Lucid Dreams Dangerous?

Isn’t it dangerous to dream lucidly?
No. That would be the same as saying dreaming is dangerous, because lucid dreaming is the same like dreaming, only your experience of it is much more intense.

Well, i’ve read something somewhere if you die in the dream world your dead in real life but if your dreaming about jumping from a building you always wake up before you hit the ground…in the case of lucid dreaming your not going to wake up before you hit the ground. And theres more things like this i cant think of atm but il post more.

that is just a myth started by the Matrix

That is not true i’ve heard of this long before the matrix was released. (I presume you mean the film not a dude on these forums.) And i wouldn’t like trying to kill my self in a dream just incase your actaully sleep walking with a knife in your hand lol. + you never know you ever tried it?

I like you, Idon’t know why

Probably because we are both new and proactive

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Nah,not true.
If it was I should be dead a hundred times over by now.
But a few times when waking up I was about to die,but most times I kick the bucket then wake up.

Actually, there are discussions if LDing is harmful, but they are quite more related to the mental health. Since - according to the most recent research - dreaming is probably for organizing the information, and giving off stress of the everyday life… so maybe if we LD a lot that would be harmful, since this process couldn’t be made in a natural way.
The other case is that while LDing our conciousness is quite perfect, so while our body is sleeping (recreating for the next day), our mind can’t (since that is in use), so if you for e.g. LD a whole night, you mentally will be as if you haven’t slept any.

Dying instantly from a dream is impossible i think. Don’t forget that nature is very perfect, why could creatures die from a dream? we’ve more problems to die from :slight_smile: the other thing is that the connection between the dream and the body is separated well (ok… there are a few exceptions like REM etc.). I mean if we die in a dream it is a mental sensation, but what we mean actually to die is more a physical thing (i mean our body dies not our mind). Sorry for being long :slight_smile:

BioHazard, would you mind sharing one (or more) of your “deaths”? What happens when you die in an LD?

The first time I remember dreaming of falling was when I was a little child. It was not a lucid dream, it was a very high wooden tower, like a playfort, I don’t clime it, I’m just on top of it, and than i felt down. and i was falling and falling and i was really really really scared and then:

I HIT THE GROUND. it hurted, it scared me, I hit the ground on my back, my arms and legs spread. BAM. And i woke up, lying in bed exactly the same as I hit the ground in my dream.

So this really makes noncens of what you said here :smile: sorry.

AFTER that, if i dreamt it again, I rememberd that it happend before, but that i was just dreaming. being very scared of hitting the ground again (knowing I was dreaming) I tried to wake up, by opening my eyes (in my dreams I know my eyes are close, so it seems like I’m looking through my eyelids) It was very hard but I managed to do it before I hit the ground.

This was my first experience with dream recall
my first experience with nightmares i can remember
my first experience with falling
my first experience with LD
and my first experience with trying to wake up, so really act in my LD.

But in with this dream I can say:

  • if not lucid you are not garanteed from waking up before hitting the ground if falling.

  • if lucid you are able to NOT hit the ground from being lucid.

  • if you hit the ground you don’t die in your dream, and not in real life (in other dreams I was shot I just dreamt I died and came alive again)

i think it’s impossible to die in a dream, mostly because we don’t know what it feels like to die in waking life… meaning your mind has a block whenever you think “this is where i die” and you wake up. if you do die in a dream, you probably KNOW you died, meaning you are still conscious… and whether you remain conscious when you die or not is a whole different story (that is not very easy to answer, is it now).

and that’s what makes me very curious about biohazard’s death experience.

I’ve also died in dreams, but have fortunatly woken up alive. I distincly remember a dream where I was a kid back in elementary school and a man in all black clothing came up and stabbed me. I felt myself bleed, fall to the ground, and die, after laying there for a while, i woke up.

Btw, Im new to these forums, hello all.

Don’t be afraid at all, it’s old wive’s tales. Have a look at “Beyond Dreaming/Dream Suicide” where a lot of LDers try to kill themselves in the most various ways. :tongue: :crazy: They are always here to share their experience !

I got cut by a chainsaw in a dream once, yet im still alive.
Even if someone did die in a LD, it’s not like they can tell us anyway, cuz’ their dead.
Besides, your aware in a LD that you cannot be harmed so I don’t see how you would die when dieing is impossible unless you want it to happen… so, err yeah, go for your life.

I understand its not possible to die by dying in a dream, but what if you had a dream where you died, but it was so shocking to you that you died of a heart attack or something, in real life.
Because dreams can cause strong emotions, couldnt this also happen?

As Stephen Labarge and many other people have said on this issue: “if this were true how would anyone ever know?”

To the contrary many people ( on this site alone) have died in there dreams many times with no ill effects on there real bodies.

This too has been discussed in another thread. In my experience (and others) lucid dreaming is just as restful to you body as normal dreaming. In fact, most people feel uplifted and more energetic after lucid dreams than they do after normal dreams. So lucid dreaming may well be more restful to the body/mind than normal dreams are.

Personally, I’ve never walked around naked in public, nor flown, nor asked somebody if they knew I was dreaming, not breathed through my nose while I was blocking it. Yet in my dreams (some lucid, some not) all these things have happened.

I used to say much the same to Pedro: “You can’t have 360-degree vision in dreams, because throughout your life you always see things in a strip format” and “You can’t become a woman in dreams, because you don’t know what it ‘feels like’”. (You can find this discussion by looking at my very first posts, I think)

A more accurate thing might be to say “When you have 360-degree vision in dreams, it isn’t like actually getting 360-degree vision in real life”. And how can we confirm this? We can’t. Perhaps the brain creating a 360-degree view feels exactly like the one it might knit together if we had 10 eyes around our head?

Back to what you said… I don’t think that everything that happens in dreams is something we already know the “feel” of.

Well one time was was standing in front of my house and I see a blue car driving on the wrong side of the road,coming to me.
I see a guy in the car and he pulls out a gun(don’t remember the type) and he shoots me,I got hit at least 3 times in the chest,Then I fall down on the ground and slowly bleed to death.
I had blurry vision,dizzyness,and I could feel the blood coming out of my chest like it was liquid fire,I mean the blood burned my skin as it ran down my body but the bullet wond did not hurt at all.
In another dream I was talking to some buddy of mine,Then I see a nuke fly right out of the sky and it hits the ground not a block away But I did not feel anything.

I have died in an LD too,The one I remember the most was I was having a sword fight with a demon ninja type guy,He was fast,faster then I could move in a LD at the time(Just as I started having LD’s)He quickly ran to one side and slit my neck open,That felt like a big paper cut on my neck,and I passed out and lost my lucidty.

I think that your mind interprets what you think something feels like and thats what you feel in a dream. Cuz I dont think getting shot feels like nothing but the blood burns your skin.

Thanks, BioHazard.

I was just wondering whether it would be like a NDE.

Have you ever noticed that in some ND’s, no matter how many RC’s you take they all fail? or that in some LD’s you’re tricked into losing lucidity by a DC? Or that no matter how many times you try and staberlise, the dream will always end?

This is because when your subconcious decides it would be bad for you to be lucid any longer, or to be lucid at all at that point in time, it stops you.

In short, your subconcious won’t let you harm yourself.

The same goes with dying in dreams - if you really could die in real life from dying in a dream, your sub concious would never actually let it happen.

So… there is no danger at all in LD’ing.

what i was saying is that people usually wake up when they die or just don’t die at all in a dream (they get “killed” but they’re still there looking at themselves or knowing “oh, i’m dead”)… now, this could be true in real life, you could die and think “oh i’m dead”… and we have no way of knowing this, though death is usually defined as when all the vital organs stop working, brain included, meaning you probably wouldn’t be able to think “oh i’m dead”. that’s why when you “die” in a dream, you simply wake up, because your brain can’t just shut down for you. and if you’re still there, thinking “i died in my dream” it means you’re still conscious of your dream state, you’re still in that world, so you’re not dead.

you flying and walking around naked and being a girl is not hard to do in a dream, because you can imagine what it would feel like. from rollercoaster rides and jumping around, you know what weightlessness might feel like, and you fill in the rest… it’s not that hard to assume being a woman would feel like this (though we might be horribly wrong)… but i find it impossible to imagine having no brain activity, it’s a paradox, because you have to imagine it.

then again, this is VERY subjective, because death is an experience we have no proof or evidence of, we just can’t know what it feels like… so i understand your point of view, and i agree that not everything we do in dreams has to come from an experience in real life…

i’m just talking (rambling ?) about death specifically.