Movie Thread!-Part 2

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Yes True Romance is a Keeper, (one of 107 dvd collection :grin: ) I love it, it has so many famous actors. Tony Scott Directed it, he’s good, im a fan of his work, he did The Last Boy Scott and Spy Games. He did some other movies, i just cant think of them.

Name your favorite actor or actress, and name your favorite movie from the actor you chose from too. If you dont have a favorite, think of one :tongue:

I’ll go first :content:
Arnold Swartsenegger -Total Recall(i have no idea how to spell his last name) Arnold is the ■■■■! Most people will disagree b/c they cant understand what he’s saying or they hate the cheasy one liners. But i have a collection of 10 dvds just from Arnold and i love them all!.

I just saw Master And Commander yesterday. It was a very good film. Now all I have to do is see The Last Samuri and LOTR: The Return Of The King and I’ll be all set.

Speaking of those movies, when does LOTR and Last Samurai come out?

Favorite actor is hard. I don’t really like any actor that much that I watch movies jsut for an actor. But I guess my choice is fairly easy: Kevin Spacey. My favorite movie that he is in is American Beauty, but Seven is not too far behind.

Arnold… :wow: :huh: :woah: :panic:

I don’t like action films that much unless there’ something special about them. I mean, Arnold’s movies are just straight corny action hero lameness. And I was under the impression that Total Recall was the worst movie ever. But hey, I respect your opinion. And beause I respect it I’ll give ya a chance to take it back… :grin:

Last Samurai is the 5TH of December i think

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the 17th

its sick i know

Now, how dare you! Arnold might rub off as a cheesy actor, but he’s the shit. How did you not like Total Recall??? :eek: That movie was great, Mars, 3 booby lady, guns, guns, guns, mutants, memory lost, and blood & GORe! What else could you ask for? Not only that, but the ending is a paradox or undecided. THIS is the movie that i can watch endlessly.

That was just one of the 9 of the collection of Arnold, the other 8 are great classics except one, that was made to be a cheesy action flick for laughs ofcourse its called LAST Action Hero(i laughed alot during this movie), it was only 5$ so i bought it.
But the others
Terminator 1 & 2 -Great movies till today, they made a 3rd one!
Predator- Arnold is the only one that survived and kicked the predator’s buttocks(i cant say as*)
True Lies Classic, original, and funny
Conan 1&2- great movies, 1 was great, 2 a little cheesy
The Running Man- 80’s movie so kina of cheesy, i liked it :wink:
Collateral Damaged- Under-rated, but i thought it was great, firefighter searching for revenge on terrorists is a great plot for a movie. I might sound sarcastic, but it was a cool movie.

Well thats all of them, i bet you probally think there all cheesy, but i guess its your opinon. Your entitled

I’ll be honest, I’ve only seen about ten minutes of Total Recall. Maybe I should watch the whole thing but I’m in no hurry.

What did you think of T:3? As I said, my friend lets me in the theater sometime, so I went with another friend to see Bruce Almighty then went into T:3 just in time fo the ending. I was surprised to find myself actually liking the end of it.

T3 was alright, but it was by no means the movie that it should’ve been. As a summer action picture, it was decent but as the follow up to T2 and perhaps final film in the trilogy, it should have been a lot better.

I actually thought the 3rd was better then the 2nd. It had nothing but action, and a great ending. I thought it held up to be a great movie, and it should be #11 in my Arnold collection :smile:

Rumor Spoiler

Well I heard good things about the last Samuari. I forgot who told me, but i heard they had a pre-release to it.

I saw a making or some type of preview to the new Lotr i saw were the characters go from the last movie, and the movie is supposed to have a huge war scene longer, bigger, and it cant compared to the last movie.
It seemed promising, cant wait :happy:

I saw the last samurai :cool_laugh:

Im lame i know, i saw it the 2nd day it came out. Well, the movie was good ofcourse, i can see alot of people not liking it(younger crowd mostly). When i was in the theater i remember being bored at some points, but other parts of the movie make it up. I wasnt fully happy when i first saw it, i liked it and the idea of it. Then the next day i always just think about the last movie i saw and review everything in my brain, and after that, my new opinion was that this movie was Great! The reason why i wasnt fully sure of it, b/c they had alot of slow boring scenes, but after i thought about it, if they didnt have those scenes it wouldnt make any sense. I have nothing for the spoiler, yet. unless someone saw it ofcourse.

Other then that, i havent bought any movies for my collection except X-MEN2, i saw Suicide Kings last night. It was a strange movie, it started well, the idea was great and original. The ending though just sucked, it could of been alot better.

I saw Identity, very cool movie it has alot of twisted scenes. The plot is hard to follow, its a big build up till the end, then you know everything. I liked it.

The next movie thats gonna be apart of the collection is Pirates and the Caribbean. Well thats it for me :smile:

No spoiler yet, I’m still trying to get someone to go see it with me. I’ll probably see it in the next couple days though. My friend said it was awesome, but he also liked Matrix 3 so we’ll see…

I just watched Blue Velvet the other day and boy is that movie interesting and funny in a fucked up way. :content:
I also got the Season 1 dvd box of Twin Peaks and am watching it right now. :smile:

For Christmas I’ll get Mullholland Drive from my little sister, so that’d be another in my David Lynch collection. :grin:

Oh, and I just saw Nightmare Before Christmas. :tongue:

GoodLuck Fabi :good: , Twin Peaks is out of this World, and the ending isnt to worthwild :bored: , but it did have some weird way to keep me on the movie. The story was out of this world, if you can even catch the story. I dont think i like the movie to much, but it was worth seeing :wink: .

I meant the TV series that was out before the movie. The movie is more of a Prequel to the series, done afterwards, actually. :wiske:

I like the episodes a lot, so far, but I’ve only watched the pilot and the first three episodes. The series isn’t as dark as the movie for the most part. Too bad I watched the movie beforehand, cause naturally being a prequel it contains a lot of spoilers regarding the series. :tongue:

I think we had a conversation about that actually :hmmm: , if it wasnt you, i rememeber someone told me about the series. I forgot about that, i know what you mean about prequels, but i like them also, it just depends when they release it and how much they spoil. :grrr:

When i first created this thread i had a link that i actually liked using, i just dont want to loose it, so here it is and this other one, i never posted this (atleast i dont remember posting it)
There pretty good sites, if you havent seen them by now. I like have easy access, links rule :wink:

Ok, I saw the Last Samurai today. It was very good, but even though it was pretty long it needed more time to develop. I read a book called Shogun a couple months ago and it had practically the same white man samurai story, just a different war. It did a better job of displaying the Japanese culture and how different it was, and had a better love story. Of course that is because only so much could be done in 2 and a half hours.

I definitely reccomend the book if you’re interested.

Books are always better. You arent limited towards the visuals, your mind can create anything(as long as you read it). I honestly havent a read a book in about a year.

So this new Lotr’s is already coming out :cool_laugh: !

Im not sure if there any good movies left :help:

Actually I disagree. :tongue: I don’t think all books are better than all movies. If you mean that movies based on novels often seem to lack something, you may have a point, but I think there are a lot of advantages when working with film to create certain things. E.g you can take things beyond the average reader’s imagination as well as show them how you want it to look like, and not how they want to imagine it. Also of course there are a lot of techniques that are extremely tedious to do via writing as opposed to film.
If writing was always better than film, no one would bother turning their scripts into movies, right? :wink:

Im happy to say that i saw Return of the King. It was great! I wont create any spoilers, but im gonna tell you my opinion. So consider that your warning :smile:

I had some trouble seeing this movie, i went to one theater at midnight showing, they said the film was broken (i knew they were lying, i dont think they had staff that wanted to wait until 3a.m.) So we were screwed that night, so we went the next night. This time we went early, around 8p.m., we couldnt find 1 parking spot, it was like parking in a theme park. It ended up being sold out for the whole night, so we went back to the broken theater, and surprisingly it was working :wink: This was the 9p.m. show of course; well that was the end of that.

I had the chance to see the new Spiderman 2 previews, it looked very cool, and very promising. I know there’s not alot of fans of spidey, although i love everything from marvel :cool: .

Now Lord of the Rings, this final chapter explained pretty much everything. Under my vision, i saw no flaws, no mistakes, nothing wrong with this movie. I loved how it started, but i wasnt to pleased with the ending, it was rather long, and i just wanted to end at that point. Everything between was great! It pretty much picked up where part2 The Two Towers ended and the rest has to be a surprise (remember, no spoiler). If you would of asked me if this was a good movie to see and if it was a waste of money. I would say no, its not a waste, and your missing out if you dont see it, so GO! :smile:

Other then that, im out of movies :sad: :cry: :sad: , looks like i need to catch up on my dvd collection. :wink: BTW, i just bought Pink Floyd, live in Pompeii, Italy. Good Stuff!

