LD4all Quest 99: March: The Beauty of Pi(e)

LD4all Quest 99: March: The Beauty of Pi(e)
Author: Thorn

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The Beauty of Pi(e)
It’s March! Were you expecting a quest with a St. Patrick’s Day theme? Too bad!

March 14 has become known as Pi Day (3/14… get it?). Grade school students around the world learn about pi and circles on that day, often with actual pies or pictures of them. That said, dream mathematics tend to be highly flawed, so let’s focus less on pi and more on pie. :smile:

For this Quest, your objective is simple: experience a giant pie up close and personal. “Giant” doesn’t just mean “larger than normal”; it should be so large that it takes a few seconds to walk from one side of it to the other. It can be apple pie, cherry pie, key lime pie, pizza pie, or whatever you like. Making it delicious is optional but highly recommended. Of course, if finding a giant pie in your dreams sounds like effort, maybe you could find a normal pie and shrink yourself on top of it—it would still be a giant pie relative to you!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:* Have a lucid dream.

  • Interact with a giant pie or shrink down to interact with a normal pie.
  • Optional: Eat some pie, of course! Don’t be afraid of any dream weight you put on, since it’ll all be gone when you wake up. :tongue:
  • Optional: See how accurate your dream is. Does walking into a fruit pie’s insides or standing on a greasy pizza pie leave you feeling sticky? Does the pie smell delicious? If the pie is fresh, can you feel its warmth? If you somehow eat a huge portion of it, does your gut show it?
  • Optional: Bring a friend or another LD4all member! There’s no way you’re finishing such a huge pie by yourself.

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again—Qu will give wings if you think you should have them; the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give wings to everyone who asks for them at the end of this Quest, so please be patient.

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Before dreaming, imagine what a pie or pizza would look like if you enlarged it or became small atop it. What details would you see on a giant pie that you would normally gloss over when seeing a normal pie? Your unconscious mind may not be able to create such details on the spot, so prepping in waking life can help.
  • Decide how you’ll encounter your giant pie. Will you open a door in your dream and suddenly find one? Will you enlarge an existing pie, and if so, how? If you’re instead shrinking yourself onto a normal pie, will you shrink via your own will, or will you get assistance from a passive dream control method such as a shrinking potion, a helpful wizard, or a shrink ray? Plan your adventure beforehand.
    Have fun and be sure to report your findings!

Well I have one hour to wait before beeing able to register for LC 48 so I guess I ll try the Quest tonight :smile:

  • Great Quest I really like the idea :happy:

Happy Pi Day everybody!

Remember to eat a Pie, a Pizza, run in circles or maybe try some fruits if permitted.

Happy Fifth Pi Day to Thorn.

I’ve been aiming to complete this challenge but haven’t succeded as yet. Dream last night had a pie in it but it didn’t trigger me to become lucid though Ive been going to bed thinking of this challenge. I’ll keep trying.

Im at this special function, a kind of reunion for fire fighters/ambulance officers. It’s something the whole family thou can attend.
There is a lot of free food things here, I almost miss out as my mother tells me Im not allowed to have the food but then I find out its free so do. There are tables of free food of all kinds here.
I look at the plate of donuts and while Im eatting something else, I think after this Im going to get a chocolate donut from the plate of various ones to put into my handbag for later on.
There is a lolly jelly kind of dessert, a big snake with a chocolate head on it. I break off and eat some of the chocolate head while another eats the other half of the chocolate snake head.
There are all kinds of cakes on the table. Someone puts an amazing cake on it to join the other cakes in the cake part.
There was a pie which is a mince kind of pie… people though ate this with their fingers and hands so the dish got a mess. I wanted to eat some of this but now cant find it when I go back to eat some, so maybe it got finished.

better luck to me next time :smile:

New monthly quest is up. Have fun. :spinning:

Giant pie sounds scaary!! I guess I’ll give it a try tonight!