LD4all Quest 17 (planetary moon) : Look at the sky!

LD4all Quest 17: Planetary Moon: Look at the sky
Author: pasQuale

Each moon, on LD4all :ld4all: we have a new Quest to explore your LD’s in a fun way.

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Look at the sky
suggested by:Magnus

This Quest is rather straightforward: as soon as you realize you are dreaming, look at the sky! If you are inside, go outside to look at the sky, or simply look upwards, wherever you are, you might be surprised!

Remember what you saw so you can draw it when you wake up.

To complete this Quest:* In your LD: look at the sky.

  • Bonus points: try to change something in the sky, for example move clouds.
  • In waking life: Paint/draw what you saw
  • Show your dreamsky on the forum, either in your DJ, fruits of lucidity forum, or in this topic. Ofcourse you also have to write down your dream either in this topic or in your DJ.

Before going to sleep or while doing your LD incubation technique (WILD/WBTB/MILD, etc):* Set your mind for this Quest

Post your attempts, whether you feel you succeeded or not, in this topic :smile:

last but not least: have fun everyone! :happy:


:peek: note: Planetary Moon is from april 4 to may 1st

Sounds easy. I will definately try it.
I’m going to Sky Island anyway so I’m bound see the sky in the process.

I looked at the sky but it was black. And when i say black, i mean BLACK! There was nothing there, it was creepy… :scared: I’ll try today as well cuz i dont think a black sky is the best you can get :tongue: Maybe it’ll be pink this time! :grin:

Whats sky island ??

See Chroniclers

I’ll give this one a shot, if I can get my dream recall up to scratch in time. This should be interesting.

I’ve seen the sky a few times now. It’s always bright blue with a few puffy white clouds.

Actually last time, when I created my dreamscape (read about it in my DJ) I saw it was mostly blue so I added Sky Island. From the ground it looked like it was just a slightly darker cloud, but once you flew up to it, there was an island on top.

Looked at the sky yesternight, it was plain blue without clouds or anything at a sorta edge of dawn scenario.
Just as the WL sky was in my area for the last few days.
Was kinda nice, but not as impressive as i have seen others in my dreams.
Will try this again in my next LD :smile:

On another note, has anyone tried to predict the weather by looking at the sky?
I am somehow tempted try this somehow.
Go to my place in the dreamworld and then look at the sky.
Normally cloud movements and sunrise ect is hugely speed up in my dreams, clouds race by and a whole suncycle can be seen in a matter on minutes.
Then i´d like to compare it with the next days actual weather :smile:

:uh: well i had a ND where i did this

Yeah it was all red and foggy, because global warming had happened! :nuu:

Sky Island? What is that?

:eek: It’s the Matrix!

Peacho, Sky Island is like The Chroniclers’ home base. Click the pic in my sig.

I remembered to do the Quest in one of my LD’s this morning! :happy:

The sky looked like the sky on a warm summer’s day, with some fluffy white clouds. The colors were very intense though. I closed my eyes and wanted to see something different when I opened the - but instead everything stayed dark and I felt my body turning in bed. But I did the Quest :yay:

I did the Quest and will post up the LD soon! :grin:

Someone said “look there it is”. I look up at the sky and the sky burst into the most beautiful, wonderful, awesomest colors ever! I’m dumfounded for a while and the lady on the “Columbia” movie company logo starts to show. The sky was absolutely amazing!

My LD, and a quick drawing, this is all to complete the quest, right ?

I am back in my childhood’s room. I feel nice to visit this place that my parents sold some years ago. I look at the corners, remember some things, I notice parts that should not be there, because they never were IRL. I tell myself that it would be nice to be lucid now to revive some things of the past. :lucid:

I take time to touch the window and walls to keep the dream stable. I plan to open the window and fly. This is a window on the roof, so it’s a bit tricky to open it. I keep touching the glass to keep the dream stable. I am almost out, and my brother appears on the roof and lend me a hand. I look at the sky and I remember of the LD4all quest :woo: that you have to look at the sky and make it beautiful. So I tell out loud that I want the sky to take some pretty colours. It takes pretty sunset colors, like made with pastel, so beautiful !

Erm… you completed the quest over 3 years later than you should have had…

Quests topic don’t close, which means they’re open for completion anytime. You just don’t get wings for it, it becomes more of a personal challenge :wink:

yay nice :smile: