360 Degree Vision while lucid??

Just wondering if anyone has tried to extend their field of vision while dreaming to beyond the back of the head? After all our sight is only limited by the placement of our eyes so maybe seeing in all directions at once could be possible while lucid …

Just a thought I had :content:

:welcome: hill80y to ld4all, what a great idea you have :colgate: never thought of that. I must try this, this seems interesting. Ill post results here when they come :smile:

It would be seriously awesome if it were possible, but I’m not entirely sure…best way to find out is of course to try it (I’ll leave that to the experts :wink: )

You see, our brain is not conditioned for that, and we might not be able to interpret seeing behind and in front at the same time. We might only get as far as fisheye images, or an overlay of all the directions over top of each other, or even a panaroma both vertically and horizontally. I just don’t know if our brains can handle this level of weirdness.

But of course, the best way is to try. I’d suggest maybe slowly moving your eyes across your face to see if you can get the vision of a bird first…if that’s possible, I can’t see any reason for 360 vision to be impossibe, considering birds can see both left and right at the same time, and by extension this is the same as forward and backwards.

That’s rather interesting. I think it might be a hard thing to do, because you wouldn’t really have experienced something similar before… but then again you don’t experience a lot of things you can in dreams. :content:

I think it’s a great idea. You should try it out!

I’ve done it before in the form of wind/air, it’s AMAZING. It was an LD where I was trying to be different elements, (not just use them, actually be made of them, have the form of a human, but be made of water, fire, etc.) Anyone who hasn’t tried this needs too, it’s one of the coolest things. Anyways, first I was water, my vision was distorted, like looking through one of those water bubble things you see in ponds. I then sort of melted myself into a puddle and also turned into a wave. You can’t really describe how cool it feels. Then I was fire, that was really fun too, I kept changing my size as a flame does, flew around for a bit and shot fireballs. Being earth was pretty uneventful, my body didn’t feel weird as with water and fire, it just felt kind of normal so I just played with rocks for a bit. And finally, I was wind; first I was a sort of form, you could just make out the outlines of a person, then I sort of dispersed myself, (You know how on a pleasantly windy autumn day how the air is warm and the wind is all around you and it kind of feels nice? I was like that.) It was so incredible, it was like I was everywhere at once and I could see everything from all angles, I can’t accurately describe it, it’s the most beautiful feeling. :twirl:

Crap, I wrote too much, long and short of it, yes, it’s possible and it’s effing fun as heck, so try it! :grin:

Oh wow… I was actually going to make 2 topics today…

One was 360 vision

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I’ve done it. But not just a circle of on a horizontal plane, but rather complete spherical vision on all sides. Quite interesting, being able to see all.

Holy crap, DarkRaven! :eek: that sounds fantastic. I love this kind of post. You know, the ones that take your motivation to LD waaaaaaaaay high up. :tongue:

In my opinion you didn’t write enough!! :grin: When I get my master LD’ing skills I’ll try this. thanks for sharing :content:

Nothing is ever to long unless it is written for the sake of lenghtening. :wink:

My posts tend to be quite long.

Good explanation too, although of course there’s a few questions to ask of a few people…360 vision can be viewed in many ways, such as those I listed above - fisheye, panorama, true 360, etc. Considering the human mind has never actually envisioned what it would be like, how can we be sure? So, just a couple of obviosu questions:

  • Any noticeable distortions?
  • If you walked backwards, and carefully noted what was happening, did it seem precisely the same as walking forwards?

But it sounds very interesting, for sure.

I came very close to achieving stable 360 vision about two years ago. In fact it was the only time I even tried to do something like this. And it coincided with my “initiation” into lucid dreaming. I had just seen Waking Life and was thinking “Ah, so that’s what one calls them, lucid dreams” (I had had lucid dreams before that but I hadn’t been aware of all the possibilities they offer). Anyway, that night I had two lucid dreams, and in one of them I remembered about the movie and the scene in which 360 vision is mentioned. So I thought to myself, “This would be a good moment”. That very moment, my visual field expanded and it felt as if I had eyes all around my head. At first the image was somewhat blurred, then it got sharper, but the sensation was so overwhelming (if not scary) that I couldn’t handle it any more and, as a result, woke up. The funny thing is that for a few seconds after I’d opened my eyes to reality I was under the impression that my vision was sharper than usual (I wear prescription glasses). A few further glances at the things in my room proved it wasn’t. :happy:
As I’ve already mentioned, I haven’t tried that in a lucid dream (or a normal dream, for that matter) ever since, but it would be interesting to see how it feels the second time.

i have actually had extra pairs of “eyes” open to show me multi-dimensional information in a lucid dream

it was very real and not that comfortable

in a dream try spinning and focus on one object, and keep it in your vision, while you are spinning, so you always see it,

This sounds interesting. Somehow I accidentally managed 3rd person view in an LD, so I guess 360 degree vision must be possible :smile:

Third person view is just looking at yourself, right? There’s no real vision changes there.

I would think it’s possible.
Practically anything is possible in a dream.
You could even get a bird’s-eye view of the place if you wanted. :happy:

I agree. I bet you could even see things in ways we can’t even imagine in our waking states. :eh:

Sounds awesome! I need to try that. :smile:

All I can really say about this one is that 360º vision would be sweet. That’s never happened to me before though :sad:

you don’t actually have a physical body when you’re dreaming or physical eyes, so your vision is not limited. You see in a normal way in dreams because , when you’re dreaming, you’re thinking this is everyday activity.

i’ve never tried it but it’s probably possible.

You know, I think you would need a strong imagination to do this. You have to imagine what it’d be like. Me, I can, barely. But seriously, I need to do this…

epic :wam: