Post Election Support Group - Part 2

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Anyway, sorry for going so off topic in my previous post.

Back to the election which is only 5 days away:

Well I don’t know what to say as I have never seen an election this close and I am preparing for a very long night on November 2nd.

All I can tell you is that you can’t rely on these national polls that come out. This election you have to look to the states. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on those polls either as they all contradict them selves. Some will have Kerry up while others will have Bush up in the same state.

What I do not understand is why is this race so close?

Things in Iraq are getting worse by the day yet Bush is still seen as a strong military leader.

The economy is disgraceful compared to where we were 4 years ago.

The environment, which noone is talking about, is getting worse as Bush allows the lumber, power, and other big polluters and scavengers to write our environmental and power policies. Gasoline is at an all time high and with winter coming will get higher.

Seniors will loose their social security if the Bush plan is adopted.

Another disturbing trend is the anti-American attitude that seem to be spreading across the world. Is this solely because of Iraq? Or are there other issues as well?

The list just goes on and on. So why is this race so close? Honestly, I don’t know. Then again, that is just what the news media is reporting. Perhaps in the end we will not be as divided as the poll’s make us look.

If bush was half as bad as some people make him out to be, it wouldn’t be any where near close.

Bush has alot of ppl on the media,( not to mention alot of other ppl who stand to gain from his re-election), on his side… and its the media that elects a president…

Thats not true. By far the media favors kerry. Its not even close.

thats not true…
so far its half and half , meaning the media is split down the middle.
But, last night i was watching TV and seen a whole new set of commercial’s bashing kerry, and a whole new set of tactic’s.
It almost seems the media’s been saving the best bashing for last.
altho i dont like any of the candidates, i hope kerry wins…

Arlic, you need to open your eyes more, to reality, by reading all your post i have come to the conclusion that you have been living a sheltered life, walking around with blinders, not realy knowing why things are the way they are around you, totaly accepting the black and white explanations of life.
Your post strike me as the type of person who has never questioned authority…
but i may be wrong , and im only making this assumption by what you write in your post, and im defintly not saying that there is anything wrong with that way of thinking.
To each his/her own, right… :wink:

I think bush has more money which is why he would have more ads. As far as the news though kerry has a clear advantage. Most main news stations are more towards kerry. Cable news is more balanced. I think raido has more for bush but I couldn’t say for sure because I never listen to that. Big newspapers are more towards kerry as well.

Of course I could be wrong but that is what it seems like to me. Though there was a poll on that said most people thought tv news was more towards kerry.

No offence but there is an opposite point of view. Where you look into things far to much where you almost paranoid. I am not saying its gone that far but you are assuming a lot of things when there is no reason to.

I would hope that if they did something like that, there would not be a list open to the public. It should stay between the doctor and the patient. If that was the case, no one would know anything about it and it should not harm anyone in anyway, only give them help. Normally I am all for keeping the government out of peoples business but I can hardly say trying to help people is a stupid and insane idea.

By the way, saying someone needs to open their eyes because they have no clue what is going on is an old arguement which means nothing. I see it used far to often just because someone disagrees with them. It comes from the thinking “If they can’t see that I am right they must not be seeing the entire picture”. The problem is your always assumeing your right.

Like I said in my post, I might be wrong. Clearly stating that I am not right all the time.

I wish I was a wishful thinker like you. But regretably I do live in a world of paranoia brought on by world history.

Definition of paranoid: Heightened awareness

Well that is not quite true as konart and I have both said Kerry is not our ideal candidate and that is the real problem. The truth is, that I do not think the Democrats put their bet candidate up for election this year planing instead, to take back the white house in 2008. It was not until Howard Dean started to get the so much support in the primary election that the DNC realized that they goofed. Because of 911 some people are frightened and Bush is very effective at playing into those fears and that is what makes the race so close (if in fact it really is). But fore 911 this election would already be over. This is what I find very confusing. 911 was the biggest screw up since Pearl Harbor yet, somehow bush turned it into some great victory for himself.

If fox news is balanced I would hate to see what biased is like.

Again you are missing the point. Things just do not work that way and I sincerely hope you never have to find that out for your self. Of course helping people is a good thing but, you have to do it in a way that works. They way you determine if something will make a problem better or worse is to involve the people effected by it and those that work directly with the people they are trying to help. Not your campaign contributors.

Republicans are now trying to stop people from voting in Ohio as Bush support is slipping there and (so the polls say) Kerry is now ahead in that state. Fortunately a Federal judge put a stop to it.

Anyway, it now appears that Kerry will win in New Hampshire ( most republicans have coincided this) which now makes florida irrelevant so long as Kerry holds on to all other “Gore” states and gives Kerry a win with 272 electoral votes. However, I think it is going to even better than that. I believe that in addition to the other states won by Gore in 2000. Kerry will also take Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada (possibly), and yes, Florida. Now if Bush losses both Florida and Ohio there is no way Bush can win so watch those states closely!

