LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

The first ND posted here has me going somewhere I was told not to go (Task 6). The second ND posted has me accidentally taking people’s items and handing them to the wrong people, causing somebody’s ski poles to get replaced with another person’s super-speedy ski poles (Task 4) and vice versa. I then rode skis (Task 1) to find the person from whom I accidentally stole. Other rides in the dream (snowboard, bobsled) were claimed for points in past NDs.

I had a short LD last night. I also had two dreams where I could control everything, but I never actually remember thinking to myself that I was dreaming, so unfortunately I can’t count them as LDs.

Had a minor LD here which was probably no more than 2 mins long.

Had an LD here that was around 4-5 mins long.

Today’s NDs have two new rides for Task 1: a bike and a barge.

I had a short LD last night. I did manage to summon three people (actually a whole lot more), but there had already been multiple DCs in the dream before I became lucid, so I wasn’t sure if I really brought them there or not. They were random DCs after all, so I decided that I haven’t completed my personal goal yet, although I am getting really close. :smile: I also almost completed the joining task, but right as I started to join with the DC, I woke up.

This morning’s dreams include a medium-length LD and a short LD. I intended to work on LC tasks in the former, but was unable to get anything done.

Task 7: Eat! Again!

What would a Wyvern hosted LC be without an eating task? I don’t care if I’ve done it before, it’s fun!

  1. Eat something +10 pts

  2. Eat something not normally edible in WL +30 pts (different than 1.)

  3. Get eaten yourself! +40 pts

Bonus task: Find Wyvern!
A TM self inserted task. :razz: Dream of this little 2ft tall red dragon guy. +20 pts

Bonus combo!
For the final week there will be extra combo points available even if you’ve already done the tasks. The points will be available at 3 tasks done in the same dream starting at +30 pts. They can be upgraded by +10 pts per extra task to a maximum of 70 pts to earn.

Group Incubation
Simply specify what your team will be eating. +15 pts for close attempt, +30 pts for completion.

@Rhewin: Like mentioned earlier, decided to count your wording.

@demented: The subtask that asks for directions had to be towards the Chesire cat. A chase or a race had to be in a vehicle and choosing another route instead of one a DC told you to go isn’t the same as choosing a route a DC explicitly told you not to go. So no points to claim in that dream, I’m afraid.

Anyway, I just wanna say I’m really happy with all the participation there’s been in this LC. I’ll be updating the scores daily for the final week. They’ll be viewable in the first post. :smile:

  1. Mew151: 195
  2. Thorn: 1250
  3. ZRVera: 90
  4. ian1: 0
  5. Scipio Xaos: 735
  6. HeadInTheClouds: 1045
  7. James_UK2008: 525
  8. muccy: 0
  9. Rhewin: 1280
  10. BrandonBoss: 570
  11. Yev: 60
  12. mr_Block: 0
  13. Lumessence: 335
  14. demented: 260
  15. Oleg: 200
  16. Loah: 230

Had a short LD recently:


This morning’s LD is a whopper. As I said in IRC:
I believe today’s a 300-point day, Wyv, so I hope you’re ready to grade
long LD (40), Task 7 Parts 1 and 2 (30 and 10, plus 20 early points and 30 lucid points), Task 5 Part 3 done three times (50,20,20), Task 3 Part 2 and Task 1 Part 2 both at once (30,10), and your four-task combo bonus (40)

Of course, if I missed anything, feel free to add it. :smile: I’m actually unsure about calling it a “long” LD instead of “longest”, but it was so close that I simply can’t tell. If I lose by 10 points or less for that decision, I demand a tiebreaker! :razz:

For our group incubation, we’ve decided on eating Cheeseburgers. Yummy.

/me cracks his knuckles

Sorry I’ve been quiet, I haven’t had a chance to update anything. Whilst I don’t have one long epic dream, I’ve definitely got a few good ones in here.

Friday night I had a short lucid dream. Wyvern actually made me aware of the fact I was dreaming. I don’t remember why, but the way he did it was embarrassing so I created a sign that said “I hate Wyvern” and carried it around for the rest of the dream as a joke.

Saturday night I had a medium LD that was set in Disney’s Aladdin. It seemed like Aladdin and Jasmine were meeting for the first time, but both of them referenced events from the movie. I filmed them and directed them to have their first kiss.

Sunday night I had a short LD in which I was in the world of Black Butler. I was in a competition with Sebastian to see who would get Ciel’s soul first. I joined with the other butler, Claude, by walking into him so I could get his powers. Sadly I woke up before I could take Ciel’s soul.

Also on Sunday night, I had a normal dream in which I saw two pokemon battling without commands (anarchy fight).

Monday morning I had a chain of several short lucid dreams, but still only add up to be short. I was practicing talking to my manager to ask for time off that was coming up.

Finally, this afternoon I took a nap and had a long LD which was chained a couple of times. I found Wyvern, ate Wyvern, regenerated (personal task), and was eaten by Wyvern. The regeneration was a little disappointing because hardly anything changed, but I definitely would still count it.

And that’s that.

Edit: I’m not going to count that as my personal task. It just… didn’t feel like a regeneration. The more I think of it the more I realize it was a light show.

LC points have been updated.

@ian1: Congrats on getting on the board. :smile:

@Thorn: You’ve also earned your +30 lucid points for the Joining task.

@Rhewin: Congrats on the lead so far. Like mentioned on Mumble, can’t count that Wyvern (me) because I specifically described the Wyvern character in the link. :tongue:

I had a short LD last night. It was awesome in the beginning, but no tasks were accomplished.

A medium LD in which I had some cheeseburgers! No group members present so no points. :sad: Also I wasn’t looking for them (or actively “attempting” the incubation either) so I’m not claiming attempt points.

A Moment of Disappointment ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Task 7 Part I EARLY LUCID

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 7
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 4
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship. | Rode double on a motorcycle. | Rode a Bus/Plane and a Flying Motorcycle, LUCID | Rode a Jet ski. | Rode a flying boat. | Rode an ATV. | Rode a “mass of balloons”.
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: Gave a DC a wrapped “box chocolate”. LUCID EARLY | REDACTED
Task 4: Took a sack of money. EARLY
Task 5: ~ none ~
Task 6: Voice Auditions for a Role EARLY
Task 7: Ate some cheeseburgers and fries. EARLY LUCID

Personal Goal: Flew with my wings!

The first of these two dreams has a skateboard ride at the start and ends in a short LD.

I had a short lucid dream last night:


Scores have been updated. :smile:


Well, I had a short lucid dream, where I had a laser handgun. (The laser wasn’t like those blasters you see in psi-fi, it was just a pulse of a thin laser beam, like a laser pointer in the fog.

I said I was going to fight you wyvern, so I took the opportunity to find your little red wyvern guy, and shot him multiple times until he was dead… I was kindof losing lucidity at that point, to a lower level. I wasn’t planning on doing that, but I did it anyway… Sorry Wyvern.[/color]