I just saw 2 movies last night: Peter Pan and lord of the rings 3. They Were GReat! Heres what i thought of them:

Peter Pan
It was SooOo cute lol. I went w/ these little pl(babysitting) and they expected adventure and that but they got some lovey dovey scenes ^^ …soooo cute. That kid was so cute(ppan)lol and the girl wendy pretty. I liked the part where she said she would give him a ThimBle and gave him a kiss and then he got back his confidence awww. Lol it was cute how they missunderstood the diff. between a Kiss and a thumble Lol. Over all it was a nice story 4 ALl ages nad cute 2 lol ^~

Ok this was a movie that i had been waiting 4 a year. I saw both 1 and 2 and now 3, couldnt get on w/ my life without seeing how it aLl ended. Here r some of my opinions on the movie(goes in chronological order…i hope lol)

  • The beginning of the movie did not blend in w/ the 2nd part
    -the whole part o fthe movie in which they had the battles and frodo had to go destroy the ring was WAYYY too long! maybe thats y the movie was 3 and 1/2 hrs long!! lol
    -I dont get y that frodo did not trust sam enough to believe that beasil or whatever that monsters name was he was evil lol and not to be trusted. cant believe he told him to go home :confused:
    -i HATTEDDDDD taht spider part!!! EwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWW!!! And what did taht little bottle do anywho? why was he holding up it its face? dont think it worked
    -the part where that guy looked like he died in battle and his father thought he was dead 4 sure but he really wasnt and that little hobbit said he wasnt but the father still thought that he was …was dumb lol The father was going to burn his son alive :confused: lol
  • i felt so sorry 4 those big elephants!! :sad: Even tho they were stepping on the good guys, it was so sad when they fell down and died :sad:

more on this later…promise lol :wink:

LOTR3 ROCKS! It was unbelievable amazing! The character developments, the plot, and especially with climax that leaves you sitting on the edge of your chair! In the threate we all clapped after that elf did his part on the elephant! That was so genius and cool! I loved that! In my opinion… it’s the best movie ever! It’s so real, the characters, etc. It’s long, but I really enjoyed every part of it. I also watched Gollum carefully for any animating flaws (my habit) and I couldn’t find any. I gotta say that it’s the best overall in animation, special effects, lightings, emotions, plots,… you get my idea. It’s amazing! You HAVE to go and watch it! It’s the best of 2 in my opinion and the best movie of all.

I kinda hated that part when they were in that mountain… argh. It had me screaming inside. The best climax ever captured. Yup. :smile: I also liked the very ending… they well deserved that reward! :smile:

And, only people who watched that movie will know what I am talking about. :wink: No spoilers sorry! :biggrin:

Well, a little of spoiler ahead so I can explain to Kat about why that bottle is useful…


… =========

Kat: That bottle of light made that spider retreat a bit because it didn’t like light. That bottle kept it from getting any closer (barely). Have you noticed that if light wasn’t there, then that spider started attacking you with its poisious tail? :tongue: That’s basically why. It’s sorta like a semi-protection for both of the hobbits. :smile:




DUH!! :happy:

LOFT3 continued…
-There was this big evil guy thaty was on 1 of those big flyong monster things and had a big mask on and we were not able to see his face. He looked so fearsome and scary and unbeatable and a WOmAn slases him in his face in a couple of seconds and he dies!! that was so weak!! I woul d of expected him to die after the hardest fiht of teh century or something but …No!!! A sword in the face was enough O_O lol :confused:

  • When frodos finger got bitten of by that thingy, it was kool because his finger was a bleadding and that which was very kool. But it was so very obvious that he was folding it LoL. The end o fthe movie was a bit fatter than usual, suggesting taht he was indeed beding it.
    -When the ‘King’ finished his battle w/ th ehelp of the ghosts and then he regrouped to leave agian, y didnt taht woman that killed that super evil guy come? Where was she? shouldnt she have been applauded 4 her bravery or something.
    -when frodo and sam we right there at the mountain frodo expecially was dead tired. Then came the monster thingy, he died and all of a sudden u see frodo Up and running like a little gazell! O_O Ok there :confused:
  • I think that the movie should have ended when frodo and sam here rescued by those big birds…everything after that went SOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow
    *not in order
  • somewhere in the movie we saw taht the father or arwen said to the ‘king’ that she was dying…how come she wasnt dying at the end of teh movie? she didnt get that pretty necklack back, then y di dit look like she was going to live?
  • If taht wizzard is so powerful…then y didnt he defeat the ugly monster evil ppl with his stck?
  • at the end of the movie all the goo dppl taht remained gather at the top of the mountain to celebrate…whatever lol. That girl with long blong hair taht went to fight didnt seem tOO uncomfortable when she saw the ‘King’…the one who she told she loved but was unfortunate enough to be rejected :sad: She was smiling and all when he walked by. Irl that woul not happen…she girl woul dhave raging fire and hatred in her eyes if she saw the guy they told taht they loved…wouldnt u think so?

When there was taht big reunion thing on that castle, every1 was wearing such preety clothes! Especially the fairies and that! It was nbeautiful. I like the head band of Orlando bloom(so cuuuute Lol), it was very cute and looked real. Arwens crown thingy was preety as well.

Arwen should have said at least something when she saw the king again dont u think? and that girl taht married sam…not a Word from her either! :confused: lol

I didnt get y frodo left??! and where di dhe go?
The movie WAS great tho :wink: All 3 parts were great. thi spart was worth waiting 4.

I want starwars 3 to come out