LC #41 - Congratulations Thorn!

Another medium LD and a Chain! Quite an exciting one too. :content:

Axiom X ~ Medium Lucid Dream ~ Chain

Stats so Far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 7
Medium LDs: 3
Long LDs: 1
Chains: 5
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1: Drove my dad’s old car. | Rode a cruise ship. | Rode double on a motorcycle. | Rode a Bus/Plane and a Flying Motorcycle, LUCID | Rode a Jet ski. | Rode a flying boat. | Rode an ATV. | Rode a “mass of balloons”.
Task 2: ~ none ~
Task 3: Gave a DC a wrapped “box chocolate”. LUCID EARLY | REDACTED
Task 4: Took a sack of money. EARLY
Task 5: ~ none ~
Task 6: Voice Auditions for a Role EARLY
Task 7: Ate some cheeseburgers and fries. EARLY LUCID

Personal Goal: Flew with my wings!

Here are three LDs. The first is a medium-length LD that has joining with a DC in the non-lucid part. The second is a short LD with no tasks accomplished. The third is a medium-length LD that has me eating myself (Task 7 Part 3) and taking candy from a baby (Task 4 Part 3 and Lucid Points).

Alright, some updates.

Wednesday night I dreamed I was at some sort of resort. I had a delicious steak dinner (ate something normal) and rode on a strange cross between a segway and a golf cart.

Thursday night I had a short LD with nothing task related, just got stuck trying to stabilize the dream.

Last night I did actually dream of the Wyvern in an ND. I held it kind of like a stuffed animal thingy. In the same dream, I gave the Wyvern a piece of chocolate (giving), rode on a gazebo that was motorized for some reason (Ride!). In addition to finding Wyvern, that should count for the combo if I read that correctly plus riding another vehicle type. Is that right?

Edit: strike that combo, I forgot finding Wyvern was a bonus task

/me rawrs at Lumessence

Scores have been updated. Also +5 creativity points to Thorn for his creative way of “getting eaten”. XD

I rode something that wasn’t a car in this ND. :smile:

I ate some ice cream with cherries in a dream the other night.


This morning’s DJ entry has four rides: a flying battleship, a biplane, a battleship (on water), and a ferry.

Ok, rode something, took something, and gave something (not related to the taking) in an ND.

I had a short LD last night.

Just wanna post (a bit late) that the competition is now officially over.
You have until midnight EST to post your dreams/point claims.

EDIT: Points have been updated.

/me waits in anticipation for the rest

Two dreams last night.

One was long. I was playing Minecraft with a bunch of people. In the dream, I rode a pig, took diamonds out of a chest, and gave a diamond pick axe to a DC when I realized it was a dream.

In the other, I rode a zip line onto a flying fortress… which I would also consider riding.

And that’s all she wrote.

I held off posting today thinking Rhewin would be on Skype late at night and we could have a dramatic conclusion. Unfortunately, I have been told that the above post is the most that I’ll get, so I may as well post. :tongue:

Here’s two medium LDs. The first has the Helix Fossil subtask completed (and is my first time doing a Pokémon subtask while lucid).

@Rhewin I think you were trying to claim the bonus combo again? It’s not repeatable, only upgradable depending on how many tasks you’re able to fit in the dream to a maximum of 70 points (7 tasks).
You could get the 30 points from the replacing subtask (upgrade) because you gave the DC a diamond pickaxe for the diamond in their chest. :razz:

@Thorn For whatever reason, it makes me really happy that you got your final points from the Helix Fossil. PRAISE HELIX

I just wanna say it’s been pretty awesome hosting this LC. The competition was tight and excitingly close and there was a lot of activity. It’s also been a learning experience on what and what not to do next time I host. :razz:

And without further ado, here are the standings.

Final Scores

  1. Thorn: 1985
  2. Rhewin: 1910
  3. HeadInTheClouds: 1085
  4. Scipio Xaos: 865
  5. BrandonBoss: 570
  6. James_UK2008: 525
  7. Lumessence: 375
  8. demented: 260
  9. Loah: 230
  10. Mew151: 205
  11. Oleg: 200
  12. ZRVera: 90
  13. ian1: 70
  14. Yev: 60
  15. muccy: 0
  16. mr_Block: 0

Congratulations to Thorn for winning LC 41! It was close between you and Rhewin but at the end you just managed to snatch the lead. I look forward to whatever you have in store for LC 42.
And congratulations to everyone else. You guys were all awesome.

Until next time!

Congrats Thorn :smile:

Nice one Thorn. See you in LC# 42. :smile: