I can LD at will!!! Part I

Pedro check out some of my ideas in your PM’S :cool_laugh:

sadly my visualizations are bad. I can hear sounds which by your mind model definition is not good. And when looking at my friends, I can’t move the picture, or have a hard time, and the picture appears like I’m 2 feet tall looking up! It’s like, My conversation with my friend. “Yo Justin”,“Yo Trung” “so whats up with your lady bro?” “aw man, she thought I was a young fool and diss me coldly” " and what you gonna do about that justin?" “Nuthin really. Dude, do a reality check” “okay…(I do the 2 described) Sweet! It worked! Let’s go” and it restarts. By the way that conversation is from a song. But The picture stays the same, and I hear voices, and sometimes I see a face blink out of no where that is REALLY creepy and I want to sit up and look around my room. It didn’t work for me last night unfortunately. And I have music in my head when I do this. I almost always have music in my head and it’s amplified when i try to sleep. When I don’t have music it drive me insane!

oh yes. And I donnot understand the 60 points relaxation technique. It’s hard because I dont’ see how I can fall asleep when I tighten my hamstring or bicep and it moves an arm or a leg. How does it work?

And one last question… do I have to read a book? I don’t think my parents want me up reading a book for an hour, nonetheless I don’t really have any books. All I have is ROTK and it’s on my computer. -.-

I do appreciate your writing out this looooooooooong post for us though. ^.^ thanks much.

Books are good for you. I don’t think you have to read the book in bed actually, if that’s the problem.

Alright, I just got around to reading this topic…

‘VILD’ sounds like it could be very successful. As I am in the midst of a four day weekend, I have much time to practice :content:

On visualising… We can’t expect to see an image right before our eyes. If I close my eyes and try to see a banana on the backs of my eyelids, obviously it is not going to work. I used to always think that visualising something was something to that degree – seeing something in the blackness that appears before you when you close your eyes.

Close your eyes and picture one of your family members or your friends in your mind. You can’t see their face on the backs of your eyelids… And you shouldn’t be trying to. Visualising isn’t really seeing anything before you. That’s the best way that I can explain it, though it probably doesn’t make much sense.

Alright, now that my nonsensical visualising rant is over… I hope to be trying your method soon, Pedro, and thank you for spending the time sharing it with us :grin:

Great, VILD it is then. I will add it to my website and add links to yours (when you make it, if ever). I wll also produce a program that confirms that your post is the longest on the forum. Lol, joking.

I read your document (few).

Wouldn’t this been known had “designing a scene” only, not a dream as sutch. Just though scene was better way to describe. My Eng teacher says, “I would like you to write a scene of blaa blaa”

He, he. I get tired so quickly I go to bed at 9.

I personally find it easier to relax by not doing anything, but just thinking. When I here sounds it makes me jump back awake, I can VILD from there.

This is what I was saying when I meant that you need intention and visualization to make it work.

Is this method easy, or does it ake time and effort? It looks like it gets easier?

darnit! My own will power failed me. Is it a sort of wild? Or are you ACTUALLY supposed to fall asleep? Because the way you describe it, I will be conciouss the whole time, but just not notice the transition between the thought of the scene and the actual scene. ^.^ I will keep on trying.

ok got round to reading it as i am now making time for this instead of just work :smile:

Wu i would say that it is a mix. from what i have read and understood 9printed it out so i can read it again it appears baised on the same style as WILD as you are falling asleep with your mind being active, but if i may, it seems a lot better then a wild. you keep awake enough to make the dream do what you want to start with but you fall asleep to atually start dreaming right?? yer sorta i think i just confused my self any way i will re read it and post back later

btw well done it can be hard to make up new Techqs but you say you can now ld at will. just how long have you been using this tech?

anyway i will go for it tonight



I couldn’t do it again. BUt I will keep on trying ^.^

By the way timeless soul, why do people from australia say “yer”? Is it like ‘yea’ or ‘yup’? Thank you. ANd please, call me Trung ^.^

Me too. I’ll try once more before I go back to WILD when going to sleep…

heh, its cultural differnences :wink: . Just like how us Canadians say pop and americans and perhaps other places say sodas. Also, some of us Canadians say “eh?” and rednecks havee their own sayings, i guess its all about cultural differences,

Pedro, how could you have done this?! your amazing! you made your own techiniq, and its a proffessional good working tech. Your a god :happy: . Congrates, im kind of scared to try it, but i will try, tonight. Off i go

Part II