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As many may know last night was the first debate between Bush and Kerry. Now fox news has reported that Bush either won that debate or at least did very well and (of course ) Kerry sucked. All I can say to that is we must have been watching different debates. I thought Bush appeared very disorganized and could only repeat his rehearsed flip flop sound bite over and over again. On the other hand I think Kerry did a good job at explaining his position and even slapped Bush around a bit. While I think Kerry clearly won that debate he did not cream Bush as much as I was expecting.

What do you all think?

the message was obviously rehearsed …

i am strong and resolute and he sends mixed messages
mixed messages and flip flop is all my opponent can do
my opponent sends mexed missages … err mixed messages

Oh interesting thread weve got here! Ill just say that im rooting 4 mr.kerry and that i thought that his presentation or what u wanna call it was better than bush’s. He seemed more confident, seemed liek he knew more of what he was talking about, wAs more organized and had a better debate than bush…so thats me.

We should start a poll on who every1 wants or thinsk will win the election…might sound kinda dumb but, it Is soemthing important.

I didnt watch it because the first 5 minutes were just to boring and i was tired. I heard from a friend though that there were times when Bush would just stare at the camera for a full 5 seconds with a blank stare. Is this true? because if it is, then LMAO.

errr…go kerry.

Oh it’s true all right. He couldn’t come up with a response most of the time when Kerry would severely bash him. He stood there looking straight ahead waiting for Cheyney’s cue to continue his pre-recorded blundering. It was indeed…nice.

Exactly! I actually fell asleep during one of Bush’s repeats. It was exhausting to hear it over and over and over. I think it was his defense tactic … bore us all to sleep so we don’t remember what either one of them say. :sleeping:
Now I feel left out since I missed that last hour. :no:

but it sounds like I caught the key points.

  • Kerry had actually planned and organized himself for the night.
  • Bush’s was either given some words to repeat, or was too cocky with ego to think he would actually need to prepare.

Here is the transcript of the debate: … _0930.html

Milod, should I make this thread a poll about who won the debate?

oh, I think he did a few times. A lot of “Bushism” for a whole new book! :lol:

Once he said “The only consistent about my opponent’s position is that he’s been inconsistent.”
but he paused and it sounded like “The only consistent about my …”
I could almost swear he was going to say administration! I just knew it was about to slip out! :gni: … but he caught himself and finished with " …opponent’s position is that he’s been inconsistent." :tongue:

I listened to the debate after-the-fact (I was at work) and found the whole thing pretty discouraging. Bush sounded more coherent than I had expected. For the most part, it seemed like Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber–they agreed on everything except for tactics. Seems like it might be time to move to Canada, just let the US suffer brain-drain until we’re not a viable threat to the rest of the world anymore. Overall, though, Kerry still sounds better than Bush. I think his best point was that Bush’s “certainty” makes him blind to the facts in a lot of cases.

Personlly I think it was pretty balanced. Neither of them said anything great. Bush never just stood there staring at the screen. If you ever seen him talk, then you know how he is. People like to make fun of him and call him stupid and stuff because he does short clear sentences with pauses in between them, but I think they are the stupid ones. I would rather listen to that than someone who talks so fast that you can’t understand half of the things they say.

They both sounded like they knew what they where talking about. Kerry spent more time bashing bush, than bush did bashing him. Neither of them really said anything new, so it did kind of get a little boring.

The one thing I never really thought about was the part with north korea. That was the one part it seemed Bush knew a lot more than Kerry. I think overall they where about the same though. I don’t think it really changed anyones mind either way so I wouldn’t say anyone won.

I agree that the “bushisms” that Bush and his Dad suffer are not a sign of their intelligence. It can be entertaining though. :smile:

hah, I visited a random site today and it had the caption:
“90% of the population producing 75% of the world’s opium is registered to vote”

Well now the news is admitting that Kerry won the debate but, also say that it did not do him any good. Watching these fox news people grasping a straws to spin the debate is quite amusing. I actually think they are scared. I mean the topic of the debate was supposed to be Bush’s thing (security) and he lost it. Fox also is claiming that Kerry still did not make himself clear on how he would have handled Iraq differently. I thought Kerry made his position very clear. Perhaps these fox people just weren’t listening.

Well who do you mean by fox people? Unlike some of the other places fox does have a good mix of people. I dont know why you think they would be trying to spin it though. Some of them love kerry why on earth do you think they would try to spin it bad for him?

I think both suck. They’re both repeating the same nationalistic arguments in different ways over and over again…

I’d vote for nader. Or the greens.

made a poll - saw your question only later DA :grin:

Go kerry!

I know hardly anything about Kerry, but I think I would vote him anyway if I could. Democracy at it’s best… :neutral:

Kerry is a remarkable debater.

When you consider the material he has to work with, it sounds like Mission Impossible. He repeatedly says he is better than Bush because he’ll be able to sell other countries into joining the war. On the other hand, he has to attack the war, so he repeatedly calls the war a distraction, the wrong war, a colossal error. If he really is going to sell the war, he’d better be as good of a salesman as he is a debater. “Bush screwed it up, Iraq is a hellhole, so come on in and join us!”

Another thing Kerry had to do was explain that Iraq was a mistake but that he’d be able to lead the troops in Iraq. In other words, he has to convince the American troops that they should keep putting their lives on the line for a mistake. Not an easy task…

Also, Kerry had to defend his quote that anyone who believes Saddam isn’t a threat doesn’t have the capacity to be president–AND explain why Saddam wasn’t really a threat. Kerry did this well, I think, by saying that although Saddam was a threat, he wasn’t the main target: Bin Laden was. On the other hand, Bin Laden has probably been dead for awhile.

Now in spite of all these disadvantages, Kerry kept calm and confident the entire debate, while Bush seemed to grow increasingly uncomfortable. I don’t think that’s something you can teach, I believe Kerry is a natural debater.

did fox news really say that? Because the washington post says most americans think kerry won and that he has risen in the polls, or something like that.

even my fairly conservative parents think kerry handled himself better in the debates.

Ok now don’t quote me on this but from the polls it was something like 54% thought kerry won, 42% thought bush won and the rest dont know or dont care. Atleast thats what I got from watching fox.

I still say both did pretty good. If you think one clearly won and the other sucked chances are you are biased and would think the same thing no matter what either one said.

Yes they did. This was right after the debate. One of the commentators said at best it was a draw.

Of course the next day they changed their tune somewhat. Who is the flip flopper now?

Anyway, according to the latest news Kerry and Bush are in a statistical tie. I think after the next debate Kerry will pull further ahead.

From the transcript of the 1st debate, remember this Bush lie at closing statement:

all-volunteer!!! what a laugh! He says this when has “strategic goals” to assure just the opposite!!
It has been reforming in the last 4 years! and it’s not in a direction to be all volunteer!

Proposal’s have been passed through the pentagon about:

  • moving the draft age from 25 to 34!
  • draft women
  • draft college students

I also heard of a change in border control so people could not escape to Canada like they did in Vietnam, and rich people can’t save their child with money. I doubt Bush himself could even dodge this.

The only vote Bush gets from me is one for being a flip flop.

Look at the scary bills being passed around during the Bush years.
Search for bill #s
SB 89
HR 163 … 27636.html

They are scary. It seems to allow the president to have sole decision of how to form, operate, select and choose how many people for a draft. Along with the above listed worries.

How can Bush assure that our military will turn all volunteer at a time like this!! He’s lying to get into office because people are shocked to hear attempts to draft women.