Your motivation with Lucid Dreaming (Or: Do you have one?)


I’ve used the search function now and looked through some topics in this forum but I couldnt find any thread that asks that question.

So I actually wanted to ask you, what was your motivation, or, what is your motivation in lucid dreaming? Is there some special kind of experience you want to have in your LD?
Obviously noone has to post it if its too personal :wink:.

My 2 goals sound pretty… melodramatic but they’re actually my “fuel” :smile::

  • I want to meet my passed away father as a dream character and ask hime some questions.

  • I want to kiss that one special person I’ve been in love with for like 4 months now but where I unfortunately know I can never be with.

Anyways, I hope some people share their inspirations although its a pretty personal question :smile:.



I don’t think I can cite any motivations that specific. One of the comments LaBerge made resonates quite strongly with me though: We spend more than 30% of our lives sleeping and if we don’t even try to explore our dreams then I think we have missed out on an amazing opportunity.

I think of dreams as a frontier of discovery. Sure humans can explore space and learn more about the galaxy, but I can explore sleep and learn more about myself. I only get to live once and I want to know more about who I am so that I can make the most of this life.

In short, I want to use dreams to explore my psyche and my spirituality.

Originally it was because it sounded cool and because it was a challenge (I have yet to meet someone more competitive than me).

Then when I began to realize some of the applications it helped me in others. For instance, about two years ago I was 5’9" and about 175-180 pounds (18% BF), not fat, but definitely overweight. I’ve never had a problem with excersise but the bottom line is I just like eating too damn much. Anyway, I realized that since I could LD at will, I could wait till I slept and then eat all the food I wanted in my dreams with the added benefit of the “food” being “calorie free”. So, to lose the weight I didn’t have to diet or anything, I just had to restain myself during the day from “real” food which was no big deal because I could pig out in the dream world. As a result I am now about 165 pounds, but only 10% bodyfat.

The other aspect of lucid dreams that really keeps my going is the idea of dream practice/study. I frequently use lucid dreams to practice golf as dream practice is nearly as good as real practice to he extent that the body actually sends the nerve impulses to perform the action. This also applies to studying, I can work on rote memorization or practice delivering a speech to a DC audience/class.

And, of course, the fun of dreams keeps me going as well, nothing beats the feeling of zipping between building of NY city at a couple hundred miles per hour. :tongue:

Right now, it just sounds fun. Lucidity_Master’s point on weight could help me out later on, I eat too much junk but miraculously stay thin, but that fades in the later years. I’m very inspired to do this because of all the material I have read on it, and the fact that I’ve always had that secret wanting to turn into a flying white tiger. :content:

i use lucid dreaming to be a better, more aware person.
with the few lucid dreams i’ve had i’ve been really happy afterwards and in the dream as well.
knowing that when you go to sleep you might be able to do whatever you want in a lucid dream really takes the edge off a crummy day.

confidence issues can be addressed by lucid dreaming. i try to take advantage of this because i’m quite a nervous and awkward person. :smile:
this really sucks since i perform music in front of people a lot. lucid performances are really helpful.

My motivation is pure EXCITEMENT…with occassional self exploration i must admit. See, in real life, i’m sorta stuck. That is until i get my liscense(yes! only months away!!) Since i’m stuck, i use LDs for awesome adventures and experiences

Hrmm… I suppose that starting out, it was just the excitement of the unknown that lead me to pursue lucid dreams. They sounded really cool to me, and I was already pretty interested in dreams.

Now, there are a multitude of things that motivate me to lucid dream. Primarily, it’s the testing of my own limits and self-exploration that inspires me; I really want to interact with my subconscious mind and use my lucid experiences to provide insight/inspiration in my waking life. Another motivating factor is discovery, and testing the limits of the human mind. I want to know all of the crazy things that one might be able to accomplish as a skilled lucid dreamer: healing, shared dreams, spiritual development, and other less-studied areas of the dream state. It’s fascinating work, and to help pioneer that would be an amazing accomplishment.

Finally, there are those short-term, small accomplishments that I want to hit, simply for the sake of being able to say I did it (like flying, having an incredibly long lucid, going through a mirror, etc.).


So das that actually work? Eat in your lucid dream? :razz:
I would have never thought that this would feel real :smile:.
The golf thing is really inspiring though. Now that you said it, I think about doing it with my dancing :content:!

Thanks for sharing all your motivations :smile:).



Yes, the eating thing definitely works, I could eat whatever and pretty much everything tasted like the food did in real life. I have tried eating foods I had never had before and that didn’t work out to well, when I went and tried them in RL they didn’t taste at all like what I’d had in a dream.

And yes, practicing in dreams is very effective. It is the stongest possible form of mental imagery, it feels exactly like the action, and your body is sending the nerve impulses to perform the action (SP stops you from actually doing it, we don’t want anyone diving off their bed after all :wink: )

Man, thats pretty cool :content:! That’d mean if you’re preparing for a competition you could literally train day & night and still get a really good rest… :smile:.

this first part is for Lucidity Master. When you say you can LD at will, what do you mean by that? like every time you go to sleep you just automatically realize you are dreaming? and if so, how old were you when you first discovered that? your insight would be highly appreciated!

and now to the main reason of why i am posting on this topic… i have always been interested in sleep and even more so in dreams. and one day my friend mentioned to me about lucid dreams. and naturally i was very excited and interested at the whole concept. the fact that you could do anything you could dream of (literally haha). and that to me is all the motivation i need. i use lucid dreaming to achieve the impossible. simple as that!

When I was little my mother used to “give me dreams” by describing magical places and marshmallow clouds and such. I never actually dreamed of these places, LD would be able to get me there.

Also, I have weird dreams, so why not make them weirder?

When i used to actually make an effort to lucid dream, my only “motivation”, as you call it, was sex…

Hmmm…I love thinking of my dreams when I wake up, because they’re just so enjoyable. I still can’t have LD’s yet, but I guess I get motivated when I think of all the fun I could have in a dream if I actually knew I was dreaming, and had control. Not to mention I really want to meet some DC’s.

It means that when I want a lucid dream I can have one. Essentially if I go to use a technique like MILD or WILD it works with very near 100% consistency.

No, If I stopped trying to have lucid dreams I would have hardly any, maybe none.

It was no discovery, it took about half a year of very dedicated, focus work. When I was trying to work on LDing I was literally "practing 4,5, 6+ hours a day.

My motivation has changed with the past two nights. I want to meet my teacher/friend who passed away suddenly a month ago. She has come to me twice in the past two nights, and I want to be lucid enough to ask her if she’s okay.

My motivation… well when i first came across it… it just really appealed to me, as i constantly spend my time ‘daydreaming’ of all these things, and sighing ‘if only’. And of course, when i discovered LDing, i could! So, yeh.
But then after not having any luck for a few months i gave in and spontanoeusly had one, then i searched it again and found this site. The thing that motivated me most was reading the ‘fave thing to do in an LD’ topic.
But, id say… basically exactly what underscore said, to a tee. Im very deep really, and want to do all the sub-con, SG connections :tongue:

My motivation is to get back the 1/3 of my life that I spend sleeping so by having lucid dreams you can get it back :smile:

i reallly want to fly and control the elements like in avatar!

Dreams are my fuel, man. They rock.

I have a few, really.

  1. Realize fantasies
  2. Further myself
  3. See who I am
  4. Explore the world