Your personal storys of the paranormal.

I saw the movie “Moth man propheceys”. Its a good movie, but I was surprised to see it was based on a true story. Has there been any other encounters with such a creature, or was that the only one? What do you think it was?

I’ll put it into lucid dreaming perspective. Maybe it was SP but that’s just me. Then I believe it was coincidences and Deja Vu. There for the mothman was born. I’ve seen the mothman before, so why not others? Just a dream, and by the way your avatar looks like one of those drawings of mothman.

Youve seen the Mothman, cool that does it. Im making this the strange, and paranormal topic, so post your ghost storys, and UFO sightings, or what everelse here, I love reading that stuff.

Well I’ve seen tons of Ufo’s if you call them that. Tell me if you want to hear any. And My dad was haunted for about a year, and I know that story by heart.

Yae, that would be great. Ive got a UFO story, and a few ghost storys. I was speniding the night at a friends house, and I was looking out the window, I noticed a bright star. I watched it for about 5 minutes, then I noticed it was moving very went on moving at the same speed, then suddenly it took off moving very fast. I dont know what it was, but I know for a fact it wasnt a plain.

Well I hope you like criticism because you’ll get a lot of it. That might of been a weather balloon caught by the extreme currents coming from the sun. The explosions it gives could of sent it flying, and desentagrated it in the atmosphere. Anyways haha…well what do you want to hear first ghost story?

Sure, I try not to tell many people that story. Alot of them dont believe it. As of a ghost story I once had happen to me… I was about 6 years old, and I woke up, to go to the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door I saw three dark shadows, with pointed hoods. The one in the middle was tall, and the other two were about the size of kids. They were just standing looking in the mirror. I wasnt scared. I actually spoke to them, and they just looked at me, and I went back to bed. Im pretty sure it wasnt a dream, or a false memory. Although it could be.

Yes it could be.

Now my dad’s ghost story. The year 1982. My dad was 22 and married to my sister’s mom. They moved into a mexican like apartment building in Byram Mississippi (Still standing.) He moved in and it was a two bedroom 1 bath thing.

At first it was banging on the walls much like other ghost encounters. They called a plumber because they’re landlord said it was just pipes. The plumber told them they’re were no pipes in that peticular wall. My dad told they’re landlord it sounded like strong pounding and he knew it wasn’t pipes before they called the plumber.

Later in that month the lights were flashing. Lights would burn out even when new. When they would walk into a room the lights, all of them would go out all at once. Even if 5 lights were on. It didn’t matter.

They didn’t bother calling a electrition. They were having paranoia about the paranormal at the point. My dad wasn’t too big on ghost, but this was getting to him.

Then it started. Voices, little voices. Like my dad would be in his bed and he would hear his name. “Dan…Dan.” He would get up and walk into the living room. Nothing. Then, “Dan…” coming from his bedroom. He ran back and pulled out his .38 and woke up his wife Karen. So it wasn’t a dream. He didn’t hear it when he woke up Karen, and they finally got some sleep.

Then the next morning crashing. It was coming from the kitchen. Karen had plates in the sink right below a window. They thought someone broke through the window. Dad grabbed a baseball bat and ran to the kitchen. Every door and cabinent were slamming open and closed open and closed. Then plates would crash on the floors. The lights were flickering. My dad started yelling, “What the fuck!? WHO ARE YOU WHO ARE YOU!?” ((When he tells this he get’s goosebumps everywhere, and starts getting shaky. Seems real to me) Then Karen went back to the bedroom to call the police. Dad came back and yelled for her not too. Then it all stopped. Every crash all the doors stopped.

When Karen was coming to my dad they’re was a voice.

“Momma…MOMMA…momma.” A small child’s voice and it was emetting from the middle of the living room. Inbetween Karen and my Dad. They walked slowly, closer to each other. Karen was in tears, dad was crying silently from fear. They walked about 5 feet from each other. This voice clear as daylight right in front of them. Two feet from them. Dad was tempted to reach out and feel this voice…because he was close enough. They both came around it and embraced both crying. The voice kept going until they went to they’re room. They didn’t sleep well that night. The next morning my dad went to they’re landlord’s house. She didn’t tell them anything. She was a new landlord. But she told him to ask they’re neighbor. She had been living they’re for years.

My dad met with they’re neighbor. A old woman named Maurice.

“So what’s been going on in our house?” the sly old woman smiled.

“You don’t know?”

“No I don’t know. I’d apprieciatte you tell me.”

She laughed, “A deranged Father killed his wife and kid brutally in that house you live in.”

My dad went silent.

“He killed the wife in the kitchen by sliting her throat with a broken plate. He beat his son to death in the living room. Then he killed himself in the master bedroom.”

Later that day he told his wife Karen his discoverey. They moved out two days later with small things happening again. Lights, plates, and that eery momma call from a young voice in the living room.

True story everyone…any questions? Comments?

Wow redifin, i must admit that is very freaky. That reminds me of poltergeist the movie. I completley beleive that as i have had many strange encounters. I have no doubt that ghosts are real, its just a matter of discovering what exactly ghosts are, Spiritual entities, recordings? who knows.

I would also like to share a paranormal story. This was the absolute scariest thing that has ever happened to me. In fact i am getting shivers just thinkng about it, but here it is.

About…oh 5, no maybe 4 years ago my freind jesse and I volunteered to lead a group of the Order of the Arrow through their initiation as we were already members. The Order of the Arrow is like an optional branch of boy scouts you can partake in. It doesnt mean much, but back to the subject.

So it was just me, Jesee and my scout master Mr.Zollner, we call him Mr.Z. We drove really far north into wisconsin, and finally arrived at this camp about 5 hours from home. It was in the middle of the forest, secluded, and beautiful.

So anyway, Jessee and I both had our own groups, and we led them through the day with success. At the end of the day me and Jesee both went to the campfire where the scouts we led finally get inducted in the OA(order of the arrow). This is where the story starts.

So we were at the campfire, which was rediculously huge, biggest i have ever seen. Probably about 11 feet in diameter, and the wood was stacked about 5 feet high. So anyways, Jesee and i got bored, and decided to leave. Jesee walked up to one of the staff of this camp and told him we were leaving so jesee could get his jacket since he was cold.

So we left the camp fire. Now the camp is set up like this.

There is a main camping area with all the tents and comissary, and a trail leading right to where we had the campfire. The trail is about 1/4th mile long. You can see the campfire from the tents.

So anyway, we start heading back to the tents, and walk along the only trail. In the middle of the trail there is a bucket with fire inside every about 3 feet lining the path. There are hundreds of buckets total.

So we finnally get back to the tents, and Mr.Z is there. He came right up to us and started yelling. Oh and just to let you know, Mr.Z never swears…NEVER. And he rarely yells. This was so unlike him…

“Where the fuck have you fuckers been??? You are fucking supposed to be at the campfire you fucking pieces of shit!! Get the Fuck back there!”

Jessee responded with a hesitant voice,“but MR.Z, i was just getting my jacket(a lie)”

“I dont give a shit what your getting you little fuck, get the fuck back there”

Jesee and I were just confused as to why Mr.z was like this, but we didnt want to get into trouble, so we started walking back. And as we started walking back, we noticed that we could no longer see the campfire, not a trace. And to top it off, every single bucket(there were hundreds of them) were out and smoking as if they had just been put out. And btw, we were only off the trail for less than a minute!

We decided to keep going, and finally realized we had been walking for a while and still couldnt see the camp fire. We also realized that the trail just suddenly ended…we were confused, but saw that the trail now went off to the left unlike before. We decided to follow it, still unsure of what was goign on.

We followed this new trail, that was never there before, and walked on a windy trail with only the stars and moon to light our path. We finally made a huge turn around a dense number of trees, and found ourselves in an open field. To our left, was what looked like the end of a cliff…but there were no cliffs around here, this was flat land. And straight infront of us was forest, pitch black ebony. For some reason the light of the cosmos didnt illuminate this part of the forest at all, it was like a pitch dark void. The trail led right into the heart of this “void” and we just stopped contemplating if we should go.

Suddenly, a figure came walking from the forest, or the void, and just walked very very slowly toward us. There was a complete silence, and we wre all alone in this unknown world.

The figure was holding a book, a very large book wide open with both his hands. He didnt have a flashlight, but still seemed to be reading the book in the darkness. He was coming very close to us, and finlly jesee spoke up.

“excuse me sir, can you tell us where the camp fire is?”

The figure was wearing a hood, and was in all black. He stopped with this question, and just continued looking at his book. Both me and jesee tried to see his face, but couldnt find it. He just stood there for about 30 seconds, then finnally slowly rose his hand and pointed at the forest.

“Its right up there” he started"right where i just came from"
We thanked him, and walked towards the balck void he pointed at. Only about 10 seconds had gone by, and we looked back to see where the figure was…he was gone. We got very close to the unlit forest, and looked very closely at it.

We were sure of it, it was just pure darkness, we couldnt see a single individual tree, or a single speck of light. We looked at eachother and ran. We ran throught the field, back onto the new trail, and right back to the original trail.

when we reached the origial trail, we were more scared than ever. Right infront of us was a dimly lit camp fire only embers now. it had suddenly appeared in front of us. And starting on the path, right down the middle were buckets filled with fire, fire that had never been put out.

We ran back to the tents, and finnally saw our scoutmaster Mr.Z. he ran towards us and embraced us. We were very confused.

“Where have you guys been. Omg, you scared me to death. You have been gone for over 5 hours. The entire camp is looking for you. Omg thank god i found you.”

