal dreams I’ve had.