LD4all Quest 108: May: LD4all's 20th Anniversary Party!

LD4all Quest 108 [May]: LD4all’s 20th Anniversary Party!
Author: pasQuale; Adapted by: Mew151

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LD4all’s 20th Anniversary Party!
If you’ve read anything about the history of this wonderful forum, you probably know that it started as a little website called “Through the Mirror, Beyond Dreaming”. And that little website was first published 20 years ago! That’s right, LD4all is 20 years old this month! To celebrate, we’ll be having a party that will be taking place right in YOUR dreams.

Yes, for this Quest you’ll be joining all of us LD4all members for a fun party to celebrate this wonderful occasion! Find your way to the LD4all party, whether that means jumping into your computer monitor, going through the mirror, or even throwing the party yourself. Once you’re there, have some fun with all the other LD4all members! Many of LD4all’s members love transformation, so the party will definitely look interesting with all those dragons attending. :ysim: And while you’re hanging out with other lucid dreamers, why not have a snack? Remember, LD4all parties always have tons of cookies. :smile:

No matter what the party looks like in your dream, it’ll definitely be super fun!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings

  • Become lucid :wink:
  • Find the LD4all party (or throw it yourself! …and invite me!)
  • :boogie: PARTY!!!:yay:
  • Bonus: Jump Through The Mirror to get to the party :wink:
  • Post your dream in this topic (a link to your DJ is allowed but you have to post in this topic that you have succeeded)

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - pasQuale will only give wings if you feel you have been successful in completing the Quest, the wings are a reward for yourself.

pasQuale will give everyone who earned it their wings at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for Completing this Quest:* Set your mind for this Quest. Think about LD4all while incubating a dream.

  • Decide how you want to get to the party. Go through a door with the LD4all logo on it, jump into your computer, or just teleport there.
  • Incubate specific details you expect the party will have. Where it is, what it looks like, who will be there, etc.
  • Try summoning another member and going to the party with them.
  • Have fun!

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic. :smile:

And remember, the point of the Quest is to have fun! :happy:

Good luck everyone! Who’s ready to party?! :boogie:

So far I have had two LDs in witch I have attempted this quest.
The first was on the night this quest was posted, and the second was about a week later. The two dreams I had kind of told a story. In the first I met some members of LD4all and overheard something about a party. In the second I travelled through my mirror into the sky above a building with a party inside. Hopefully I will actually get into the party during my next LD.

This was my first ever use of a mirror for transport in a dream. I hadn’t tried to use a mirror before but I will definitely be using it in the future.

Here are my two LDs.


LD LD4all Party. Pt 1.
No previous memory before lucid. I have no idea how I came up with usernames of the people in this dream.
[LD]I was standing on the south side of a small open area covered in grass. I wanted to complete the monthly quest so I ran over to the north side of the grass area to find some people. I found 3 people and the said they were all from Ld4all. There was two guys and a lady. The lady identified herself as Susan_Y. Susan began talking about something to do with a party. I tried to Identify the two guys. One was taller and bigger, he was holding a stubby (drink) and was taking regular sips. I vaguely Identified him as Koal44. I then began to lose the dream and I was expelled from it to the left. I was swept across the grassed area and into the darkness.[/spoiler]


LD LD4all Party Pt 2
I was in my room when Zed walked in. As he walked in I noticed that the ceiling was really low and I couldn’t stand up. I didn’t remember the ceiling being this low before so I became lucid. I wanted to try to complete the monthly quest again so I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I wrote with my finger on the mirror, LD4all.
I then climbed onto the benchtop and was on my hands and knees on the bench. I entered the mirror head first with a kind of, sideways, rolling, falling action. As I fell through the mirror everything went black. I could tell I was falling due to the wind. I realised I was in some clouds. I cleared the clouds and I was falling through a beautiful night sky. I looked down and saw three different buildings, each of them where only an outline. All I could see was different coloured neon lines. I continued falling and realised that the party was inside one of these buildings. I did a left barrel roll and fell back out of my mirror and was then on my bathroom floor.

I am not counting either LD as successful. I will try again.


I have been working early mornings the last couple weeks so I haven’t had much chance to sleep in my LD pattern. But last night I had my third attempt at the quest. This time I actually got into the party. There was tasty cake and lots of people. I tried to make conversation but everyone was too busy eating cake, I was fine with this as It allowed me to eat lots of the amazing cake!

Below is a copy of my DJ, including what I did after the party.

LD 3

LD LD4all Party Pt 3

I was walking along a road away from a building when I became lucid I continued walking and thought about finding a building with the LD4all party inside. After a couple seconds I found said building on the side of the road. I went into the building and was welcomed by an unknown DC. The DC clearly identified the gathering as the 20th anniversary of LD4all. He then invited me to have some cake. I was interested to see if I would be able to taste the cake. I walked over to a table that had a cake on it. I took some of the cake and recognised it as standard fruit cake. I was expecting something more fancy than fruitcake but I didn’t complain as I really like it IRL. I took a bite and could taste the amazing flavor. I ate a full piece of the cake and the taste continued for the rest of the party. I then walked around trying to meet a few people but no one would talk. Everyone was too busy eating. I then got bored and entered the darkness. I woke from the darkness believing I was awake. I awoke sitting on a small wall next to a road. Dylan was there and so was another DC. I think it was Matt. I then explained that we all need to lie down and go to sleep or they will cease to exist. I don’t know why I thought this They agreed and we all lay down and went to sleep. All three of us woke up on the road outside the building with the party inside. I began giving Dylan and Matt a crash course on LDing. As I briefly explained the basics I lead them into the building. I walked into the room in the back of the building and the party was in the next room. I began explaining to Dylan and Matt how to manipulate and destroy matter. I showed them how if you believe you can do something you can do it, but not if you lack faith. I demonstrated by punching a door and then a wall, neither of which broke. Matt then jumped through the door headfirst, he left a large hole in it. I then jumped through the hole and changed the gravity as I did so I smashed back through the door, breaking the rest of it.[/spoiler]