Big Psionics Topic-Part III

[b] Part II can be foundHere!
wow, levitation, thats somethin thats baggled my daggle baggle haggle.

Ill have to try that…

although, i think i can do some telepathy on a video. theres this neat website online that holds telepathy tests that are all view based.

More info later. thanks all. [/url]

and how would you do TP over video :razz: that would seem a bit fake no matter what you showed in the room unless you have a certian way that you are planning to do it

about levitation (This may be off topic, I haven’t read all of the posts yet) one of my friends went to a ‘witch meeting’ on a small island this summer. They did group meditation and worked up their energy levals. After a few hours of these sorts of things, about 5 people joined together to try and mentaly pick up my friend with their energy. They didn’t touch her, but she was lifted up in the air after about a minute. Afterwards she said that she felt sick with all the energy, she was dizzy and dissoriented for the rest of the evening. I would trust my friend with my life so I believe her story, and just wanted to share it, you can make of it what you want to.

i would be starting to belive all of this now. as you may or may not remember i was a fence sitter. i didnt want to say i belived nor did i say it was impos. i said i would give it a try and so i have. indeed i proved to my self that TK at least is real. With the proof of the video and the word from a fence sitter i would suggest trying it out for your self. i am not telling you to belive, not even asking you to. all i am asking is give it a try.



Well, I couldn’t see very well, so I don’t know what’s going on. Did he put it in something that would protect it? Oh yeah, one reason the foil/paper would be moving would be static electricity, so be careful. Hmm I’ll give it a spin from a distance. How exactly do you do the TK thing? Psipog isnt clear enough about it. That psiwheel is a lot simpler than I had initially expected. Thanks for the clarifications, now I think I can reproduce the experiment…

Timeless: Thank you! :grin:

Infection0: Static electricity? I can see how that would cause some doubts. Next time, ill try paper on toothpicks. No metal at all. :smile:

Charlottedreamer: The word “witch” stirs some backwards thoughts, but i will say this: I do believe that they lifted the person with their minds.

okay, its getting around 1 o clock in the morning over here, so im turning in for the night.

see y’all tomorrow. :cool:

i came across something new today…

when i put my hands near a foil psiwheel it automatically spins …and keeps spinning(anticlockwise) but i have no control like with normal TK
i can do this for a few minutes, with a little focus…
then it stops, (i think because i run out of energy)
so i do something else, come back refreshed…and it works again!!!
yet to try with paper…and i can’t get it to work under a container

i have a feeling maybe this could have something to do with dowsing

i really have no idea whether this is psi related or not,
i’ve had my hands around a psiwheel in the same position before, but it never ‘automatically moved’ :confused:

It works on paper!!!

i’m so confused right now!!! :cool_laugh: :confused: :cool_laugh:

ok, after more testing it seems i usually have to take a few moments, maybe nudge it at the start …etc to get it working,
so i’ve got a feeling it is TK after all

i only had the psiwheel work 2 times (both fairly crap), until today
so i think maybe my TK ability is finally working for me but i just haven’t learnt to control it yet…

thing is once i get it started, i don’t even have the control to stop it unless
i remove my hands and let it stop on it’s own

i’ll see if i can put a video up tomorrow :wink:

wow, youre doing a great job chi swordsman! And so soon, as well!, when did you say you started?

(P.S. When does this become BIG pisonics topic III?) :grin:

I don’t see what the big deal about this is, there’s 5 others just like it on psipog. Nothing new. I would watch the video if realplayer didn’t suck so much. Programs that make me go in to my registry to stop it from starting every time I turn the computer on… I don’t like em. If you’re making another video I’d reccomend using a more standard format like .mov or .mpeg

…Okay, if youre going to complain before even trying to watch the video, please dont post those complaints here. :neutral:

registry? i just delete the offending durn program for good. So, I still can’t do that psiwheel bit. I’ve tried toilet paper (guess where I tried that)
regular paper, and more paper, but shouldn’t the concept be the same as the psiwheel? It doesn’t take much force to move them. I got the toilet paper moving, but it was definitely the waves in the air my thumb was causing. Those articles on psipog SUCK!

Hmm … I’ve found the “just do it” article to be quite accurate. And I wouldn’t use a thumb (I wouldn’t use anything else but the “mind”), because I think it’s irritating to use a thumb when it’s a mind-thing. But that’s of course just my opinion though …

Weeeeee! Topic III :cool_laugh:

happy! :grin:

Quote —>The word “witch” stirs some backwards thoughts

I can see how this may affect people. She doesn’t see herself as a witch, but visits with others that do believe themselves to be witches. Witches are seen to be bad, evil sorcerers, but really, after being friends with her for several years and meeting her ‘witch’ friends, I have different beliefs. Witches have been considered evil in christianity, but I don’t find anything bad, mean or evil about these people, because they are trying to improve the world, not vice versa

update: i got my ‘ability’ to work clockwise once last night(paper psiwheel)
but anticlock is easier…
i can also do it with either hand , but both together is easier,
and for some reason it’s harder if my hands touch eachother
i haven’t gotten it yet thismorning but i’ll keep trying and keep you updated

PS.this is so cool!!! finally TK is working sweet for me!!! :tongue:

i am impresed chi. how long nhave you been trying. i am not going to use foil as i think there is just too much chance of the wind moving it. i am still very tight on these conditions. and you know you can switch of the registy thing on RP

any way i agree that some of psipog information was a bit lame but others haev been good. now that i have finished reading the entire site i would say most is well worth it