Black LD4all T-shirts are here! :D

WOOHOO!!! BLACK T-SHIRTS!!! :hurray:

:happy: :happy: :happy: :happy:

*runs to design

They are available!!! pre order yours now! (j/k) I’ll let you know when I have some black ones ready :happy: :happy: :happy:

I can`t order :sad:

Maybe when I tell people abot LDing

preordering was a joke :tongue: But the shop site is down now, i think all the world wanted the black t-shirts :lol:

you can’t buy any LD4all black t-shirts until I have actually designed them :grin:

shock horror …could it be actually true… :happy:

Are you done yet?

hahaha…hahah…ha…ha… :grrr:

/me kicks Q

Nice to see you back Fear.

Q: How about now?! Are they done yet?

/me smacks fear with a truit. NO FAIR!! why the kick, i thought you were going to wait until black was available? Rejoice! :cool_laugh:

sneak preview :happy:
will be available in a few weeks (ofcourse i’ll let you know when you can order :wink: )

more on the way. I can only print on one side. Wishes, suggestions, let them be known here :smile:


yay about time :wink:

/me waits weeks…

maybe each person could get thier username on it :tongue: lol

And when you change your username it also changes on your t-shirt :tongue:

It are probably only t-shirt who are now available in black right? Not sweaters.

for now only t-shirts sandra, but i think after that they will have more black garments :smile:

cool… waits for jumper… :happy: …(do the black shirts just say LD4ALL on them?)

freedom, I’ll have more black shirts, but the first one just has the logo.

I’m going to make other ones too.

oky doke … sounds good to me :happy:

:hurray: the first black LD4all T-shirt is for sale :hurray:

so run down to the store to check it out :smile:

more designs to follow so if you don’t like this one wait :wink: (can’t give you an ETA of the new designs though).

I have been informed that there could be a rush on black t-shirts bc it has been on demand for SO long. So it might be that they are sold out quickly and out of stock for a short period. In other words, if you like it, go for it now :wink:

at long last! this will definately go on my wishlist. and on my super-secret-blackmailing-demandslist-for-emergency-use-only list. just in case i dont get it for christmas :tongue:

oh yeah. will we ever get them with our nicks on em? that would be really cool. almost as cool as having them delivered by ninjas in little 5" clown cars :tongue:

if you want one with your nick on, PM me and i can make it.

/me has e-mailed the link to friends/family who need ideas on what to get him for Christmas. :gni:

The name sounds cool, though I wouldn’t want the design to get messed up. Can the first person to request one send me a piccie so I can see what it looks like? :happy:


Hey Q?

I know I’ma probably sound really dumb, I know nothing of pricing anything, so just…ignore me if this is really stupid. xD

But if I requested my name on it, I’m expecting to have to pay more…how much more? <.<[/b][/color][/size]

[size=92][color=darkorchid][b]Really wants to see a pretty little paypal button instead of all the forminess


It makes my head fuzzy…I like just going CLICK mmm, new things…[/b][/color][/size]