Melatonin is a Success!!!

hey everyone

I just wanted to let everyone know that melatonin has worked out amazing since I first tried it, Ive been taking melatonin for 5 days now and Ive allready had 3 lucid dreams in those, and the 2 of them were long vivid ones :grin: the other dreams have been extremely vivid and long, and when I wake up I can recall all my dreams very good. I strongly recommend melatonin, the best of all is that even though you are in very deep sleep, you wake up completely refreshed :smile: and this never happens when I dont take melatonin. I cant wait to go back to sleep… lol

by the way… I take melatonin mixed with vitamin B6, the 2 are in one pill, I wanted it like this because Ive heard alot that B6 estimulates dreams alot… and I just couldnt think of anything better than those 2 combined… and the result has been amazing.

you can get this at any health or pharmcy store right?

yeah, I got it at a pharmacy, you dont need prescription or anything… but I would really recommend to get one with B6 vitamin

Congratulations Rhapsody with your extra lds!!!

I know this effect of melatonin 4 long because i take it for several years now! And yes it gives much extra rem sleep in the beginning…
But over time the brain adapts and the effects gets less and less…how ever it must be said that how much melatonin u take plays an important role in this to…
This summer there were some reports that till 1 to 1.5 mg the brain does not addept…from 3mg and higher the brain will adapt (so 3mg is the border) and the pineal gland will get more lazy…till u take very high dosages of melatonin and then it does almost nothing any more…lol!
I know cause i been there…i used 25 to 30 mg a night and after 2 month it did almost nothing anymore…but when i stopped taking so much and used less and less the brain started to be sensitive again…so dont worry anyone if u would get less effect just take less and the sensitivity comes back over time.
But i thought i should tell u this…always handy to know in front…

Good luck! :smile:

Does anybody know the bad effects of melatonin, short term and long term?

Thanx in advance.


The effect of melatonin can get less over time if u use high dosages , like more then 3 mg …how ever a friend of mine reported less effect over time already by taking 3mg and she couldnt sleep with out it…
So i say dependency for sleeping and being less sensitive 4 it…a lazy pineal gland… this is not permanent…if u stop taking it the effect will be normal over time…
I did read a article in news paper were they did researche on how much old ppl would need as extra melatonin 4 good sleep…turned out to be not more then 0,3 mg…well i personally think that is very little…was a french report…they are very careful with melatonin anyway.

But i never heared of or experienced permanent damage myself from taking melatonin!

well… I havent heard either of any damages on someone for taking melatonin, I take 3mg cause those were the only ones that were selling, I wanted to go for 2 mg or something… but they only sold 3 mg :grin:

Why not cutting the pill in parts, or if it is a cap, open it and only take a part of it (and the rest later)? I have 3mg-melatonin-caps and that’s how I solve this problem.

Yep thats my idea to, I open up the caps and take halve of it!

1.5 mg melatonin…

A while ago Davion suggested to crush the pill and take it under your tongue.I do it this way with good effects.I cut 3mg pill in two and have one half under my tongue.Works faster and stronger than taken usall way.

I also watched a documentary on melatonin on Discovery.They didnt find any side effects of using it.Its also called “youth pill”(cant rem why exactly).Anyways-doctors doing research on it had nothing bad to say bout melatonin

Congrats Rhapsody for your lucids!
You were Finnish weren’t you? If so then im very intrested indeed about those pills as ive only heard before that you can get it here with prescription, so care to tell what’s the brand of those pills. I want some too!

Nice to hear it worked fine. :smile:

But i have heard from many people, that your body adapts to it, so after a while your body will produce less melatonin naturally, so the effect decreases, and soon you might find that you cant LD or even sleep well at all, without taking it.

So just want to warn you against overdoing it, take a day or two off it. Just to be on the safe side :smile:


hei :smile: hyvää päivää

I also heard that you couldnt get melatonin anywhere in Finland without a prescription, but I still tried… hehe I was in Rovaniemi at the time, and just looked for them at a pharmacy and I bought them, somehow the lady didnt ask for prescription. lucky I guess… :grin: the melatonin’s brand is “Amet”.


I was wondering… in what countries is it legal and doesn’t need prescriptions? You have to have a prescription here :sad: but i have some friends that are overseas… and they are coming home for christmas.

So does anyone know if it is legal in Germany or Scotland?? I would really like to know :bored:

Same counts for me, it is not allowed here… but there is always the internet :wink:

Do u have to be a certain age to buy Melatonin, or can u be any age. like im 16 so would i be able to buy it?

Hi fans,

I am still waiting for my melatonin pills. Should come in every day now… I will take it in 1 mg doses (which is the average dose, I think)… however I just read that oats is the food with the highest content of natral melatonin. Then a few lines below I read that you have to ingest about a ton of e.g. oats porridge for a single milligramm of melatonin. Pretty bad news I thought. Anybody heard or read or calculated other figures (hopefully)…


Dr. phil

Dont know Jason each country has it own laws about this!
So just ask…worst thing that can happen is they say your to young, they wont shoot u…(I hope)…

lol, ok

Hi every body. I’m new here. This is a great site. I read on a page about A.S.P. that Meletonin works for lucid dreams. Does anybody know if this is true? :tongue: