Republican or Democrat? Conservative or Liberal?

Ok, so maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed that there seems to be far more democrats than republican(the anti-bush jokes seem to be an indicator), but I wondered if there were any republicans here and why so many here are democrats. I personally am a conservative republican and I don’t really agree with the democrat party, but don’t take this as an aggressive post, I’m just bored and curious. I suppose this might spawn some arguments, but we need a politcal topic specifically for this subject anyway since people can’t help themselves on topics that don’t even have to do with this kind of thing :content: . So, debate away!

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Heres a handy test for those who arn’t sure:

I’ve hardly ever seen republicans online… very rare. Anyways I don’t really want to jump into this soon-to-be brawl :smile:

So moogle, republican or democrat?

neither i’m english :tongue:

lol, i’d forgotten

I would have to say I am neither. Personally I am fed up with both parties. Neither party fully represents the people in my opinion. I think this two party system is antiquated and we need a change.

Anyway, I am more likely to vote for a democrat than a republican but, even in the presidential race there are republicans I could see myself voting for. However those candidates would never win a primary election just because they are pro-choice and some are in favor of civil unions.

You say you are conservative. Did you vote for Bush? If so, why? I mean he turned a budget surplus (from Clinton)into an enormous deficit! In the Clinton days people made a lot of money and the economy was booming. Clinton fixed social security well beyond 2060 and now Bush claims the system will be in trouble as early as 2014!! Does any of this sound conservative! I shutter to think about where we will be at the end of the next (and thank god his last) 4 years.

Because we are smarter than the average person? :smile:

It is not so much anti-republican as it is anti Bush. :grin:

Ooh! Dare I say “PWNED!” ? No. But that’s just because I don’t say those kinds of things. But, rest assured, if I did say those kinds of things, I’d have said “PWNED!” just now.

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Stop being so serious. It was a joke hence the smiley.

Congratulations on your 1000th post

Hehe, I know, I was kidding too, hence the rambling to myself :razz: Thank you for the congratulations :content: Gasp! Post 1001! :partying_face:

My parents are republican, and until I develop an unbiased political persepective of my own, I am too.

My parents are conservative, but I am extremely liberal. Kind of lonely down here in the south.

Actually, my parents are just ‘economically conservative’ you could say. And because [irony/sarcasm/truth-in-most-people’s-minds] money is more important than other people’s lives and happiness [/], they voted for Bush both times.

Personally, I was rooting for Dean, but I agree, I am tired of both parties. And for why there are more democrats/liberals here than republicans, well, it’s like that most everywhere else on the internet it seems. Same thing if you asked why do there seem to be more atheists on the internet (honestly half the people I’ve met are).

I am not so sure Bush knows how to use a computer yet.

I feel like I am rambling on, but it probably doesn’t look like it.

Well, he knows how to use the internets! :lol:

It must truly drive the so called conservatives crazy that the only president capable of balancing the budget was a liberal democrat.

There is a deep divide in this country between the north and south. I would imagine that the south must be getting nervous because in 2 elections in a row the democrats proved that the presidency could be won without taking a single southern state! In bush v gore, had gore won NH (a northern state)he would have become president (Florida would have become irrelevant). In Kerry v Bush, Kerry only lost Ohio by a handful of votes!(I still think there should have been a re-vote in Ohio. