Confidence gives you lucid dreams!

I read this post over at Dream Views forum 2 nights ago, and it gave me a lucid dream! I have been trying for a few months to have one, but my dream recall sucks lately. I read this post about just “knowing” that you will have a lucid dream before you go to bed and being 100% sure that you would have one, and then forgetting about it and going to sleep. I suggest reading everyones replies, as they have some good information as well. I figured I may as well post this since it gave me a lucid dream, and hopefully it can help others. :smile: Here’s the link: … hp?t=39389

great im gonna give this a try tonight!!! :smile:

I am too going too try this “non-technique” tonight.

About this, confidence sure is an important factor. For example, one night, I thought of using my pager (beeper), attached to the side of my underwear, on vibrating mode. I was sure it would have triggered a RC in my dream.

That night, I was really convinced it would work. Unfortunately, I did not do a RC that night and did not get lucid. BUT, that night, in my dream, I was telling 2 friends about this idea, of using my pager to trigger RC, and that it was a bullet proof technique, that I would have for sur a LD. Well, dream are so realistic sometimes :smile: or most of the time…

So, really believing into something, with real confidence, such as having a LD, sure is the key for inducing LD!

I’m definatley gonna try this tonight, I’ll post in the morning to tell you guys how it goes :smile:, and goodluck to all who try this aswell!

I woke up twice since last post and… no LD yet :sad:

Pretty sure this wake-up-back-to-sleep will do the trick :smile:

I’ll be back in 4.5 to 6 hours!

Don’t forget, if you think you aren’t going to have a lucid dream chances are you won’t…

You will have a Lucid Dream tonight. You will!

unfortunately, no LD last night or this morning…

I probably missed some Confidence or Will… I will put more meaning into it tonight, and then I WILL HAVE A LD!! :smile:

Well, I tried last night, and I have to tell you this “non-technique” is GREAT!
My dream recall is VERY bad, but after I used this non-technique , I recalled 2 of my dreams (which is really good, atleast for me :razz:) and for one of them I did realise I was dreaming!
Although It was a VERY low level lucid dream, and I had little control over it , it was a fun experiance nonetheless.
I seriously recommend EVERYONE try this non-technique , you just have to believe in yourself, and will yourself to have a lucid dream. Its easy if you think its easy, and its hard if you think its hard. Its as simple has that.

I would probably call this “non-technique” a variation of the MILD technique, except with no WBTB.

And remember, you can’t want it so much that you get that giddy feeling in your stomach. You have to just know that you will become lucid and that you have full control over your dreams. Then just go to bed and forget about it. (Keep dream journals too! And do reality checks!)

well i tried this last night and no lucid dream but i think i wasnt confident enough. And it only was the first night. Nothing happens in the first night so im gonna keep trying. Also i had very vivid dreams and i recalled about 4. I mostly recall about 2 so i think the confidence techinque helped a lot. I am gonna give this a try again tonight! :smile:

Thanks for sharing this.

I agree confidence is very important for lucid dreaming, whether it’s used alone or with other techniques. The nice thing about dreams is that if you expect something good to happen, it usually will.
I know what he means about repeating an affirmation too many times. I’ve sometimes repeated a phrase like ‘I’m going to know i’m dreaming’ and it very quickly turns into meaningless words. So I prefer not to use words too much and just imagine what i want to happen.
I agree with Snowy’s point about Lucidity itself not being that difficult. I think lack of confidence is probably one of the main reasons people have trouble gaining lucid dreams. You need to be in the mood for this technique to be successful. I know someone said you can fake confidence but it’s more likely to work if it’s real - You’ve had a good day and you’re feeling very positive. :content:

It’s a good sign when that happens, even if you don’t get lucid it shows how easy it is to influence your dreams :happy:

I feel quite positive at the moment like i might try this tonight. But if i go to bed too late, which my bodyclock often makes me do :grrr: , then i won’t have the time because i’ll be in a rush to fall asleep before the dreaded getting up time.

It seems all well and good. Though I usually have trouble making myself expect anything. There is always doubt. I haven’t sat down and tried it yet but, I expect that I will be an overthinker as always. This I suppose is not really the best mindset for it. Though I believe it works quite well to up my chances, I have doubts about my ability. Kind of takes me back to the beginning.
But there is something to be added to this technique I belive. And it is the long term mindset. Instead of focusing only on the specific night, make it, “one of these days”. I think it relieves the pressure of making it on that night. And it’s the kind of thing I don’t find hard to really believe.
Other techniques also build confidence, If you do alot of work to become lucid, you expect it to work. The problem with them is that you may become dependent, and lose confidence if you have not been “doing your RCs” or something like that.

I see this as you thinking of Lucid Dreaming as a date you have. Like, its just set in time that it will happen, so there isn’t much to do other than prepare for the date (using other techniques, ect). I hope this analogy helps.

Ok, so I gave it a shot. I wouldn’t say I really felt all that confident about it. So I tried to fake it til I make it. Tried not to think about it.
I became lucid twice, wich is good for me. But I became lucid when the dreams were quite weak so they didn’t last long at all. Still, became lucid. Ofcourse I slept for like 12 hours too wich could have contrubuted, but I think the lucidity came after maybe 8-10 hours. I didn’t write down the times.
I’d say the results were pretty good. If I had actually felt confident about it, maybe it would have been even better.
I’m not ruling out a fluke but, I think I just might be able to use this method.

That’s exactly what i did last night. I acted like it was a booked holiday and kept reminding myself it was happening very soon. I tried to make it real by saying all the things i would say to myself in that situation and i thought hard about the place i wanted to go.

I didn’t get any lucidity :sad: but my dream recall was stronger. I think maybe i focussed too much and should have cleared my mind just before sleeping.

Well, I tried again last night. Although I had no lucid dreams this time, my dream recall is better than ever, I remembered 3 of my dreams (a few days ago I couldnt remember any!)
I’m 100% positive if I keep trying this I will have more and more lucid dreams :smile:.

YO! sounds great! one question is… how do you get your confidence up the highest? :confused: Confidence is a huge part in my success. Don’t beleive my rating. I’ve been into LD’s for a while.

Motivation and confidence go hand in hand (for me atleast). I find with high motivation I have really high confidence.
Getting high motivation shouldnt be a problem, for me, just thinking of all the wonderful things I can do in a lucid dream HIGHLY motivates me.
Another way to boost your confidence is pretending your confident , like the link the OP provided, pretending your confident will eventually (if done long enough) will make you believe you ARE confident and have confidence.

Anyways, I’m really hoping today I can finally have a vivid , long lasting lucid dream. The the other one I’ve had with this method was VERY low, I was barley concious!
Tonight, I’m going to try to stay in the lucid dream for atleast 10 minutes. (or what would seem like 10 minutes).
I’ll post about it tomorrow morning, and tell you guys how it went. :smile:

goodluck to all of you!


No success , although I did remember quite a bit of my dreams, Non were lucid.
This technique seem’s to really help my dream recall, but I know that if I keep trying I’ll have a lucid dream :smile:.

1/3 nights I’ve had a lucid dream , trying this technique out.
So I guess I have a 33% chance of success so far.

i did this last night, a bit at least

maybe coincidence, but (i already posted this in the dreamsigns one :razz:) a DC commented on me, saying that “I think he’s dreaming” :lol: