Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

[color=red]NOTE: This may be an article about dream interpretation,but LD4all is a website mainly about lucid dreaming.DON'T start posting topics on dream interpretation(I might get in trouble :tongue: )[/color]

If you don’t believe dreams have any meaning at all, don’t bother reading any further. I, and many others, believe dreams have very significant meanings. They’re like a window to your deeper self. They are an encoded message to your inner being. Come with me and we’ll explore this magnificent world of dreams and find what our dreams are telling us :twirl: .

[center][color=green]What could dreams possibly show me?[/color][/center]

Find out what your dreams are telling you about:

1.Feelings and emotions buried deep away in your mind
2. Your work. Are you on the right career path?
3. Relationships. Are these people really my friends? :hugs:
4. Your health? Is there some hidden sickness you don’t know about? :yuck:
5. Anything that has to do with your LIFE that you might be neglecting.


For a little history on dreams please refer to the “What are Dreams” section in the Knowledge Base.

How do you do it?

Excellent question! There are many ways to interpret your dreams but no one technique is 100 percent foolproof. Below I’ll share some different ways that you can go about finding the meaning (if there is any) in your dreams:

1.One of the most common ways to interpret dreams is using a Dream Dictionary. Dream Dictionaries contain a collection of words, phrases, and ideas that are organized in alphabetical order and give an array of possible meanings of the words in relation to dreams. Note that these entries are studied and tested but aren’t 100 percent. Everyone is different, so just use them as a guide. Here are some links to online dream dictionaries.


You can also buy one if you want. I did :ok: . Now, next you have to remember your dreams and write them down as soon as you wake up. Write down feelings and emotions and also what you see and hear. Write as much as you can. Then, grab a Dream Dictionary and look up the key points in your dream. Such as all your senses plus all your feelings and emotions. Organize all the possible meanings and piece them together. Try to relate the elements in your dream to real life. Then check them against the Dream Dictionary. Try to see a general meaning. The most important thing is trying to relate them to situations in your real life. Hopefully you’ll see what they mean.

2.Another way to interpret your dreams is very simple and is a more basic form of the above technique. All you do is wake up, remember your dream, and think about what the dream reminds you of in real life. For example:

On Christmas eve, my two brothers and I each got an envelope from a relative. In the envelope was a Christmas card. My two brothers each got a 20 dollar gift card to Wal-Mart. When I opened up mine, there was none :bambi: . They must have forgot to put a gift card in mine. But I didn’t say anything because Christmas isn’t about money and I didn’t want to cause a scene :content: . That night I had a dream about me in school. I hadn’t been to school the previous two days and I missed a lot. There was a test the next day so I raised my hand to tell the teacher that I was absent and needed the info. The teacher seemed to answer everyone else’s questions but me. He even sat next to me and seemed to not notice I was there. I felt left out and forgot about, just like on Christmas Eve!

3. There is also the word substitution method.

a. Dream - “I am driving a car down a bumpy road. Before me are two tunnels and I have to choose which one to enter. I choose the right tunnel.”

b. Replacement - You now substitute key words with words that you think are commonly associated together. "I am driving a (journey) down a (challenging) (path). Before me are (choices, conflict) (paths) and I have to choose which one to enter. I choose the (consciousness) (path).

c. Interpretation - Now combine the associated words to form an interpretation. From the above you can decipher that you are being asked to make a decision which up to this point has been challenging for you to get to. But you have made it. You must choose and your choice was consciousness. This means you have chosen to become aware of a certain aspect of yourself, your life or situation, knowledge etc. The next step would be to find out what’s at the other end of the tunnel. That will be revealed in the next dream :smile:

