Lucidity Challenge 45 - Winner - Thorn!

Short lucid this morning and, unlike James, I did a task. :tongue: I realized that the dream was fading and wasn’t stable. I made my blood boil and shredded the closest tree to small pieces. After that I ran into a bar, jumped through a colorful window in my search for a portal but I woke up.

I was also in a game world riding a kart that is not from this world. In the game I went through door that was a teleportation device. The Kart might not count but the device counts, right?

Thorn - I’ve put that task down for last week with ‘Early’. :content:

It didn’t affect the team advantage anyway, but I’m stating here for the record that anything posted after I announce the tasks will not be used to adjust the team advantage calculation… It seems mean to announce an extra task then take it away.

James while reading your LD entry I spotted you did a cheeky meerkat transformation last night while not lucid… I’ve added points for the turn into an animal task.

Letaali - Was the racing game a realistic Earth setting or was it a fantasy game world e.g. Mario Land? You stated the kart was ‘out of this world’ so I’ve added the points - which puts you in the lead! Congratulations. :smile:

Definitely a fantasy setting. It was inside a large building with several levels and there were many shortcuts and teleporters. The architecture was alien with impossible geometry. Mario kart came to mind but it was very different. I can barely recall my vehicle. It looked like a rocket, levitating a bit above the track with similar thingies from MK8. All the characters I was racing against were aliens.

Hello world!

I had ND last night with possible points!

I dreamt I was in a factory working. A worker was walking around with a lot of jewelry on (rings, chains, watch, etc.). We get into a fight a couple of times. A group of 2 guys come over to me and give me some pointers on fighting him. I didn’t use there advice. I put the worker with the jewelry on into a sleeper hold. After a while he handed me his chain (gold with large pink diamonds), and his rings (one ring had the scene of the last supper on it). I went over to speak to my sister. I asked her was that larceny? She gave me an answer like “It could be”. That’s all I recall.

“Jacking” someone for there “bling” = task points?

I had a medium length LD last night. I looked at the night sky, and saw the stars. I saw stars in the shape of an owl. There were clouds connecting the dots together so I could see it better, and the sky was purple. I also heard a soothing song.

To keep up with my streak I have done yet another task in an NLD! :happy: Hopefully I’ll have the lucids tonight! :grin:

Zombie Game Part I - Non-Lucid Dream - Task II Part 8 EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Lucid Moments: 2
Non-Lucids: 2
Short LDs: 0
Medium LDs: 0
Long LDs: 1

Task 2:-E Teleported using a (magical) device.

I used a teleporter and non-lucidly questioned my dreaming state again in a dream from last night.

I trapped a living alien. I was in a lab of some sort and the alien turned into a purple and green liquid. It tried to escape but I managed to trap it in paper towel.

Busy night! :happy: Think I got all that… here’s the score sheet, please check I haven’t missed anything.

Here is a medium-length LD with no other points.

Grats on another lucid dream, Thorn. I’ve updated the scores.

Here are two lucid dreams. The first is a long one in which I complete my personal goal. The second is a medium-length one with no other points.

Assuming this doesn’t interfere with future LC tasks, I would like my second personal goal to be to shrink, given that I failed it in the second lucid dream and haven’t done it successfully in a very long time. If this is not feasible, I have other goals on which to work.

Hmm. Awkward. I had plans for a shrinking task, but I’ve got 3 days to come up with something else I guess… congratulations on completing your personal goal. You’ve also snatched the lead from the defending champion drd by 10 points!

And on a side note, I thought this bit of your lucid dream was excellent -


^ Again, I can switch. Is breathing fire acceptable instead? You can keep the task. :tongue:

I have no breathing fire tasks planned at this time, Thorn, so that one’s fine, and now you know you’ll have an opportunity to get points for practicing shrinking too. :cool:

So, I did tasks! Specifically, I went stargazing for like a second and jumped between rooftops in a medium-length LD!

Technically, they weren’t rooftops for actual buildings, just fake buildings, but it was still an impossibly long distance (which was actually only a few yards… but still!) so I’d say it still counts probably.

As much as I’d like to keep the score I have, I have to point out that you’ve made a 10 point error in my favor. I had a short, medium, long, and medium LD in that order, which is 20+30+40+30=120 lucid dream points, but you have me marked for 130.

In a ND I had last night, I sat by a campfire at night, and ate food prepared in it.

Mew did tasks while lucid?! obfusc8 does an RC Congrats Mew!

Thorn - you’re just too darn honest, ain’t ya? :wink:

Scores have been fixed/updated.

^ Well, I may have secretly been wanting a 10 point “honesty bonus” that’ll never come. :smile: