lucid interval timer

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Not really sure how new this method is but i have been trying out a method where i sleep for four hours and then a alarm in my ipod wakes me up. I fall asleep and twenty four minutes later the alarm rings again. Then it rings at another twenty four minute interval. I then set it to ring at thirty minutes instead and this tricks me into being conscious in the dream. So far i have only experienced(my first ever! :smile:)sleep paralysis both times i have done it. Does anyone else use this method?

I’m using a somewhat similar method, although with an android phone. It is described here: … art-timer/

This timer adjusts itself automatically and tries to play sound in REM. It might help if you look at one of the hypnograms available … m

I think 24 minutes is too short. Are you using this method for WILD induction? You may want to to look at approximately when you have woken up, look at when the next REM period should be (even on the hypnogram that is not yours) and set your alarm to go off at that time, then you can use DEILD or even with WILD your chances or success would be considerably higher!
I hope this helps ! too bad you are using a iphone :razz:

Sorry for the bump, but I’m interested on seeing how that smart timer works. I don’t have a IPhone or Android phone myself, just a J2ME, so I created DreamTimer.

Any successes?

Honestly, I might end getting a newer phone some day.

[EDIT]Gah I noticed it relies on accelerometer to read user movements, I don’t have any phone with it.