Youtube video claims to induce OOBE and lucid dreams.

The creator of this video claims the video could induce an OOBE/AP, hallucinations, and lucid dreams.

Has anyone tried it yet?

I moved this topic into pathways to lucidity, since it is about an induction technique. :cool:

I haven’t but I will try it. This video was just posted today so I don’t know what will happen.

seems like so nonsense to me …but i gonna check and edit if it does something
EDIT…: ok the problem is , i don’t have a stereo headset atm (somebody stepped on it , now its monophone :tongue: )

I looked at it. It’s nothing more than some relaxation song (an annoying one at that) with no background or anything.

Nothing special. :content:

I tired it but it didn’t work. I did however have strange sensations when I was paying attention to the sound. But no AP yet. Its like the sounds from the bwgen program (?)

it almost worked for me

I felt like i was about to come out of my body.

try listening to it some more

and it might give you a lucid dream

I just listened to it and that was the longest ten minutes that I’ve had in quite some time, lol. I have a stereo headset and I turned out all the lights, including my monitor, and I just shut my eyes and waited for something to happen. I felt myself get very relaxed, so then I decided to just imagine myself in a dream, but I let the noises make the pictures. The first noise that I heard over and over sounded like a straw going up and down in a fast food cup, so I saw some girl doing that while I was walking around a resteraunt. Later on a noise sounded like wooshing noises going by, and I was on a train looking out the window, seing a pole go by every “whoosh” sound. Obviously I wasn’t actually dreaming (I don’t think I was at least), it just felt like very vivid HI.

Anyway, that was a very weird experience, lol. I’m guessing to get the full effect of this you must be lying down about to go to sleep? I was sitting in my desk chair the whole time.

It did have a warning that it would cause hallucinations :razz: I did post on that video my account name is connorissocoollike (from charlieissocoollike if you know him hes british)

Yeah I just sent the guy a message asking for the actual sound file. I like it :smile:

/me is thinking about inserting it into Infinity.

Indeed , i think he even used exactly that proggy (i have been working long with it , doesnt work on me anymore :cry: … well i will try tonight again)

So you are the maker of Infinity.
I trust your taste in music, I loved the songs you put on Infinity and Paradiso, so I have to check this out.

This sounds very interesting. I think I’ll give it a shot tonight. I listened to it and I was feeling more relaxed. Too bad I don’t have any headphones or anything. No fan tonight then.

Anyway, is there a way so the video will keep on playing over and over? I don’t want to have to get up to click the mouse to restart it if the first play through doesn’t work.

Some how you can get the .mp3 file of the music and put it into your mp3 player (if you have one) and put it on repeat.

I’ve heard of doing that. I have a friend that said she got some songs from videos, but I can’t find any sort of download thing. And my iPod doesn’t work. :cry: If I could get the .mp3 file it might work in iTunes, though.

The guy who made the video messaged me back, saying he’ll give me the .mp3. Unless he has a problem with it, I’ll post the link to it in this thread for anybody who wants it.

tip for all who can’t wait : you just copypasta the youtube video adress into
it , choose what it should it be converted into and boom , you have it !!!

Hey that sounds good.

I tried this thing…not really sure what to think. I found the sound really weird and hypnotic as well as feeling some sensations in my body, but this isn’t really the time nor the place so I’ll give it a wholehearted attempt when I get to bed.…I never knew that existed. I still want the real file so it’s as clear as possible.

Speaking of the file, I still haven’t recieved it yet, so I’m just going to head to bed. If I get it by tomorrow, I’ll post it up then. (Thought I should say this to make sure nobody is staying up just for the file)

Ben when you get the file can you post it on here? I need to try it going to bed sometime.

Is there a way using to transfer just the audio part of the video? I tried using the selection for windows but when I tried to import it into itunes it said it “does not appear to be a valid exported file”. I have an ipod mini so I cant put videos onto it. Anyone?