This supplement increases the vividness of my dreams, with little exception, ten fold or more. Has anyone else used it?
I think it’s an animo acid which is a precursor to seratonin, so more seratonin reaches the brain… It’s used as an anti-deppressant and sleep aid, but a side effect is listed as “nightmares”. Nightmares? Vivid dreams surely! Not necessarily bad… Well?

sounds interesting …
i didn’t use it yet. where do you buy it?

I think you can get it at health food stores in the “amino acid” section of their supplements. You could also probably find it at GNC or some vitamin store like that… I would definantly be interested to hear your experience with it, if you choose to try.

Yeah, 5-HTP i good stuff. Its good to use right before bed, because it makes the deep sleep phases deeper, and then it wears off around 6 hours after you took it, which is a little into REM time. Your body tries to make up for the small amount of REM you missed, and you get longer REM periods. (AKA, longer amount of time you’re dreaming, better chance of remembering, lucidity, etc)

I like 5-HTP.


i have found drugstore where they sell it. it has 100 mg of 5-HTP in it. enough?

You might want to start with 100mg to see how it effects you.
I usually take 200mg, 4 (50 mg) capsules. At one point I took 600mg… that made it hard to sleep and created flashy dreams… not really recognizable stories, but just rapid flashes of images and restlessness. So too much is too much. so I recommend reading this:


My sister takes 200mg… she reports the same effect, vivid dreams. Once you stop taking it, your dreams actually seem kind of dull because of the contrast.

Ah… thank you, that is a good insight into how it works… I’m definantly curious into it’s workings… I agree it’s good to take it right before bed and… I like it too :happy:

100 MG is enough for the effect, I wouldn’t go over the 500MG mark, which is what they give to people for depression. I’d stick with the 100 MG level, but there’s no risk if you take 200 MG.


i will order it today.
tnx for info.

Thank you again Hatter for your expertise,
and Navigator… I would definantly like to hear how your HTP experience goes.

got the pills today. i will test them few days and report.

nutritional value per capsule:
niacin 30 mg
B6 10 mg
folacin 100 mcg
biotin 50 mcg
zinc 5 mg
5-HTP 100mg

Hmmm, I just have straight 5-HTP. Is that pill marketed as anything in particular? I’m just wondering becuase I’m not sure how those B vitamins are going to effect the 5-HTP.

it is from Healthy Direct, Seratone 5-HTP.

I wonder why they added all of those other vitamins? Strange.

So how did it go?

I’m wondering now too…

i didn’t write report yet because the testing was too short and heavy interrupted with inconsistent sleep pattern. last week i took the pills 3 times (3 x 3 pills). first time the effect was quite strong, the other two times there was no noticeable effect. but as i said before, sleeping was influenced by many other factors.

im taking 200mg of 5htp tonight vouple hours before i go to bed…

ill post a report tmw.

well i can confirm this is true,

the overall vividness was one i hadnt seen in a long time

although i wouldnt advise taking 5htp for ld purposes alone.


I just picked up some 200 mg 5-htp pills from GNC, and plan to start taking it either today or tomorrow.

I will be posting the results I get in this thread.

This stuff is supposed to help a lot for insomnia, but it also greatly increases the amount of time you spend in REM sleep. So I get to look forward to lots and lots of dreaming per night.