Pain limit

Im going to do a little experiment where im going to inflict massive ammounts of pain to myself in a LD. Some ideas ive come up with are:

-sawing my arm off
-chopping my fingers off with a hatchet
-burning myself with a hot piece of metal
-setting myself on fire with gasoline
-jabbing a toothpick in my eyeball
-jabbing a long toothpick in my ear so it pierces my eardrum
-swimming in needles
-cutting off my dinger with a pair of scissors

I will do this expecting to feel huge ammounts of pain

Please try this and post your results, it may take me a while to get lucid

Well lol iam not going to do that all, but long long ago i did a few test on that in lds already and ehm lets say some tests really did hurt lol even when i woke up for some time :smile:


I tried cutting myself with a knife in a LD last week. It was very painful :bored: and it started bleeding, but I could stop the bleeding if I focused on it :content:

Yes in my experiment long ago i triggered the nervous system more direct lol and it felt even painfull after waking up.

LOL SpEEd0 ! And what sort of knowledge do you expect to get from this experiment ?

i just wanted to see how much pain i could feel in a dream

haha, kind of strange, but at least you’re not hurting yourself like this while you’re awake. anyway, let’s see what I can think of…

-Smashing your face through a window or television.
-holding a lighter under a part of your body
-jumping out of a fast moving vehicle
-hitting yourself with a baseball bat
-eating glass

okay i dont wnat to think of any more, let me know how much pain you can feel in your LD

A few weeks ago I used an axe to chop off my hand while lucid. In the dream I used this as a test to see how flexible and lucid I was at that moment. I didn’t feel any pain though I could slightly feel the axe going through my flesh. Next, I tried to do the same thing with my feet, but I was clearly not lucid or flexible enough to realize fully this couldn’t hurt me irl. But the idea of chopping off my foot with a rusty axe was too horrible so I couldn’t do it.

:bored: that one I definitely couldn’t do.

-setting myself on fire with gasoline

I think this one would be pretty interesting, I’ll try it :tongue:

i have been shot many times in LDs :sad:
head shots tingle like mad everywhere else is painful :confused:
blood gets EVERYWHERE :sad:

gettingshot is different for everyone, I never get hurt by it, its a pleasant tingling

when i get shot it just burn like hell and i usually wakes up :sad:

If you would do that in RL, I would probably find and kill you myself :smile:
But in LD, I guess thats not that much insane… but I dont think I would do that on my first LD’s…

In my recent LD i tried what it is to be hit by car. But the car was slow and i EXPECTED not much harm. So it was pretty irrelevant experience.

What i would like to know is this: try to make harm to yourself in LD and expect the pain. Next time make the harm and expect that it doesnt hurt you. Post here your results :smile:

My hypothesis is that we feel as much pain as we EXPECT. For example another time i tried what it is to have electricity running through my body. So i put my fingers to electrical plugin and my body experienced a mild flow of electricity, nothing harmful. But it is most probably because i did not WANTED to be hurt.

I’ve never felt extreme pain. Though I have had a persistant pain that wouldn’t go away which wasn’t nice.

Also, for me, getting shot feels like pin pricks that sting slightly for a second or two.

I haven’t felt anything very bad yet apart from little cuts on my hands which are as painful as in RL. I’m used to the feel of them because I’m always accidently cutting myself at work :tongue:

Find the worst dream dentist and become his patient for half an hour. Maybe, it’s not the worst thing in the world, but if you ever have felt something from this area IRL, it must be VERY real in a dream. :grin:

Hmmm… sawing your own leg with a rusted handsaw must be unpleasant, too… :eek: :bored: :panic: