3 FA's, 3 SP, 1 "OBE" : My opinion on OBE

Well this morning was a little insane!!! I woke up at 5:30 (naturally) and since it was light out and a nice morning, I flipped over on my back. I never sleep on my back because I easily, easily get SP when I do. How easily? Well, before I could even get comfortable I was in SP. It kinda ticked my off cos I didn’t even have my arms in position, but I was unable to move them. Plus I wanted to listen to my hemi-sync MP3. So after I broke out, I grabbed my iPod and listened to the 12 minute demo track twice, which chilled me out. My mind was still very active so I was worried I wouldn’t fall back asleep since I’m so used to getting up at 5:50 - 6:30. Well I did, and had weird dreams (I’ll post in DJ later) but never realized I was dreaming until the third one. I knew I was dreaming because I was doing something I’d never do in real life. This woke me up into SP with mad sensations of floating all over the place. (I’ve been reading a lot on AP/OBE) So it felt like my arms were breaking free and floating, and sometimes my legs were pointed at the ceiling. I didn’t open my eyes though. :sad: Anyway, was positive my brother came in and placed a book by my bed (Old Hag kinda thing… a presence) and then left. I stopped the vibes because of his presence, and drifted back into dreaming shortly after. I woke up yet again in the same thing, and thought I heard people upstairs. I thought I heard my brother outside in the hall so stopped the vibes (I can do this at will) until he was gone. This SP must have lasted 5 minutes, because I was trying to “AP” as I’d read. I tried focusing on a spot to launch my body, rolling out, etc.

Well, it worked. I imagined rolling out and lo and behold, I did. It was very real. I hit the cement floor and looked at it. I instantly thought of finding the white cord people are talkign about so I looked back, but my bed was empty. Therefore, I thought I was actually awake and hopped back into bed, into another dream. Woke up again in an FA (my room was different) realized it, woke up in SP and tried again to jump out. This time I was kicking and flailing my floating legs, but to no avail. By then it was 8:30, so I just got out of bed [and did several, several reality checks!!!]

This experience has given my some insight though. I’m a seasoned SPer, so it was cool to be so calm throughout it all. But the “OBE”: There’s so much debate going on with it and AP. I think that it really is an LD but you just dream of something (your astral body, spirit, whatever) leaving the body. After all, when you’re lucid, you can imagine whatever you like (to some degree) and if you’re WILD-ing and all about OBE, then you’re gonna think “Ooo, now I can just jump/roll out!” so they do, but it’s just a dream. But if you’re against OBE and you WILD, you’ll fall into a normal lucid dream. (is that an oxy-moron?) I think it’s all in the head and that the OBEs when the person wants or tries to leave is really just an LD because they are thinking so much about it. If they are convinced they are OBE-ing they limit their abilities because they don’t believe it’s a dream, they think it’s real. That’s what happened with my when I rolled out, I thought it was a real OBE, but then thought it was real life so I just hopped back into bed.

Heh, I don’t know how much sense that makes. It’s kinda hard to explain really. :confused: If it’s not clear enough I’ll try to reword it. I just wanted to get it posted.

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Skidzz, nice experience, and it’s not confusing (perhaps because I have been there a few times as well :smile:). I think you are pretty right in your conclusion that when you believe there will be an OBE, that you will have an experience that mimics it perfectly, because our brain can imagine anything we expect in a dream. To test this you should try in your next “OBE” to walk around your room and touch objects there. Senses like touch will work just as fine as IRL, which is amazing (to me). It makes the experience look so increadibly OBE-ish, that I can understand why a majority of people who want to believe it’s real, will hardly change their minds.

Nowadays, when I WILD, I still use this “OBE” to trick myself into a LD in my (imagined) bedroom, and continue the LD from there. It has never happened to me that when I “stepped out”, that I was not in my bedroom, yet I firmly believe these OBE’s to be LD’s. I think this is due to the fact that when I do step out, I expect to stand in my bedroom still (where else would I be when I get up from bed?? … at least my subconscious seems to think that it HAS to be my bedroom…).

I believe the consciousness really leaves and that is why all those tests succeeded. The card trick where you exit your body and look at the card then return and confirm. It worked a number of times. Explain that.

Darxide: What factual evidence are you basing your conclusion on? Can you back this up? Indeed I’m willing to experiment and am still open-minded, but at the moment I’m leaning heavily toward the fact that perceived OBE’s are nothing more than an LD in which you dream yourself leaving your body.

Furthermore, the “seeing through eyelids” event which indicates your are close to OBE-ing is 1) weird, and 2) probably a dream as well. Today I was napping on my back with my cat at my side. She was sprawled out in a long stretch leaning against my upper thigh. I started to drift off, but suddenly a very vivid scene flashed in which I saw the view of my room from where I was lying. The stereo was there, the pattern on the ceiling… but my cat was curled up. Sometimes when I lie on my back my eyes will twitch a tiny bit and allow me to see through a small crack, so I tried to recreate that but I wasn’t able to see anything (didn’t have my glasses on). “Weird!” I said and immediately opened my eyes to see my inanimate cat still stretched out at my side.

In my OBE-s when i get chance to have visuals in my room, it’s always a bit different from RL room (some details missing, some details in addition). This is why i don’t even need to do any tests to figure out that it’s all in my head only.

But if those OBE-s start to become very realistic (in details, i mean), i might pick up playing cards and put them on desk before i go to sleep. And if i happen to have OBE, i try to turn the first card and look at it.

Then later when woke up:

  1. I check has the card been reverted (as i reverted it in OBE), or alternatively:
  2. Was this card the same as IRL.

I bet that both tests will fail.

I know that some people are doing tests that they claim “works”, but i need to read them more carefully to see are they just in “wishful thinking”, or do they really have some empirical evidence about their OBE-s.

It can be explained with extra sensory perception (ESP), something that is at least as plausible as being able to leave your body. And for ESP, you dont need to be out of your body at all.


A test I think I’d do is:

  1. Take a thick textbook and close your eyes while flipping it around on your bed.
  2. Open to random page (eyes closed and looking up) and insert a bookmark.
  3. Leave the book next or under your bed.
  4. The point of flipping it around is so that you don’t know which end you opened it from. You might feel that you were “past half” of the book but it was really in the first half if it was upside down. Your subconcious is very powerful. :smile:
  5. OBE and check what page number it was marked at!
  6. For an even tighter test, get someone to write on the slip of paper and make sure there is no way you look at it while receiving or inserting it.

Good luck. :wink:

What kind of tests proved it?? I have actually read/heard the total opposite, that most of those controlled experiments failed…

Alot of my WILDs was similar to skidzz also, and i am 99% sure that they were nothing more than a vivid conscious dream…