Lucidity Challenge 45 - Winner - Thorn!

Okay team dreams are now locked in.

The Action team want to fight a dragon.

The Puzzle team opted to create and test out a fearsome battle chicken!

…And the adventure team didn’t post. Trouble accessing One Drive folks? So I’ve picked something for you… where only the bravest of adventurers dare to tread: A scenic spot near the Pass of Cirith Ungol in Middle Earth - Shelob’s Lair!

Well I suppose it’s about time I claim something! I wondered if I were dreaming this morning! Sadly before I could try to RC I woke up!

Credit Card Laptop - Non-Lucid Dream - Lucid Moment

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 1
Short LDs: 0
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0

Task I: ~ none ~

Hi! I can still sign up, right? I’m trying to get back into lucid dreaming and always do better at things when I have goals to work for… not that I’m expecting to win or anything.

stari_maga - Adventurer - fly with wings

Even if I’m too late, I’ll probabally still be playing along.

The more the merrier, stari_maga. I’ll add you to the sign-ups and score sheet etc when I get my lunch break. :smile:

I had a short LD, posted here, that did not earn any other points.

POINTS! Now if only I can add the word ‘LUCID’ before that! :tongue: Oh well. This morning I did the WIZARD subtask as well as had another “Am I dreaming?” moment.

RPG and Jedi - Non-Lucid Dream - Task I Part 9 EARLY
Some Scenes - Non-Lucid Dream - Lucid Moment

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 2
Non-Lucids: 1
Short LDs: 0
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 0


@Thorn - ‘He’s the leaf’… hehehe. :smile:

Nice work Scipio. Frequent lucid moments hopefully means a lucid spree is on the way!

Scores are updated.

I picked a lock last night

I stole a pastry in a ND.

For the rogue task:

We were trespassing.

For the bard task:

Dancing with a bunch of people.

Nice work, you sneaky rogues! :happy:

Scores are updated.

YAY! Lucidity! Sweet lucidity! :happy: So… I’ve got a question for you… do anthropomorphized miniature horses count for the DRUID subtask? I hope so. :razz:

Six Billions and PONEHS - Long Lucid Dream - Task I Part 5 LUCID

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 2
Non-Lucids: 1
Short LDs: 0
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1


I hunted down an alien from Alien by following its sounds. While it might have killed me in Alien Isolation, it was no match for FLD Rhewin :tongue:

Also, a short lucid dream in which I protected a DC from an Alien (guess which game I’ve been playing?). I shot fire from my hands to drive it away (used an offensive spell). I also used my dream powers to heal the DC since I couldn’t stand the pain. I think this counts as confronting a fantasy creature? I know Alien is scifi, but the two tend to overlap and it’s not a real thingy.

Last night I had a medium length LD. I flew across a valley, and attempted to find some armor to wear on the other side, but I only ended up finding a key in a box. No tasks completed.

@Scipio - When I saw the word ‘anthropomorphized’ I thought it wouldn’t count - as I said in chat, no lizardmen or werewolves unless they are fully ‘wolf’. After googling it though, looks like a horse to me. A yellow and pink cartoon horse, but yeah, a horse. :tongue:

@Rhewin - Big point dump, nice. The confront a monster task was a team dream, so I haven’t added anything for fighting an Alien, as they chose to fight a dragon as their fantasy monster, but all the rest sounds good. Grats on taking the lead!

Scores are updated. New Task will be posted around 4pm GMT, which is around 6 hours time.

A few days ago in my dream, the abandoned warehouse I was exploring ended up being private property, and I had to run from some people who were angry at me for being there. (trespassing)

Today I dreamed about being in a play. (Storytelling, or at least general performance, I think.)

Grats stari_maga. That puts you in 4th place and another 2 task completions for the adventure team.

As it stands, the puzzle team have the most task completions per member. Scipio took a gamble by choosing the puzzle team, but it could be about to pay off! The team with the most will get a bonus task, so be sure to post any other tasks you have completed before 4pm GMT. :smile:

Scores are updated

The puzzle team wins this week and gets an extra sub-task.

Action 3 tasks / 5 members = 0.6 completions per member
Adventure 8 tasks / 5 members = 1.6 completions per member
Puzzle 2 tasks / 1 member = 2 completions per member
Current Standings

  1. Rhewin (170)
  2. drd (150)
  3. Scipio Xaos (140)
  4. Stari_maga, Thorn (50)
  5. Hodge_Podge, Letaali (40)
  6. Mew151 (30)
  7. James_uk2008 (20)
  8. squoak, Loah (0)

Task 2 - Intergalactic

Do you ever stare at the night sky and wonder what’s up there? If you’ve had your fill of swords and sorcery, it’s time to get off this floating rock we call home and explore the universe…

Stargazing - Look up and see the stars at night. 20 points.
Ride an alien beast or ground vehicle. - Landspeeders, Tauntauns, anything from your choice of sci-fi films or shows as long as it’s out of this world. I’ll accept standard Earthly modes of transport e.g. cars, trucks, horses etc ONLY if you are not on planet Earth while riding in/on them. 30 points.

Use an alien or futuristic weapon. Lazer guns. Lightsabers. Pew Pew! 30 points.
Capture a living alien. Bounty Hunter time! Like Boba Fett said, “He’s no good to me dead.” Knock out or restrain an alien to claim your bounty. 40 points.

Talk to a robot or artificial intelligence. “BAH WEEP GRA NA WEEP NINNY BONG!” Yes, intelligent assistance programs like Siri/Google Now count. 30 points.
Travel in a spaceship. Basically being on a spaceship while it’s in space and moving, not on the ground. Maximum warp… Engage! 40 points.

Build or repair a piece of space-tech. Anything suitably futuristic from a sci-fi show or equivalent will count as ‘space-tech’ here. 30 points.
Use a teleportation device. Beam me up, Scotty! 40 points.

Team Advantage Task - Get a cybernetic enhancement. It’s time for an upgrade. E.g. robotic hand, arm, leg, eye, or for the really adventurous maybe a full body replacement. 40 points.

LC Host Task - Take part in a race against the LC Host. Yeah if you hadn’t guessed from my forum pic, I like motorcycles, cars and going fast… So let’s race! Yes this is a perfect combo for the ‘Ride an alien beast or vehicle’ task. 40 points

Dream long and prosper!

In the second dream here, I stole somebody’s Twitter account. I’m not sure if bypassing password protection counts as the trespassing component necessary for a larceny charge, so I understand if this isn’t worth anything. I also had this happen in-dream about a half-hour after you posted Task 2 even though the latest Task when I fell asleep was Task 1, so I understand if it doesn’t get early points; I guess I’ll need to shift my sleep schedule to a half-hour earlier.

Also, you put up a race task in the Task right after I remove my speedier avatar for my personal goal? I say I was set up! :razz: