All out battles

Just wondering, if say you just created an all out battle, everyone against you, you completely whooping everyone, of course, if there is any danger in doing that?

No. There is no danger (there is no danger in a dream). Flo used to create such battles, and generally, as she had super-powers, nobody could even hit her ! :tongue:

:cool_laugh: I whooped Mr. Jacky Chan’s @$$ twice in my earlier lucid dreams!

It was odd, cuz automatically fought in bullet time mode like in the matrix - without even thinking about it or trying! Enjoy battles! Beat the hell out of everyone!

So yeah, have fun , blowing up and destroying characters of your own subconscious! It’s absolutely one of my favorite things to do.

I actually got into a small battle this morning. I wasn’t lucid but it was still fun, but I couldn’t hurt the ones I was fighting :sad: I hit them with a baseball bat in the head really hard but nothing happened :grrr: and after that I woke up :bored:

Heheh niiiiice. Usually you’re dream characters rule over you till you realize you are dreaming… and then the tides change.

Do you know what I want to do? I want to play Aragorn in one of the battles in Lord of the Rings.

Fighting in LD’s is very easy (and fun) and cool (and awesome) :wink:.

Getting in a fight with loads of people and beating them Neo style is, of course, on my to do list :smile:.

I didnt fight as him, but with him once. a huge army of orcs surrounded us. Swords in hand, we charged in opposite directions and obliterated everything that stood in our way.
I woke up after feeling exhausted…dreaming is hard work.

Definitly on my todo list when I start to LD.

Heheh that’s tyte! G2G band practice!!!

umm never dun it in a dream. its fun in real life though specially if u gte alot of people against u and u have a weapon of some sorta suchas a rod or pipe,ect. well anyways i shall try too dude in my dreams

Last night I had an LD in which a DC told me a trick for fighting in all-out LD battles.

He told me to push into my right wrist with my left index finger and I could control gravity of anything I pointed at. I tossed an incoming car over my head, and the exhiliration woke me up :razz:

I’ll remember it though!

I got a dream about fighting orcs tonight, probably from reading this topic. I was unable to hold all the orcs back though

I’m going to control gravity in my LD tonight! Thanks for the technique!

i was fighting weird rat things and i got shanked :cry:

This morning I had a dream where I was lying in my bed waiting to fall asleep and was with a teddy bear (don’t ask) and all of a sudden it started trying to strangle me! Of course I went lucid and whooped it’s ass…

ehh… My friends highest goal, (ld-wise) is to have a shared dream and combat me :eh: … (maybe he has some pent up anger against me??)

He wants it to be a “Halo” (game on the xbox) type thing…

I would like to shrink in a LD, and fight insects.

I had a ld where me and another guy where battling as some kind of gods, we fired a gun then tried to force the bullet back and fowards between us by changing the reality around the bullet, in the end the bullet and us where the only normal things, all our surroundings became a blur of colour and light.

I’ve had a dream where I was fighting about 15 people which was fun but I want to battle raman legions with a sword and bow and arrow mayby even a shotgun.

HAH! I love how no one even questioned that Shinta is beating people with an iron rod in reality!

Yea. I want to try the fight someday.