Any natural lucid dreamers here?

Hello everyone, as you can see I’m rather new here (having found this site last night, and registering this afternoon)

I’d just like to share a bit about myself, and also ask a few inquiries of those here.

I’m a natural lucid dreamer, what I mean by this is I’ve had lucid dreams, ever since I can remember. In fact, I can’t even remember my first lucid dream, because to me it wasn’t something special, just a common reality of dreaming. I believe this is due to my analytical nature, but that’s besides the point. I learned through experience that I can manipulate nearly anything in my dreams. (I began by conjuring things which entertained me, such as scaly lizards, or items that would be usefull to me in my dreams, sword battles were a favorite in my young age :smile:, but that eventually evolved into many more interesting things I thought I’d try, Flying was also a natural ability, as well as telekinesis and what can only be described as a Force lightning ability possesed by Dark Jedi :smile:.

Interestingly enough, until recently (within the past few years) it hadn’t occured to me that many people don’t naturally experience lucid dreams, and even still many more can’t experience one, upon trying to induce it.

I don’t have any methods I use to induce a lucid dream, nor any that I use to recognise the fact that I’m currently dreaming (such as, looking at a digital clock, trying to read, trying to change the lighting, etc.). To be perfectly honest, In a typical dream, (within moments of actually falling into one) I suddenly “feel” as though I am dreaming, it’s something that my surroundings, and for lack of a better phrase, body “feelings”, indicate to me.

I’m currently 18, and have been practicing, I suppose, Lucid dreaming for the past 7 years, and I think it’s safe to say, that theres hardly anything I believe I’m incapable of in my dreams. If there is, I’d certianly like to try it, and I will have ample time to do that, considering that on average, I have around atleast 1 lucid dream, every other day, a dry spell lasting for around 4 days at the most, and I’ve had Lucid dreams as frequently as 3 a night.

My question is, how many of you have grown up with Lucid dreams being a common part of your night? and what were your experiences?

Welcome to ld4all The Vengeful One :happy:

ive only had a few lucid dreams mostly when i was a child.But now i LD quit frequently from using WBTB+WILD but not as often has i would like to.Your very lucky to have natural abilites.

well,Hope you have fun in your next ld !

I think I’ll give WILD a shot tonight, as I know that LD’s will come to me during the night, but I’d rather them be more imediate…as I can enjoy them very much. Plus, being able to induce an LD, would be a great accomplishment…and also help me fall asleep easier (remaining conciously still, yet not dreaming is hell)

Good luck continuing your methods.

wow very cool and very lucky.
I had my first lucid dream after months of learning about them and trying. Im definetly not a natural. Now after 8 months ive only had 4


I hadnt lucid dreams at early age of 5, 6 how most people here seems to had :sad: . But at age of 10 I had around 10-15 LD’s at years, stuff happening around me was making me think “It must be a dream.”, but I didnt knew that I can control dream in bigger way. I mean, I was controling olny myself, I knew that any thing I will do or say will not make me feel consequences, I’d feel in real life. But I didnt knew that in dream I can do stuff physically unable in real world. So, I’m natural a bit, something like half-natural.

And It’s bit like I’m trying to do now - all methods I’m regulary practicing causes DILD’s - so it’s same thing I was been doing before. But there is huge diffrenece in frequency - instead of few LD’s in year I’m having them pretty often, for example in this month I had 18 of them :spinning: .

But that’s far away from having LD’s every night >_< . It’d be cool to have full-natural LDing ability. :sigh:

Good luck with WILD The Vengeful One. But you already know that you’ll have LD tonight, unlike most of us (not counting another naturals and ppl that can LD at will).

Last night I had 2 out of 3 dreams that were lucid… One was a sucessful WBTB + WILD attempt, although as I’m a very light sleeper, WILD alone is quite hard to accomplish.

I’d love to here from people who are very sucessful at WILD, go further in depth about this technique if they may.

I used to have lots of lucid dreams before i knew they had a name.

Yeah, I wonder if I’m somewhat of a natural myself. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a name for these types of dreams until last night! I had a very good LD 2 nights ago and figured I’ll look into what dreams of flying represented and that’s how I found this site.

Anyhow, for the last 5 yrs or so, I’ve averaged about one a month (that would be a total of at least 60 LDs in those 5 yrs). The thing is that when I have these they were “triggered” without me trying anything. Not until I discovered this site did I get excited about the possibilities! If I can actually try to trigger them myself, that would be great! Rather than having to wait for those times where I just realize that I’m dreaming for no aparent reason, I can now induce that feeling/thought… I’m very excited to see if it’ll work for me… either way, I’m happy on my LDs coming once in a while… if I can increase the frequency then it’s just icing on the cake.

I never had any natural LDs that I can remember but my younger brother is a natural.

i’ve had a few low level ones in my lifetime. The last one i can remember is that i was in my school, and i realised i was dreaming, so i was going to look for someone but was stopped by someone else, then got back into a normal dream.

The other time was REALLY weird, i was sorta stuck between awake and light sleep in the morning. I could open my eyes if i wanted to, but tried to stay in the dreamworld, but a sound woke me up completely.

The other two ive had quite recently.

I’ve never had one; though I haven’t been trying very consistently until recently. I’m ~19, and I never had any growing up. I always considered dreaming to just sorta be down time, and until I read about/started learning about them, I never even considered them as a possibility.

I’m one of the unlucky, it seems.

I have since i was about 6, its become normal to me and i can always tell im in a dream without even doing a RC

Awesome man, how old are you now, if you don’t mind saying, and what do you find yourself doing in your dreams these days?

Just a thought TVO, but if I was you I wouldn’t try any techniques since you naturally can already do it. If you start using techniques, there is a possibility that it will become a dependency and you will only be able to lucid dream when you use a technique.

Again, it’s just a thought, so do what you want with it. ^^

You know, I think that’s probably good advice… ever since I started trying to induce the dreams, they occur less frequently than when I did nothing to induce them at all…

I’ll just go back to my old technique…nothing. :smile:

My brother is a natural lucid dreaming, i had about 6 lds in the past month but that was doing WILD. I only had about 3 LDs my entire life before i found out what they were and before i started trying. I wish my brothers natural ability to LD would of rubbed off on me :neutral: ah well, ill just keep with MILD…

Natural: Means your good at something. I am kinda good at LD’ing. I wish i could get alot better though.

Duck thinks that Odeon made a good point :yes:

By saying that someone is natural lucid dreamer, it’s meant that someone always knows when is he/she dreaming.

edit: Oookay, maybe “always” was bit too much, but that was a point. Here is topic about that BTW. Natural lucid dreamers knows when the are dreaming most of the times, and lucid dreaming ability revealed itself naturally. :yes:

duck, it would be impossible for someone to always know they are dreaming…
imo natural means
a. had quite a lot of LDs without knowing what they were
b. when you find out about lucid dreaming, you find it easy to learn the techs and become lucid with a very high frequency

depends what you mean really.

Natural lucid dreamer could simply mean someone who regularly has LDs and not know what they are, or LD at will without having to try hard.

I have had few intentional LDs but I often have low level lucids just happen. I wouldn’t consider myself a natural LDer, but some people might.