Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

Task 2 Team Tasks

Yet again, there are no combination restrictions for this task. GO CRAZY!!!$)!@)!

As stated before, team tasks must be completed with a member of the appropriate dream and are worth 40pts.

Creation: the hunt is on! With your team, decide on a specific mythological creature and one back-up creature. By mythological, I mean something that comes from either ancient or urban legends (nothing from media unless it’s based on a legend!). Your task is to then find a team member - or however many it takes - and defeat this creature. Keep in mind, defeat could include things like taming or capturing it, not just killing.

Investigation: why bother hunting when you can reason? With your team, decide on a specific mythological creature and one back-up creature. By mythological, I mean something that comes from either ancient or urban legends (nothing from media unless it’s based on a legend!). Once you find one, interview it. Ask it things like where it came from or what it wants the most. Your team member only has to be present, but you could do something clever like turn your team member into the beast >.>

Transformation: you know what? Forget even trying to understand the beast. Just become it! With your team, decide on a specific mythological creature and one back-up creature. By mythological, I mean something that comes from either ancient or urban legends (nothing from media unless it’s based on a legend!). Then, find a team member and become the beast! Both you and the other team member must transform for it to count.

[size=150]The creatures are on a first-come-first-served basis. However, even if your team picks early, the team tasks do not begin until 48 hours after this post (midnight on Friday CST). To lock in your creatures, have a representative post in the LC topicat any time before then. [/size]

Each team will have a unique creature, hence the back up. If your primary choice has already been claimed by another team, you’ll default to your secondary choice.

[center]CREATION ADVANTAGE[/center]

Creation Team! You won the advantage for Task 1! You get to make your own team task in addition to the above. First off, the task must be related in some way to creation. Second, you must use the following key word for inspiration: Dinosaurs.

Creation can be many things. You could animate something that is inanimate, you could design something new by drawing it or whatnot, or you could summon something. The choices are yours. You have 48 hours to make a task or I will make one for you. This task is worth an additional 40 (20)pts.

I will post Task 1’s final participation rates tomorrow along with a little more information about the importance of participation rates… you won’t wanna miss this :tongue:

Been busy all week and didn’t get to update V3.
Chained a Long LD
-Changed a song while lucid

Had a false lucid dream this morning. Questioned if I was dreaming and did several RCs that failed and I didn’t become lucid, despite flying around and other weirdness… :confused:

I had a long LD last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember most of the tasks until the end.

I don’t know if any of this counts. I was in some schoolyard/maze kind of place. There was a full moon out, large and bright, so I tried to transform into a werewolf. All I got out was the howl, but no actual transformation unfortunately. However, this somehow summoned another werewolf, as it showed up out of nowhere and started to chase me. I had to hide behind a door, which it apparently couldn’t get through. I tried going back out, but the wolf kept coming back at me.

So, as far as tasks go, I figure I failed the transformation task. I also failed to tame it. I did, however, accidentally summon an animal from a movie. The werewolf didn’t look exactly like it, but it was similar to Lupin from Harry Potter. Plus, I found an exotic animal in its natural habitat. The werewolf showed up in a creepy area under a full moon, which seems like its natural habitat to me.

I don’t know if a werewolf counts for the animal parts, but it seemed like it did. If I’m wrong on what counts for the tasks, let me know.

Had 3 DEILDs last night. The first was chained with a ND, and was short. The last 2 were chained together for a medium length. I looking into a mirror, transformed into a tiger, and I saw my cat. Also, I grew wings, and flew off of the ground a few feet when I had them. I saw my shadow, and I looked like a werewolf too. When I flew, it didn’t feel as though I was flying with my wings, because I was having trouble controlling them. Since this is my personal goal, and I am not satisfied, I don’t want the points for completing it.

Well I didn’t manage to get lucid this morning, but I did have my SC come through for me and I NLD’d a task. Always reliable on this front. :razz:

Safari Net Launcher ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Part II EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: ~ none ~
Chains: 4

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II

The Investigation Team has locked in dragons

Unless the investigation team would like to choose a specific type of dragon (drake, wyvern, serpentine, etc.), all dragons are off limits to the other two teams.

I had a dream where I tamed a frog. I don’t consider a frog to be exotic. The problem is: I had the dream before reading the actual task post, so i don’t know if it awards any points.

I also had a lucid moment, the first since the start of this LC!

Had a ND tonight where I listened to rock music, can’t remember excatly what the songs where, might have been something I made up in my mind, I was like controlling a music player in my mind, changed the song several times, didn’t get lucid.

[center][size=200]Task 1 Final Results[/center][/size]
Here’s the breakdown on how Task 1 played out. I’ve included team participation rates, top participators for each team, and the “winners” of Task 1.

Team Participation
Creation: 29.5% participation rate (3.25 tasks per member)
Tranformation: 23.9% participation rate (2.6 tasks per member)
Investigation: 10.2% participation rate (1.1 tasks per member)

All three teams had significant participation. The creation team won mainly because everyone contributed. Yes, Wyvern made a big contribution at the end, but without the others, they would not have gotten advantage.

The investigation team, on the other hand, had several members that did not participate, but they still count for overall team members. This essentially created a situation with 0’s being added in for the average.

This is why it’s important to encourage and help your teammates. You can’t do it without them.

Top individual contributors
Wyvern: Wyvern, of course, is a natural lucid dreamer. Even still, he had to make sure to incubate the tasks. Generally speaking, on the nights he scores points, it’s because he put in the effort to think of the tasks. Natural lucid dreamer or not, incubation is one of the most important parts for anyone in the LC.
Scipio Xaos: Scipio might have the most LD points right now, but don’t let that fool you. His task points are what have kept him at the front of the pack since the start of the LC. Like Wyvern, a high number of LDs alone won’t help.
En’enra:En’enra did the one thing I was hoping people would: she had a lot of fun in her LD. Going from being chased in an ND to making friends and going to a concert in an LD is a great experience. While she may not have the most tasks completed, she wasn’t point farming. She’s sticking to the spirit of the LC.

Task 1 Top 3
Scipio Xaos

Now that you have an understanding of how team advantage and the Team Tasks work, I have one last announcement.

Didn’t finish something in a previous Task? Why yes, all of you have so far :razz:. Even though there may be new tasks every week, it will be very beneficial for you and your team to go back and finish what you started.

At the end of Task 5, I will calculate the team with the higher overall participation rate. That’s right, the highest participation for all tasks together.

As tradition, I always have a short bonus task at the end of the LC. The team with the highest participation will have significant influence over the bonus. Even if your team is down in participation now, if you get it up by the end, you’ll have a serious reward.

That’s all I can say for now. Happy lucids :tardis:!

Scores are updated

Investigation team, I left a note in your team discussion.

I had a dream last night in which I was with my pet cats, and I was briefly lucid (but not at the same time).


[b]The Transformation Team has claimed mer-creatures (mermaids, mermen, mer-whatevers).[/b]

I had a long LD! Everything I did in it has already been done the previous week.

Had a short LD tonight (DILD), I’d say a couple of minutes max, changed the weather and scenery a few times by pressing the palm of my hand with my finger, had problem keeping my eyes open, they were extremely tired.

I was pretty focused however since I instantly remembered to work on the tasks, but I realized I hadn’t read them through correctly yesterday so I guess I kinda failed a bit.

Tried to spawn a “Topicat” but don’t really know what it is so it turned into a speaker of some sort, then I spawned a werewolf but it became a naked lion cub that meowed, froze it a few times then I woke up.

Had a long LD after trying MILD. The dream started in the afternoon and ended at sunset. My pets were in it, I talked to my pet a bit, and it had pyramids, though I’m not sure if it counts for the monthly quest. :happy:

I had a short LD last night.

It was a strange dream. It started with me running around naked on a roof with a shrunken head. I don’t really remember when I became lucid, but it was at some point when I entered the party going on inside.

I found Goku from DBZ, who really wanted to help me for some reason, and I grabbed his shoulders. I pressed down and transformed him into a frog (I didn’t know what animal, but the dream decided for me. I was originally thinking a wolf or a monkey.). He wasn’t very happy with me for that. Then, I began to talk with him as a frog, but at the end I realized that my own thoughts were being played out loud acting like it was him talking. Nonetheless, I believe that he was talking as a frog at some point to me.

I then went into a bedroom and found a man lying on a bed. I think he was sleeping, but then he started to transform into a woman. I asked her to sing for me, and she did in a sort of whisper like voice, which was cool. Looking over the task, though, I’m not sure if that counts because it says to ask for the DCs favorite song. If it doesn’t, let me know.

Soooo! A lot of things done this morning. :happy: I have no clue what to pick for personal task number two, but I’ll think on it. You’ll hear about probably tomorrow. That being said… wow. :happy:

Chit-Chat with Baron ~ Long Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Parts I & V LUCID
Chit-Chat with Cardia ~ Long Lucid Dream ~ Personal Task CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

I don’t particularly feel like doing stuff, so I quit for now. :v I just can’t be bothered to pick up LDing for the time being, nor have any potential motivations to work from.

Had a short lucid dream yesterday. Didn’t complete any tasks because of my vision problems. How I became lucid was pretty funny though. :razz:

[spoiler]In the morning I woke up from loud noises coming from my open window. I lay there really tired but wanted to get up and shut the darn thing. Eventually I do get up and shut it with my eyelids still glued together. Back in bed I fall asleep and have some lengthy NDs. I wake up eventually, still in bed with my eyes shut. I noticed loud noises still coming from my window! It wasn’t shut. I laughed at myself, I only dreamt that!

I lay still in bed, thinking I might just still be dreaming. I begin to see HH of some women in green talking about a commercial she made. I start to feel my dream body. At that point, I try to open my dream eyes. Took a while, but eventually they do open up.

I stumbled out of my bed with my fuzzy vision and out my room towards my staircase somehow. The dream begins to feel unstable. I held onto the staircase really tightly to stay within the dream. While tightly grasping the rails I also tightly squeezed my eyelids together in hopes that it would fix my vision. Squeezing my eyes shut did somewhat help my vision. The left eye was perfectly clear, while vision in my right eye kept blacking out. I walked down my stairs and tried the glasses method. Didn’t work. Next, I tried to imagine having hair obstructing my vision on the right, then I would sweep it away. This seemed to help somewhat. In the end I simply placed my palm on my right eye and concentrated on healing it, that did the trick! I take a peek inside my house and quickly left my house. (I get bad feelings being alone in buildings). It was snowing outside! Really strange. I take a moment to wonder how I will do my group task in this. How to find the park… I flew up into the air and woke up. My window was still open.[/spoiler]