I just woke up from not only a medium-high level LD, but also 2 False Awakeings!!! IT WAS FREAKIN’ AMAZING!!! I remember being in the bath tub but couldnt feel the water, and I even went underwater but could still breathe. So, to further decide whether I was dreaming or not, I went over and tried the light switch RC, and the light would not do anything! I WAS SO HAPPY THAT I FINALLY DID IT! AFTER SO MANY MONTHS OF TRYING, I HAVE FINALLY HAD AN LD, AND REMAINED IN IT!!!

I also tried yelling out - INCREASE LUCIDITY TO 100%, but I dont think anything happened :sad:

the way I became lucid, was:

Before going to sleep, I played that 25 min Lucid Induction mp3 that you can find on this site, I played it twice (loop), then I layed in bed and fell asleep with it still looping. IT WAS SO AMAZING!

Cool (8)), well done (|)) and congratulations :spinning:D))!

YAY! :cool_laugh:

Haha LDs are amazing aren’t they :wink: Just as that LD Induction mp3 :happy:

Congrats! :thumbs: I hope you’ll have some more soon :wink:

yeah, im definitly keeping that mp3 with me at all times.

Congratulations on your LD! I’m going to try this technique tonight.

Which mp3 from this site?I can’t seem to find it, in which category is it?

this one ->>> The page


The File

Congrats! Im going to use the file tonight :wink:


Rock on! I’m gonna put it on my iPod and fall asleep to it. Once I’m asleep I usually turn one way and the ear bud pops out and over the side of my bed. :good:

That mp3 worked the first time i used it, i had either a LD or an OBE.

:confused: I don’t know if I wanna OBE! That just seems creepy to me.


Congratulations :ok: :partying_face: :thumbs: :beer: :good:

My this be just one of many more to come.

i thought of OBEs like something scary but it’s something very peaceful, is just that we are not use to it and we sometimes get scared of the unknown.

… I have parental controls…
…wont let me download…

anyone want to file transfere over Aim ? :smile:

i will

I’m glad the Lucid Induction worked. I created it just for myself, I never knew anyone else would get use out of it!

Way to Go!

thank you! This is the 1st time in about 5 years that I have become lucid with full control. My last LD, I got scared and told myself to wake up for some reason. :sad:

Question: Does anyone have any long-term advice with these?

Is it possible to become too dependant on them?

Also: is this the best one I can download right now? Is there another one I should try after/with this one?

Was this the first night you tried it seraphim?

[Edit]Heh: anyone listen to the K&D sessions by Kruder and dorfmeister? Anyone heard the song “Gone”? The begining sounds A LOT like a bunch of stuff in this mp3. Almost EXACTLY.