Anyway I am not pretending to be smarter than anyone else this is really just a educated wild guess on my part but, we only have 4 days left to see if I am right. If I am then, Kerry wins by a good margin and it will prove that we are not divided as the news media reports

Interesting vote predictor:

Current prediction: Kerry 236 Bush 281 :neutral:

Mmm interesting. We will have to see how the votes play out. I think the map will prove to be wrong in a few key areas. For example I don’t think PA is any longer in play and I believe that Kerry will take that state. I also think Bush Will win Oregon but, Kerry will take New Mexico and Nevada. Perhaps I will do my own map tonight then see how it compares with the election.

As for the news madia being biased for Kerry I have to say I disagree completely. I mean most networks report with their polls and commentators that it is a close race but, nationally Bush is a head. I don’t believe that is true. Even after the primary elections I had little hope that Kerry would win. However, every day over the last few weeks I have become filled with more hope that Kerry will win in the end.

I just watched a news report about the Osama video. How do you think it will effect the election?

I wouldn’t consider what they report for polls as making them baised. If thats what your going by, they say bush is ahead in a poll so they are for him, your wrong.

I still say fox is balanced. I don’t know so many people its not. The funny thing is people for kerry say its baised then people for bush say its baised. I am not really sure how it could be baised both ways, seems like it would kind of balance out.

tonight i dreamt that for certain foreigners (inclduding me :happy: ) it was possible to also vote for the american president. I voted Kerry :grin:

There are a lot of movies and documentaries shown here in holland about both the candidates. Yesterday I saw one that compared both kerry and bush. my jaw dropped open at the things bush (didn’t) do and how kerry somehow seems to be just a born president - from when he was young always debating etc.

I so hope kerry wins.

I was listening to satellite radio, and they were reading American responses to letters from UK citizens.

Apparently, some media in the UK thought it was a good idea to ask UK citizens to write American citizens in Utah(a turnkey state) to share their point of view about the election. :lol: BAD IDEA! :lmao:

the radio (which is uncensored) read the letters of the American’s responses!! :lol: … they basically consisted of “BEEP BEEP BEEP you BEEPERS we left your country over two hundred BEEPING years ago you BEEPING BEEPERS. We left your socialist politics behind for a BEEPING reason you BEEPRS.” :rofl:
“Why the BEEP do you think we BEEPING care about what you BEEPING think. Leave me the BEEP alone you BEEPING nosy BEEPER. Stop writing my house you BEEP!”

wow, what a really bad idea for the UK media to construct! I’m curious how they got the addresses of people in Utah, but the letters were hilarious and entertaining. One of the moments that make me glad to be an American. :lol:

Now that seems like you saw something baised pasquale. Kerry seemed borned to be president? Most people for him don’t even believe that. At best you hear that he would make a decent president, often its less than that though.

As for the letters I wouldn’t doubt that heh. Just image if the letters came from france heh.

I am not referring to the polls at all but comments made by “reporters” who are clearly are in the Bush camp. However, I do give one fox show credit and that would be the Factor. While he is clearly a Bush supporter he has been fair in his news coverage.

Noone has any comments on the Osama tape?

I think he clearly wanted to have an effect on our election. While most of the news coverage claims that he wants Bush to win because, because it aides is cause to have a crazy cowboy as president. I think the reaction will be the opposite. My first reaction when I saw that tape was he looked healthy and clean. He certainly did not look like he was on the run hiding in some hole somewhere. All of this reminds me how Bush took his eye off the ball which in the end makes us all less safe. I think Kerry will hunt him down and finally bring him to justice.

Yea, I heard about that report as well. If you ask me I think the so called American Responses are a bit suspicious. The big giveaway was the excessive use of the word “limey” which is not a commonly used ethnic slang here. In fact I have never heard anyone use it. My opinion is that those letters are fake. To be honest I think the hole story is fake.

BTW- I am always glad to be an American :smile:

That would definitely provoke a strong response from Americans.

Hey we actually agreed on something. :partying_face: First Boston wins the world series and now this. The world truly must be coming to an end.

There are some people really against bush on fox. It kind of makes me wonder which shows you have seen on it. Besides the people, there are almost always guests from both parties on all the shows.

Wow! I found some great links!

You can “freely” and “legally” download Fahrenheit 9/11 here:

They have:
650MB AVI version (best quality)
780MB mpeg version
122MB WMV version
40 WMV version (lower quality)
14MB audio only MP3 version.

You can use BitTorrent to save these servers bandwidth, or download from the servers directly.

There is also a “playerless” version that doesn’t require a media player:

ALSO!! there is a macromedia flash version!! :lol: You can watch it instantly with broadband!

This link also has some great “flip flops” from the Bush administration.
I love this lie from Cheney during their debate:

EDIT: added “playerless” URL

This is my fav. Cheny flip flop, his first old interview (flip) beats the crap out of his current position (flop),DickCheney_antiwar.swf,flop.swf,cheney_yes_connection.swf

wow :meh:
I’m speechless

Oh yeah, this clip of Jon Stewart at Crossfire was amazing, god I love him…
EDIT: Link sent you to a diff Jon thing, see if this works…!&videolist=videolist=jonstewartcrossfire.swf

But yeah, I still have no idea why people are voting for Bush. If you look at the big picture, Bush’s a moron, and if you look really close, Bush’s evil. Seems like a lose-lose kinda situation to me…