LD Sex - Part 2

This is part 2 of the LD Sex discussion.
Part 1 can be found here.

I never saw that show, Will and Grace. :shrug:

By the way, yes I do watch “Everybody Loves Raymond” sometimes, but it can be annoying so I don’t watch it as if I am the greatest fan of theirs. Oh well, I guess I am thinking of that movie name all wrong.

Anyways, we’re getting off-topic here… oops. So, let’s go back on the topic… mmm… I haven’t had any more dreams like this since my first one. :tongue: I haven’t gotten any good sleep and my lucidity ability is very bad because of my irregular sleep schedule. Oh well… :biggrin: I still have a long lifetime to go for. :wink:

In your dream world, there are no rules… you’re free… so why not? Go for it!

Oh yeah! LD sex is great :wink: But I often just prefer kissing and hugging in my dreams. Depends on my mood I guess :gni:

I know you’ve already stopped talking about whether virgins can have sex when they’re lucid, but I just joined the discussion. You’ll forgive me, won’t you? :content: I think in order to have sex in your dreams you must know how it feels like for real (must have some experiences). You can still dream of it, but it most probably won’t feel like in RL. So of course virgins do it in dreams, but I guess it’s a bit different.

The best thing about ‘doing it’ while you’re lucid is that you can really let your imagination go wild and do anything you want! Have fun! :tongue:

“You can still dream of it, but it most probably won’t feel like in RL.”
Thats tricky.How does it feel in RL?Its everytime different.Its different with different person and different on the evening and different on the morning.Its different in the car and different in the park.Its different with 17 yrs old and different with 40 yrs oild.
And definately its different in a dream.Just answering question HOW different is damn difficult:)I say every experience is valuable:)
take care
psThx god its all so different:)

Ok, sure! Of course it’s different everytime you do it. But I was talking more in general. No matter how different each sex experience is, the basics are more or less the same. And if a female virgin can’t really imagine the feeling of having a penis inside her, then it would be a bit difficult for her to dream that! If she dreams it, she’ll feel it as she ‘thinks’ it would feel in RL, which would probably be a bit different, cause you can’t really know how it feels until you actually try it.
Ok it might sound a bit complicated what I’ve just written, but you must know what I mean, don’t you?

of course i understand…thing is…when with Sex God you dont even need the words for him to understand you :wink:
By my post i was trying to explain that seeing dream sex as different from RL sex is hmmm…how to call it?pointless?maybe its not the best word but i mean that this activity itself is being so different everytime that it doesnt really matter wheter its here or there cuz the feeling wont be same anyways.Which is good thing,it helps us to discover new things and aspects of it everytime.
And back to the topic- it makes me thinking.There are few theories about what dreams contents are .If you follow Carl Jung theory it will tell you that some of its contents we are born with.its like a “global conciousness” with some things present in each of us.Sex might be one of them.So even without prior experience we are able to know some things on the deeper level.
Another thing is…i guess that virgins can have an advantage here-their minds arent set yet,like an empty blackboard.Which can make such a dream experience even better than after we know it.
Take care:)

I agree with you. But I wasn’t trying to compare LD sex with RL sex. It was more between LD sex of virgins and those with experiences. Especially in dreams sex feels really different each time. I guess what I wanted to say was, that with virgins it is even less possible that it would feel like in RL since they don’t know how that is. (But as you said: maybe that could be an advantage.) That’s all.
Anyway I won’t go on with this cause it doesn’t make sence. I think we understand eachother but we could still go on and on with this, so maybe it is as you said: pointless.

Btw: I didn’t know you were a ‘Sex God’! :razz:

“Btw: I didn’t know you were a ‘Sex God’”
Its all for you to discover:)All it takes is short trip to Poland:)

LOL :rofl:

i know a lot of people who watch will and grace, but ive never seen a whole episode. ive never really liked everybody loves raymond for some reason, seems kind of a pointless show, but thats just me :smile:

:wiske: I think it will be different to try to have LD sex for a virgin depending on whether they are male or female. I would guess that for males it would be easier to imagine the sensations.

oops, i guess i was a bit behind in the topics :bored: i have had dream sex (not lucid) but there were never very detailed sensations, that i can remember. and yes, i am an rl virgin

After shuddering at that thought, I decided that LD sex to virgins would be pretty close to RL, because how hard would it be to actually imagine… that thing… inside… you? (shudder…jeez…) I mean, if you don’t know, you can do it yourself in RL (doh… i hope you know what I’m talking about here) and it would be pretty close. Wouldnt it? It’s still skin and all … :peek:

Must stop talking NOW.

And I disagree moogle, I’d think it would be easier for females to imagine something inside them than for guys to imagine something around them

Sickening… must get out of head… :angry: :clown: :ack:

Say, isn’t there gonna be a Part 2 to this sometime soon?

Hello Minako, haven’t seen you around. Does this mean we’ll have the pleasure of your company from now on? :smile:

Mimic, I can’t stand sexist people either. It’s probably the thing that irritates me the most.

Thats very true.
For a woman they have "things That feel like there real.
Its alot harder to make something for a guy that feels real.
But when I was a virgin I still Had sex in my dreams and once I knew what it felt like,It felt about the same.

And now to go think of something else.
Nope nothing else come to mind. :dream:

Same here. I have to disagree with you infection because I think its easier for virgin guys to imagine it. I mean all you have to keep in mind is hot, tight, wet. I’m trying not to get toooo descriptive :tongue:

Oh Gods…cmon…we never put all those disclaimers and avoid descriptions when it comes to much worse things than making love.
We talk wars,we talk terror,we talk all ways of life and when it comes to most natural one,and most pleasant one we ashamed to name things.
Its not good at all.We have build this wall ourselves.Theres so much hipocritism,so much shame about one of our most natural and beautifull feelings.
Of course its very gentle and private topic but just look how we talk about it compared to the rest of the topics.We dont have a problem saying “and i put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger,brains were all over the floor” but we have a problem saying “penis in the vagina”.Ist it a bit wrong?
Why do people think that sacred things are only to be done in hidden?While the wars and all happen in open fields,media and in front of our eyes?
Back to the topic- i also think it would be easier for females to imagine sexuall act as they can easily relive(train) it in real life.I dont think mankind invited anything even close to vagina but for sure they quite good in products simulating penises.Additionally if we talk about females sexuality theres much more to it than in case of males-they can have different orgasms(clitoris ones i.e- some women keep having them through all their life,even with the partner)- here you have a help of fingers,showers,actualy anything.
I cant see how males virgins would have such a choice of things they could do to stimulate real life sex.
take care

I completely agree. Well said Jack! :happy:

I actually joined this forum about a year ago, but then I completely forgot about it until i got an email notification yesterday. :smile: I guess I missed a lot, but it won’t happen again! I also realized I had much more LDs when I was reading about these things a lot. So now I’m back! Nice to meet you all :content:

And back to the subject: I don’t think we can decide here wheter it is easier for male or female virgins to imagine the feeling of penetration. Maybe it’s different for each person. I can say for myself that I really couldn’t imagine how it would feel like, so sometimes when I had LD sex I almost didn’t feel anything. Ok that was rarely, but it happened!

lol! Jack you made the point as only a god would or could :content: