How to give yourself nightmares

i havent had a nightmare in waay too long, it seems it helps me with things and keep me mentally stable. i know people who would love to never have nightmares but i want more. any suggestions on how to induce a nightmare or even better a lucid nightmare, thanks :happy:

As for having a nightmare, you could resolve to face your fears/problems, or a difficult situation, in dreams.
As for getting lucid, that’s up to you, and your willingness to face said situations and solve them.
Good luck with your Quest. :wink:


Hi guys I want to try to have some nightmares. (When I occasionally have them I ussually remember them vividly and find them fun afterwards) Also as a way to get lucid.

Any idea’s on how to. I ussually have a packet of crisps before going to bed so I don;t think that the food one would help much.

Watch a scary movie? :happy:

What about a large, warm meal before sleeping? I remember having nightmares whenever I fell asleep after I had dinner.

Otherwise, try to keep yourself busy with something you’re really scared of all day long. I tried reading quite creepy ghost stories all day long, and even though I was very sceptic, at night I was scared and every noise made me hide further under my covers. Once I finally fell asleep, the ghosts were the last thing on my mind, and I had some scary ghost-nightmares.

I’d like to know that too :meh: I mean, even if I watch a scary movie or read stories or something, I’m scared ***less during the day, but it does not impact my dreams

the latest (kind of) nightmare I had when I was ill and had a terrible throat ache
and, well, I’m not going to get sick only to get a nightmare :tongue:

Have looked around the interweb (lols) and a couple of things sugested are. Going to sleep lieing on your back with your arms crossed. And all the stuff you have suggested. I will post back tommorow with my results.
Do you have any links to any scary youtube vids that I could watch while on my ipod in bed.

Perhaps you should try using mantras? A good mantra for that would be “I am going to have a nightmare tonight, and I will remember it vividly.”

A scary movie or book before bed might work if you’re the type to really get into them and feel the suspense. Otherwise, keeping your mind focused on anything that truly scares you as you try to fall asleep is probably the way to go.

Just…be careful. Most nightmares are a thrilling experience and make a great story in retrospect, but there’s always a slight chance you’ll get one so utterly terrible that it will scar you for months. Try having one where you accidentally kill your father and have to go through the whole funeral and murder trial while the rest of your family believes you did it on purpose, all in horrifyingly vivid detail.

I also read that if you’re warm, you’ll get more nightmares, and that that’s why you often wake up sweaty after you’ve had a nightmare.
So take some extra blankets and turn up the heater? :tongue:

Nightmares are nice dreams. I find them funny too after I wake up and even more, it is easier to become lucid in nightmares.
If you want to have nightmares, you should eat (especially meat) just before you go to sleep. If it doesn’t help you, I suggest you to look at this thread. Good luck on having nightmares!

I get more nightmares in the earliest sleep cycles, or if i sleep longer than i need to get rested. It is also possible to make a lucid dream turn bad by expecting something to go horribly wrong, but wouldn’t that be a waste of a LD? Also, i get more of the “something has caught me so i can’t move” kind of nightmare, if my blanket is heavy or the cat sleeps on my bed.

I didn’t have any nightmares last night. I had one short ld. I will try the mantra tonight.

there is a list in this recent topic.
The nightmare machine, and “The wheelchair”

How about having a night of watching horror movie before bed, or even documentaries on real life atrocities?

Watch High School Musical.

If that doesn’t work, step it up and watch Twilight.

Watch all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and read up on anything related to Freddy Kruger.

Lucid nightmare?! That is absolutely awful!! I have had that once. I was trapped and acid was being flooded into the room. I thought “no problem”, I’m lucid I can just easily bust my way out through the door. But it didn’t work… nothing I tried work and the feeling of panic as the acid got closer… god… I never felt anything like that in real life - it seems the lucidity intensified it! I eventually passed out, but found myself floating out of the sky, landing safely in my back yard amongst the grass.

I really wouldn’t recommend it.


On a serious note, what always gets me nighmares is watching documentaries about UFOs and other creepy unexplained things. Its guaranteed to give you a nightmare. If you can fall asleep, that is :tongue: