Anchoring Lucidity - an idea

You probably remember Spider’s Dream Recall technique, (ADRT)
And we all thought about a way translating it into lucidity.

Well, I have an idea.

LDs are all about the right mindset, right?
So what about Anchoring it?

Than the right mindset for LDing is just at the tips of of our fingers! :woo:


Well let’s see:

  • First, the anchoring technique can’t be directly used to induce lucidity in the dream, because if you remembered to do this in the dream, it would mean you are lucid already :tongue: . So, the proper way this idea can be applied wold be recalling the anchored feeling before bed, as an induction tech.

  • This idea is sure a good one, and it has been stated by Wyvern in the Imagine the feeling topic. Moreover, by anchoring that feeling, one could bring up faster and surefire recall of the mindstate, so it would make it more successfull ^^

  • I’m not completely sure about the anchoring process. How do you know you’re doing it right before actually inducing a LD that night? You should be pretty successfull with the tech already before anchoring anything (so to be sure of anchoring the right thing), but by then, you’ve already found a valid tech for yourself :tongue: and anchoring would only serve for speeding up the process.

  • One could jump this passages by confidence, trying the anchor right on; besides, if you’re recalling the feeling of past LD’s, it’s very hard to get the mindstate wrong :wink:

  • So, the final idea for a valid tech in this sense would be: try different anchors, till you get one right, and then apply to reinforce that one. It could sure work :wink: Why don’t you try it out for a week or two? I’d be eager to read your results :happy:

Anchoring it for a day+ now.
Anchoring the LDing mindset (which appears randomly during the day) with saying Supercalifragelistic in my mind. (well, it’s noticeable XD)

Had a LD, anchored it, had another one.

I can’t be 100% sure until there’s a true experiment,
But whatever works. XD