masturbation and LD's

hey guys. I was wondering if masturbation effects your abilities to have Lucid dreams. is your probability of having one increased or decreased? any thoughts? thanks

I read somewhere. the wikibook i believe, that masturbation does help guys to relax, but i don’t know about helping for Lucidity.


hahah some one already has this topic some where on the forum… just do a search for it

If it had an effect you`d get to read my lucid dreams a lot:)
But pity that actually,cuz i can hardly think of any better inducing technique:)

well i tried masturbation before bed and no masturbating for 24 hours and my findings are these:

I wasn’t lucid either night. but I had better dream recall when I masturbated. dreams just seemed more vivid.


The last time I didn’t masturbate ( for 15 days ), I had a long lucid dream ( 20 minutes ) : it’s a long dream for me, generally I never lucid dream more than 5 minutes.
Of course, the time indication is subjective. I don’t have a very precise watch in dreams :smile:

Your subconscious just wants an excuse for you to masturbate more! :tongue:

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I find that my recall is diminished, but I imagine that it would help for WILD; one night when i did I think I began to see hypnogogic imagery, but (woke up?).

As a side note, it seems that only us guys have posted so far. heh.

Grizzled: lol, girls do seem to be very quite about this business :tongue:

Never really noticed any differents whether I have done it or not in relation to LD ing.
Although dream recall does seem to increase, so thats good.


Someone should do this experiment over a long period of time. So we can be really sure…

Any volunteers?

long period of time huh? well i’m 20 so i’ve got years and years of practice, does that count?

I’ve actually found that because I’m more relaxed after masturbating that it aids in meditation witch i use sometimes to help induce lucid dreams. i’d say in theory it sould help because it relaxis your body quickly but dosen’t seem to effect you mind in the same way. I’d say anything to relax you body whial keeping your mind alert should help.

Before you do an experiments on something like this, please click on the following link

i had five LD’s in one night during a time when i hadnt masturbated for 2 weeks, but that might not have been the cause. i also had taken ginseng right befor ebed

It either helps or it doesnt. Its an individual thing. It doesnt help me, in case you cared. ;D

it bothers me that no girls have posted…

Why does that bother you? Most girls dont really care. ;D I think this is just a self esteem type post to but some validation to masturbation OR someone who does it too much is thinking of stopping to help his LDing skills. :razz: If im wrong, hit me :peek:

hits ExDee
this forum is for reasons of discussing and educating. not a boost of self esteem. TACO!!! - :om:

Maybe self esteem was the wrong word :razz: anyway, I was only half kidding. :happy:!

Taking ginseng and not masturbating for two weeks?damn thats the challenge im not going to take.If i had so much strong will id stop all my other addictions in no time:)