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What Dreams May Come

Awesome movie with Robin Williams. I recommend watching it, has a heavy Astral Projection element in it.

I just saw the new Incredible Hulk movie

I saw Hancock yesterday. It’s pretty good but it does have a surprise that I didn’t expect.

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I’m seeing that in a few days
My cousin saw it and he said it was good

I agree :happy:

oh! a golden oldie is
Fiddler on the Roof

The music and lyrics are classics now and it is set in 1905 Russia.

It is funny, sad, romantic and up-lifting :content:

i thought Hancock was thoroughly boring.

saw Stay Alive expecting it to be so-bad-it’s-funny, but that was just boring too.

but i saw a movie called Big Nothing last night. That was one of the best dark comedies i’ve seen in quite some time.

I liked Hancock
But I have a question to anybody that’s seen it

SPOILER - Click to view

Did anybody else see something walking in the fog when The Superwoman (I don’t know her real name :tongue:) created the thunderstorm?
It looked like a robot

saw The Cat Returns the other day.

Really, REALLY great anime. One of the funniest i’ve ever seen.

if you get a chance, watch it dubbed. They get an all star cast and redo the animation to match the voices. And Tim Curry is in it. TIM CURRY!

Not to mention Anne Hathaway and Peter Boyle.

I just saw the trailor for the new X files movie cming out July 25. There is alot of movies this summer it seems. I saw the Happening. I wasnt too impressed with it. I think M. Night reached his peak with “Signs”. Its all been down hill from there.

i liked Lady in the Water a lot, maybe because i’m a freak for fantasy, but yes, The Happening was just meh. I expected a lot more, being Mark Whalberg and such.

I am led to believe that excessive movie-watching leads to better recalled and more interesting dreams…

also, can you believe i hadn’t seen full metal jacket until last night?

Good movie, i don’t think it got to me as much as it did some people. I prefer The Shining or Clockwork Orange if we are on the topic of Kubrick.

I saw Ed Wood and the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time yesterday :tongue:
Afterwards I realized what a weird coincidence it was that I watched two movies with transvestites in them on the same day :razz:
And who knew that Tim Curry had such nice legs? :lol:

which is the reason i might go against reccommending Tim Curry for children.

when is Tim Curry ever safe for children?

I found “Clock work orange” disturbing. I watch alot of independent films also. If you ever get a chance watch “Corndog man”. When it comes to horror films I hate slasher movies. There is enough of that in real life. My type of horror movies are about paranormal things. I realy hate Texas Chainsaw. That movie gave me a headache.

I noticed a rather strange coincidence. In the movie “The crow” brandon lee died whil making the movie. In the movie “The dark night” Heth ledger died shortly after the movie was finished. Both movie were about a ominish bird, and both actors wore white make up.

what i found even weirder is the night my friend and i got advance tickets to the new Batman, we watched Full Metal Jacket and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Full Metal Jacket’s main character is nicknamed ‘joker’

and Howl is played by Christian Bale in the English dub.

I actually kinda liked The Happening. It was kind of relaxing watching it, and very intersting in an ants take over the world sort of way. In which it’s semi-realistic although far fetched to occur. Plus I enjoyed the feeling that I came out of the movie with, the feeling that we should really love nature moreso and stop having such selfish thoughts incessantly.

I go into movies with 0 expectations and accept it as it is, I find it allows me to enjoy essentially any movie ever made. I have a positive experience with about 99 out of 100 movies that i watch.

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Why so serious, ld4all? :content:

The Dark Knight lived up to the hype, in my opinion.

also in a strange twist of events saw Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D today.

take your kids, they’ll like it. Brendon Fraiser can be really good when he wants to be, but when he just needs a paycheck, it shows.

I saw The Dark Knight the other day
I think it was better than any other of the superhero movies that I’ve seen so far.

The Joker is my favorite villain
And the acting was great
and so was everything else :smile:

Be Kind, Rewind…sucked. I couldn’t even finish watching it. So boring.