“But Mr.Z, what are you talking about?? You yelled at us to go back to the camp fire, and we tried to go back. We were only gone for 15-20 minutes.” I whispered.

“Yelled? What are you talking about… i havent seen you guys since this morning. Why dont you guys go to bed, ill tell the staff i found you.”

Needless to say…both of us had trouble sleeping that night.

Dear sh*t. That gave me the heepie jeepies. What the fuck was that!? I saw the whole thing in my head…freaky stuff man…more details on what you thought it was?

EDIT: lol! Was it Narnia!?

I REALLY wish I never opened this.

Wow, that is some freaky stuff.

I can’t say any of my stories because I’m forbidden too but here’s a story my Music Teacher told me. I’m not very good with words but bare with me.

My music teacher, Mr. Dubinsky, once recieved a phone call from a friend. Let’s call the friend John since I can’t remember the real name. Anyway, John sounded pretty urgent on the phone apparently and asked Mr. Dubinsky to come over. He said it was urgent so he came.

At the house, Mr. Dubinsky asked what was so important. John said he would explain later so they began to talk casually about things and how John was going to move.
Then all of a sudden, where Mr. Dubinsky was facing, a cup started moving on it’s own quite distance across a counter and shattered in the sink. My teacher stared in shock.
“It happened again, didn’t it?” said John. He then went on to explain that this happened every single day and also said that other things would move around, he’d hear breathing noises in his bedroom, etc. He needed Mr. Dubinsky as a witness to prove his house was really haunted so he could move out in such a short time.

They both went to some place to explain what they saw so they could move and the secretary or whatever didn’t even question it. The house had this huge file on it. Apparently there were 5 other incidents of this same case in the same year all the people asking to move because of a haunted house.

Not really, i have absolutley no idea what it was. Jesee and I seldom talk about it as to be frank, it scares the ■■■■ outta us.

But of course a part of me will always remian curious and wonder what exactly it was.

Man, I never experienced such stuff, only thing I remember is seeing Shadow People when I was young But, most people would say it was just Hypnopompic Imagery (so do I).

I’ve experienced shadow people. They talked to me too. I was also very young. Maybe it’s not HI if we don’t see them now?

Well anyways, I do have a UFO story if you guys are interested. Oh, and my dad did have an incounter with a huge animal…if you guys want to hear that too. I can’t choose the one to pick.

Tell both of them :hurray:

Well the first one ok…

I was eleven years old and in my room with Steven Drew and Jordan. We were all on the computer, and then Steven yells at us.

“Hey, come here guys come here!”

We all went to the window and we saw this blue cone like thing up in the sky. It was kinda weird because there’s a airbase right below this thing…anyways.

Guess what? I got a telescope back then, and I went and got it. I fixated it on the cone and looked through.

The thing looked like it was made of glass, but it wasn’t see through. The glass was put together with a dark metal. At the lowest part of this crast was see through glass. It reminded me like a hot hair baloon. At the bottom was a sort of craddle. The basket had port holes in them. In it was a pinkish light, and shadows, or maybe flickering went by some of the port holes. On the top of the whole thing was a large antena. I was trying to zoom in onto the port holes but I couldn’t find the right lens. Steven and Drew and Jordan took turns looking, then I looked again. I was fixated on it again, and I know I didn’t move the telescope. It dissapeared…right in front of my eyes.

Now if you want to ask any of my three friends then go right ahead. I got two of they’re cell phone numbers.

That night it was hard to sleep, we kept it from people in case they thought we were crazy.

Now my dad had an experience with a creature I suppose. He was out hunting with Ron and Larry. They were walking back to the truck through the woods, and it was dark. Then something went infront of them. Something large on all fours. Something big or bigger than a grizzly. This is mississippi, they’re no black bears or brown bears or mountain lions down here. Only deer and littl bobcats and coyotes.

Then they saw it again moving unbelievably fast, and darker than night. They froze. Then before they knew it, it was behind them. My dad turned around and saw it. It was slowly coming, and they couldn’t make anything out because of how dark the thing was. It wasn’t human, so they decided it was of no harm to kill it. They all had 12 gauges. Semi Auto matic with buck shot in them. My dad shot off a shot with out accuracy. It blew a sapling to the ground. The thing took off away from them. They began to run. They could hear it running along side them. Then they started open firing to scare it off.

When they got to the truck they couldn’t hear it any more. They got in, and listened for it. Nothing…then they went to the deer camp, and told everyone. Joe wanted to get the dogs out on it. This was when I was like 9.

Wow, both those stories are crazy. I wonder what that cone thing was.

Lol, maybe that animal was the almighty chupacabra!!!


Got any more crazy shit Contage? Yours is by far the scariest.

Hey contage… the dark shadow figure with the hood, on sounds alot like the the figures I saw. Isnt there other storys of these shadow figures. I think there called “shadow people” arnt they?