LD sex

Does LD sex feel like IRL?

Share opinions.

I’ve never experienced sex IRL, but i tried it in an LD with the grl i like and when i was undressing her , she started crying :sad:
i just couldn’t go on.

And another thing, I dont think it can be the same as IRL given you havent experienced it, but i hope its better :tongue:

Your brain is incredibly apt at recreating experiences in dreams, even those you haven’t done in real life. Whether it’s sex, sky diving, eating/drinking.

You’d be surprised how close they can be. On the other hand, things can be so much different as well.

I’ve done things in LDs that felt nothing like their RL counterparts that I had already experienced. Your own expectations can influence your LD experience. So the answer is both yes and no. While I wouldn’t say you would get a 100% accurate experience, it’s really up to you, your subconscious and your dreams as to how real/accurate it may or may not be.

The sex I have had in dreams, not LD’s but normal dreams, was far greater than any sexually feeling i have ever experienced.

I’ve never done either, but I guess if your brain can re-create the feeling of a wall or book, it can re-create the feeling of sex. And since LD’s can feel more real than real… :smile:

Sex in NDs has felt like sex IWL.

For me, sex in LDs has so far felt partially fake. The sensations have not been completely realistic. :sad:

There are quite a few LDers that experience good LD sex.

LaBerge did an experiment with one dreamer where she was hooked up to various instruments showing that physiological responses, not just mental reaction.
durso.org/beverly/IASD05_The … m_Sex.html

You haven’t got a handy guide for reaching god-consciousness in an LD someplace nearby, have you?

I’ve had a little sex in LDs, thankfully not with any people I know. You’d wake up and feel like you’d have to wash your brain. :confused:

Strangely 99% of the time I got sex in dreams, either it felt odd or I woke up right away.

Same here. Just odd. Never like the real thing.

I thinks this is something psykologicall. Try to ask here why she’s crying next time :wink:

I had a tiny bit of sex in an LD. Got way too excited and woke up.

Well I hade a lot of sex in LD’s, and it felt quite real, I feel the DC 's body completely, tongue etc. and it’s a lot of fun, I mean, you can do whatever you want to do (it’s LD after all)… ok I did some real sick things, but better in dream then in RL, right? :smile:

But flying is better… or is that because I’m phoenix? :smile:
There is Roman saying that you can’t see in dream, something that hasn’t been in you eye (something like that), so who knows… maybe this flying and sex things are all fake, just shadows of the real thing.

then why don’t you fly and have sex at the same time! :tongue:

or even have sex on a flying bed! :tongue:

Why didn’t I think ot that :happy: :happy: :happy:

Mm. In ND’s I can recall it was way better.
The one time I tried it in a LD it felt fake and rubbery. So I got bored and went to do something else.
No more LD sex for me xD

having sex on a flying bed huh?
that is funny as hell :cool_laugh:

I’ve never tried to do anything like that with my DCs when already lucid, but I became lucid during sex once.
It was a very short LD though, just a few seconds, and I don’t remember what it felt like.

the first thing i want to do once i realize im dreaming is have sex (and i really hope im not alone on this one). but the problem is that whenever i try to “go at someone,” they morph into nothing, not quite fade or disappear, but just change into nothing. now that ive shown my eloquence in explaining this, has anyone had similar issues with sex just not working in dreams? i mean, if i cant have sex in lucid dreams, what good are they? ha :smile:

Ive had sex in dreams aswell, but It has never happened to me, BUT… Similar stuff has happened though… My advise is to make the people come back again by your own will. Its your dream, in YOUR mind. Only YOU can control your own dream, because it is a part of you! :wink: However, Ive never gotten as far as to even try out stuff like that, so i cannot give you further explanation and hints to do that, I just know that you need to realise that you CAN control it, once you realise that, you will be able to control it.

hehe dont worry your not alone.Lots of people want some of that :tongue:.Anyways I think they morph because its just in your head and you think about them morphing.Just clear it out of your mind and just focus on having sex.

sure ya, just throw “sex!” as the title and now everyone will be here flocking to the thread giving their input…(wish i had thought of that). :tongue:

Anyway i have only started to attempt at lucid dreaming in the past 2 days, and have succeeded twice, once on accident for the first time, and then another one 2 days later. So i dont have much experiance in the subject. Though it is interesting to see what happened in your attempt to have sex and i will try to look out for that when i give it a shot. However one thing i did notice in my last lucid dream is that i wasnt as ‘all powerful’ as i thought i would be, i couldnt hover or ignite a lightsaber. although i was able to use the force to grab distant objects. I guess i just need more experiance and practice.

Do you think it would be weird to have sex with say… cartoon characters? . Sorry i have a twisted sense of humor but hey, anything goes in a LD.

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