need some help having lucid dreams more often

Hi everyone.

I’ve been trying to lucid dream for a while without too much luck and I thought maybe I could get some suggestions here.

Some background: I’ve been trying to lucid dreaming for a little over a year. I’ve been recording my dreams throughout the last year and a half and have improved my dream recall a lot. I now remember at least one dream every night. Usually I wake up a few times throughout the night and remember a dream each time. I can usually remember a ton and fill pages with details and different scenes from a given dream.

The main thing I’ve tried throughout this time is doing reality checks. I do the one where I poke my palm with my index finger. Every time I’ve remembered to do it in a dream, my finger has gone through my palm and I’ve obtained some level of lucidity. I’ve had somewhere around 10 lucid dreams spread out over the last year. I’d really like to lucid dream more often so I’ve been trying some other things like reading about lucid dreaming right before bed and trying MILD whenever I wake up in the early morning. I’ve also done more reality checks throughout the day, but nothing seems to increase my lucid dream frequency.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m very motivated and willing to try other techniques or ways of thinking. I’d really like to be lucid dreaming a few times a week eventually. Thanks very much for any help!

First of all, welcome :smile:

If you’re looking for help, you’ll definitely get some here, so stick around a read as much as you can! :grin:

Ok. Have you tried WBTB? (get up after around 5-6 hours of sleep, stay up for a while, then go back to bed and try to LD) It usually increases the odds of having a LD, although it’s not everynight we can do this, right? :sad: Well, even just a tiny variation of WBTB can help. For example, when you wake up in the night and remember a dream, do you write it down then or do you write it down only in the morning? You can try getting up and turning the lights on, writing the dream down and then going back to bed. This might be enough to get your mind alert enough to have a LD.

Another thing, take a look here: You’ll find lot’s of techniques and variations of techniques. Give them a try :wink: Everyone’s different, so you might find something that works better for you. Even tiny variations in techniques can make big changes in results.

you might want to take a look here too: specailly the last few posts. It’s basicly about how your attitude and way of thinking can help you LD

anything else, feel free to ask! We’re all here to help each other. :content:

:welcome: to this wonderful place :smile:

first of all, I would suggest that you replace the index finger RC with one such as tracing your steps from the moment you woke up till the present one.

Or a RC such as trying to fly, or doing anything you would like to in a dream.

If you are using RC’s , what you want to accomplish is the state of mind in which you almost always do it naturally. Do them as much as you can, possibly for many many times a day at the beginning. You have to really TEST the environment and QUESTION it in your mind. If you’ll do this often, your subconscious mind will quickly pick up the idea of testing the environment naturally. Just try to be aware of your environment at all times.

As you fall asleep, don’t concentrate on a sentence but on the dream itself. Visualize yourself in the dream, doing whatever you want to, and project the wish to be there, lucid. Don’t expect or have any feelings towards it. Just say in your mind, to yourself, that you will be lucid when you enter REM. KNOW that you are responsible and understand and accept your desire to be lucid. Don’t think about not succeeding, do not let that thought even cross your mind.
No matter what, do not wake up disappointed. That’s the worst thing people do.

Before going to sleep and after waking up are times in which you are very connected to your Subconscious.

Wake up happy. If you weren’t lucid during the night, contemplate a bit on it, without any feelings towards your unfulfilled goal. Know that it is your decision and no one else, and think about how you’ll revise your visualization techniques and the lucid dream you WILL have tonight.

Ultimately, it can easily be summed up in one sentence.

If you live your life as if you are already having a lucid dream every night, it shall be.

So, you can try doing only that.
Think about the emotions you are experiencing, the joy you derive from your sleep time. The fun in which you enter your bed knowing you’re going to have more fun now than you had during the day.

Imagine being awarded the most skilled lucid dreamer on earth reward.

Hope this helps some

Hello. Thanks so much for the responses… very helpful stuff.

I’m curious about why I would replace the RC with a different one. So far it’s worked perfectly when I’ve remembered to do it in a dream. I sometimes do other ones too actually, like trying to fly or reading text. Anyway, I do the index finger one and sometimes others many times a day. I try to do them if anything remotely strange happens and generally whenever I remember too. But it seems like no matter how often I do them, they rarely appear in my dreams. Which is why I’m thinking about trying other stuff more.

mattias: i haven’t tried the WBTB yet but it sounds promising. Obviously it breaks up your sleep a bit but it seems like it could be a really good way to practice getting lucid. And to answer your question, when I wake up in the night I usually jot down some quick notes and fall back asleep. Then in the morning or the next day I might add more notes and describe the dream more thoroughly.

Part of what’s hard for me is that it seems like the dream me is a totally different me almost… and it seems impossible at times to program that dream self to remember to do anything. For example, I just finished school, but recently I’ve had several dreams where I’m in school or taking a test. So I tried to use that as a dream sign and said to myself ‘If I do anything school related, it’s a dream’. And the next night I had another school related dream and that didn’t even cross my mind. It just seems hard to communicate with that version of me.

relV: I know what you mean about not being disappointed, since that seems like it would just hold you back. But it does seem difficult to contemplate the fact that you didn’t have a lucid dream without having any feelings towards it. You know? I guess you just have to try to look at it in a positive way?

Anyway thanks again for all the help. I’ll certainly try the stuff you guys said.

from my experience with a few people, the trace back your actions RC is more beneficial, and time constraining. your SC will get the hang of it quite quickly and you just might find yourself lucid without knowing how or why inside a dream.
But that’s just me, don’t take anything as granted and do what’s right for you.

Ill combine the last two paragraphs of yours.

You’re probably going to stop having school related dreams in a while as your SC understand you’re no longer there.
Nonetheless, the dream self is you, but it takes a bit longer to update as it works on a more subconscious level.
Now, imagine you will keep going to school, you will keep having dreams related to school. Now if you stop for a wee but then go back, or maybe even just keep yourself busy with thoughts bout school, you’re still probably going to have some school related dreams, you will stop having them some time after you no longer give them your attention.
Similarly, if you get disappointed, your SC translates it as if you don’t want to have a lucid dream, and therefore you won’t. Your Sub self ( Y O U ) has no problem with going lucid, and has no reason to not do it but your own thoughts and feelings.
Exactly like with the school, if you stop feeding those feelings, with time, your SC will pick up and start giving you what you want.
The moment you stop feeling bad and being disappointed, you start communicating to your SC that you want a lucid dream and that you will have a lucid dream.
Just like with school, your SC might take a week or two to get the hang of it, but if you keep your attention focused where it should be. You will reap the results.
Hope this helps