Common Dream Themes

1. [color=blue]Being naked[/color]: Your walking down the street or hallway in your school or job and you suddenly realize…you’re butt naked :gni: ! This is very common and here are some common interpretations
 Dreams of being naked are possibly amongst the most common dreams people have. In dreams, clothes can represent concealment and hiding, so being stripped of clothes can mean being left defenseless and exposed. Often the dreamer has fears that he or she worries may be uncovered. Dreams in which no one but the dreamer notices the nakedness are often indications that the fears bothering the dreamer are unfounded, and that no one else is concerned about them. Being naked in a dream can also indicate fear of being caught off guard. For instance, many people dream that they are suddenly naked at work or at school. Being naked in front of a crowd can symbolize a fear of being exposed, a fear of being unprepared, or a fear that those around you know things about you they are not telling you about.
  1. Oh NO! You’re being chased by an evil monster pumpkin! :scared:
    Often in these dream scenarios, you are being pursued by some attacker, who wants to hurt or possibly kill you. You are running away, hiding, or trying to outwit your pursuer. Chase dreams may represent your way of coping with fears, stress or various situations in your waking life. Instead of confronting the situation, you are running away and avoiding it.
    The attacker who is chasing you in your dream may also represent a part of yourself. Your own feelings of anger, jealousy, fear, and possibly love, can assume the appearance of threatening figure. You may be projecting these feelings onto the unknown chaser.
    You may be consumed by your own anger, jealousy, love, destructive behavior. For example, you may be using abusing drugs or alcohol in your waking life. You may subconsciously be threatened by these actions which have been jeopardizing your relationships and/or career. Your dreams are a way of calling attention to these self-destructive actions.
    A more direct meaning of chase dreams is the fear of being attacked. These dreams are more common among women than men, who may feel physically vulnerable in the urban environment. These dreams are inspired by fears of violence and sexual assault in which we are exposed to a lot.

  2. You’re walking by the grand canyon and all of a sudden, the guard rail breaks and you fall and fall until you wake up startled out of your mind :nuu: . Falling is a very common theme.
    Dreams where you are falling are most often interpreted as an indication of unresolved fears, anxieties, instabilities and insecurities. Dreams of falling can also represent a sense of inferiority or a sense of failure in your personal or professional life. These dreams of falling can represent a perceived failure to measure up to expectations, or a fear of losing your status, losing an important person in your life, or just a generalized fear or failure. Dreams of falling are most likely to take place during the first stage of sleep. That is because dreams at this stage are often accompanied by spasms of muscles in the arms, the legs or even the whole body. These sudden muscle contractions are known to science as a myclonic jerk. The dreaming mind can interpret these muscle spasms as falling, and thus incorporate falling into the dream state. Those who do biblical and religious interpretations of dreams often see falling dreams as meaning that the dreamer is taking his or her cues from the world of man instead of turning to God for guidance and advice.

  3. WOW! You’re soaring through the air and having a total blast! Flying! :bat: :
    Dreams of flying may well be the most common of all dreams. Dreams where you are flying easily, soaring over the landscape and enjoying the serenity often mean that you feel on top of the situation and in control of your life. The flip side of that happy scenario are dreams in which the dreamer has difficulty remaining in the air, or dreams where you are unable to fly and begin to fall to earth. Obstacles like power lines, mountains and trees in a flying dream can be dream state manifestations of actual barriers in your waking life. Often you will experience fear while flying, or be afraid that he or she is flying too high. These types of dreams are often representations of fear of challenge, or fear that you cannot succeed.

  4. Losing teeth :0.o: :
    There are many theories about just what teeth, and losing teeth, represent in the dream world, and these can be some of the most difficult dreams to interpret. One theory holds that dreams about teeth, and losing teeth, are a reflection of the dreamer’s worries about his or her appearance, and about how the dreamer thinks others think of him or her. Since teeth play such an important role in physical attraction scenarios, such as flirting and getting the attention of the opposite sex, dreams of losing teeth can be manifestations of fears of getting old, fears of sexual impotence or other dating related anxieties. Another theory holds that teeth in dreams represent power, since they are used in real life to tear, chew, and bite. Therefore, the loss of teeth in a dream represents a perceived loss of power or influence. People who feel frustrated, or who feel that their voices are not being heard, may have dreams about losing teeth.

    Well, there you have it. I hope you can use this to guide you to interpreting your own dreams. And by the way, don’t go pay for a professional to tell you what your own dreams mean :down: . YOU are the best at interpreting YOUR own dreams :ok: .Practice is key. Remember that. Have a nice day :gni: .

Thank You this was very helpful and insightful i look foward to your next posts

IIRC, according to Artemidorus, teeth represent relatives.

This is the most important part to me. I think only the dreamer can truly know what his/her dreams signify, and you provide some good ways to do this.

When I try to find meaning, i’ll read what i wrote in my DJ and analyze it as if it had been written as a symbolist’s story written by someone else (my subconscious, in fact). Some kind of meaning always becomes apparent.

Great post!

I think that understanding your dreams can help you understanding better what is happening in your life.

It’s important to not take the single elements but get the meaning of all of them together and apply it to your current situation.

I would like take the chance to point out another online dream dictionary that you can you to get the meaning of your dreams.

Hope this could help :smile: