The Big Psionics Topic - Part 4

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I know the post is kind of old, but I been away, and wanted to comment. I’ve been under clouds quite often, and felt like I willed it to storm. I can’t decide if I actually play a part or if it’s just that I’m certain it’s going to rain, and I just feel like I had a part of it. :shrug:

I think as far as TK and psioinics are concerned, today’s science will probably never be able to prove it. The entire idea is subject to too much skepticism.
I think if anything does happen, the human brain will continue to develop and expand until enough people are using these abilities so regularly that it just becomes accepted as truth, even if it’s inexplicable. Kind of like Gravity. “Here it is, this is what it does. And the math works, but we can’t explain the ‘how’ or ‘why.’” Who knows, it could change the way science works.

I know what you mean about storms, but without meaning to dishearten you there are many ways of feeling storms, static build up in the air, air pressure, the colour and shape of clouds etc. The body can pick up on these tiny things without you knowing. Of course it could be picking up on other things, or maybe you realy are willing it :tongue: Who knows???

Don’t worry about breaking my heart. I know that feeling a storm coming is completely natural (as opposed to supernatural) especially growing up in Kansas. Usually I can smell it first. But I definately believe our wills can influence the world around us. (Prayer)

ok first to everyone who decided to make their own and test it.

ok well taht is great if you were going to try and do it prop. yer sure i will make one at school and put in one the desk and watch it spin with my mind powers… or it could be the damn aircon. which is more likly. if you wanted to actually try and give your self a more open mind and try it with out the air con. put it under a glass and spin it. keep your hands away from it and dont look for ways to make it move. hell i foiund a way to make it move. i blow on it. wow real TK there. now after all that there is somthing i have found.

it is very easy to move outside the glass, due probally to hand heat or static… which is not real likly if you think about it. i mean reall static? that is just the same as people saying it is my mind doing it. with no proof. ok easy to move outside put it under.

dont actually cheat. or you could go and get magnets and tell me if it moves then. i can tell you mine hasnt with magnets. so you will cheat your self to somthing new.

right so you got it under the glass and you are not cheating great, so you cant make it spin… well you think it isnt real so you think people cheated to make it work right??? wrong in my case.

Think about it like this. little kids cant draw very well until there brains can cope with the fine movements taht the fingers need to make to hold the pen propper. it takes many years for their brains to develope. but it does. now if the kid still trys and draws s/he will get better , then kid who doesnt. in my case. will not ever gain the skills that is needed to be able to draw really well without a lot of prac.

So what am i sayin? is TK real? i can not answer that question. i can say it is, but then i would only have foil on paper moving under the glass for any sort of proff. do i say that it isnt fake? no. there i could just cheat my way to show how it could have been done.

My opion is based on my own research. i dont want to hear the crap about people cheating or the crap about people doing it without showing anything afterwards. try it your self. and tell me what you get.

like anything it takes time to get good at. your choice


I have one of those radiometers… it has little paddles inside a glass sphere …the paddles are colored light on one side dark on the other and when you put it next to a bright light or in the sun it spins… but it doesn’t spin if the light is dim or if it is lit by flourescent light… think this would be the cheat proof psi wheel in a dimply lit room… or if you could make it spin in the opposite direction it is supposed to that’d be proof. there’s no way air currents could interfere since it’s in a sealed glass bulb with a vacuum inside…

wow, okay, im back.

Well, in the few weeks ive been gone, ive gotten dozens of people to start practicing TK, both online and off. People are geting restults, and im proud of that.

I find no reason to spend my time proving TK wrong. whether its magnetism or the power of the mind is not something that really matters to me. I just see it as a way to get my subconsciouss o conquer my doubts. It looks cool and it sure does get the foot through the door. TK is not the only psi skill available, it is only the most believable.

For the people who have tried TK and believe in it, start trying other things like precog, manifestation, or flash photo reading. Heck, i have a blast taking a quick look at a bunch of cd cases and guessing (correctly) how many are in the pile. Another neat thing to do is micro-tk, the psi of, well, affecting chance. Try flipping a coin and willing it to land on the side you desire, or getting a deck of cards, and picking the card you desire out of the whole thing.

TK should not be the only thing that can prove psi, but unfortunately, its the only thing that people would even take a second glance at. So, just try the things ive suggested.

Lastly, go to this site.
its a great place to test your precog (or manifestation).

woah, its topic 4 now, eh? yay!


i think from what i have now been doing mixed with lucid dreaming that this is not a real safe combo lol. but i do have a reason for this. i have been thinking about this world and how and why it is the way it is. (my normal thinkin) but from starting at psipog and being able to do “some” of the things that they have put forward in controled conditions i have begin to wonder what the limits of our mind is. or more to the point how this world limits our mind.

this world is formed on rules. what happens if we stand above them. i will find out.

ah, well put Timeless…

I’m more than aware of how old this thread is now. I can still remember its youngest days when the movie was first put up. Well, seeing as how i got my message across and all, i really can’t think of anything to add to this. If any of you who are still reading this have questions, feel free to post them here. I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.

As for those who dont have questions, well, i had a lot of fun here. I hope that everyone who read this post and started experimenting with psi gets as far with it as they can. The power of the mind is truly something to be pondered on, heh.

And now, with that said, i report that no major posts will be going on this thread until further notice. 4 continuing threads is really a lot…

Of course, if anyone is interested in another movie of some kind, i;m sure we can arrange something…

I have looked into this. I believe that most of the things on Psipog can be accomplished with practice. Phasing has me a bit doubtful, but I hope to find the time to actually try some of this. I thought of something the other day. Imagine the theory in which there are infinite universes each one different, even on a molecular level. Now, one can easily imagine in one of these universes that anything is possible, or even that psionics are possible, now if you believe it to be possible in one of these alternate universes, why not this one?

Just my 2 cents.

hmmmm well if each uni is diffrent then ours may or may not be diffrent from the one wherer that is happening. if it is diffrent to a lv where we can not do it then there would be no such place as psipog and no poeople for thousands of years yapping on about it. True tehre are a lot of fakes i will admit that but from all the stories i would really like to see everyone a fake… that is almost as hard to belive as psi int eh first place.

If there is other uni, which i think there are. i am sure you all know about string theory. or m theory. well anyway. would it not be possible to have things leak from one uni to the other.

if you yourself are not a beliver in psi, that is fine your choice. but tell me. do you belive in a black hole? and if so why? have you seen it with your own eyes or are you just beliving it because you never will see it with your own eyes.

if psi can be done at a high lv then anyone can do it to some lv. that means even you yourself can do it. this is somthing you can see with your own eyes.

So what will it be. Black hole, or even a white hole ( just some crazy example) and psi. or none at all. Your choice.

Grizzled maybe you could explain how you belve there are other uni, i am sure it can fit into this topic in a round about way

Ok before i explain i need to say that i think that black holes are a whole lot more probable than psi stuff but still might not exist.
my reasons:
the formation of black holes can be explained with several theories about the universe and there are mathematical formulas for these, there is nothing like this for psi
when a lot of matter goes into one place (a big star for example) the gravitational forces increase and increase so much that they overcome the repulsive forces between matter. If it doesn’t form a black hole then what does it form.
there is evidense in the form of massive x-ray emmisions in patters that as far as we know can only be accounted for by black holes.
Ok, i could go on explaining how black holes are possible but you get the idea. It can be explained how they form, why they form, even when they form, there is no information like this for psi. And also the people that study and talk about black holes are the same people that develop ideas that have been used in real life and tested to be true, say for example pictures from telescopes and the things that are happening there. with people that support psi there is nothing like this, nothing that i have seen as any sort of proof. in other words the people that support black holes are more credible than the people that support psi.
This doesn’t mean black holes exists and psi definately does not exist, it mearly means that for me it is much easier to believe in black holes than in psi.

for one thing there are tested rules in this universe, psi cannot be explained by any rule that i know (show me the rule and i’ll look at it). But what you don’t realise is that there doesn’t actually need to be those other alternate universes for ours to be seemingly different to what we observe. To me there is only a 50-50 chance that what we observe and what we think the universe is. Why? Because it is beyond our observations that we could tell if this universe is what we observe. If there are 2 possibilities (it is what we observe or it is not) and we know nothing that can give an indication either way then there must be a 50-50 chance. Tell me if i am wrong. (you can equate this theory thing to saying that there is a 50-50 chance that we are in a matrix type world)

I believe I was misunderstood. I said I did believe in psi timeless… I believe (partly)for a similar reason that you stated: They couldn’t all be fakes. My other reason is just ‘why not?’ there are many amazing things in the world

hmm i am sorry i was in rather bad mood when i wrote that. now re reading it i kinda seemed like i was attacking you. i am sorry it came across that way for it was not intented to do so. it was direcrted t nobody.

Hmmm yes i can see what you mean about the black holes, but you must admit there is a lot more money going into space then psi. for the reason that we think it can take us somewhere and it is, for one day we will have to move. still what would the results be if we invested the same money into researching psi?

just questions i spose and i am sorry as well


One reason money is not going into psi is the public opinion of it. Imagine what would happen if the government announced that it was funding psi research. There just isn’t any evidense that is being flouted (is that a word) around in public to show that psi exists. I think that if it does exist the phone companys along with other businesses will go broke! But i bet a few could also be started.

I assume this was directed at someone else because i did not feel attacked.

I think that many issues like this one spoken about on forums do not change many minds, but i think just give them information and it is their decision what they will believe.

also i think psi is given less time/money because even if you know the theory of it, it won’t work
it takes practice and various frames of mind (often through meditation which is not usually the western thinkers first choice) to gain amazing results

possibly also because those who dedicate a lot of time and get amazing results aren’t in it for recognition or to promote awareness of psi,
but simply for their own path of enlightenment and to enlighten others

yeah that would also have something to do with it. I think that if i could do psi stuff and it wasn’t liek a condition that i have to be all unegotistic about it then i would go round showing off my powers to everyone and that would be fun.

Hello again, people.

Wow, i thought this topic died…

Anyway, I’ve read what everyone’s said, and I’m glad to see most of the earlier “prejudices” are gone. Anyway, for me, i would try not to look at it as a scientific thing (as much as it is), but more as a mentally “wazoo” thing. For the low in self-esteem, “having” psi could be a good boost in such. For the too high in ego, “having” psi could make him/her realize how much he still has to gain. For the sick or scared, “having” psi could help said person gain hope and overcome some earlier fears or walls. The point i’m trying to make here is by trying to search for a scientific answer to “psi”, we are missing the whole point of it. The basic idea of psi is that you are using your mind in ways youve never used it before.

The whole see-it-to-believe-it thing makes psi understandably seem unworthy. And who knows if psi really exists or not? However, do you think we’ll be finding an answer to that anytime soon? The possibilities of world-wide study in the field of psi is close to none. So, you might as well give it a shot yourself (along with meditation…), cause no one else is.

I hope this helps.
(P.S. no offense, if offense was taken)

I used to go to psipog… :sad: I quit though. I felt left out so now I come back to this site. :sad: I was fairly good at telekinesis too… this topic hasnt been touched since 2003… oh well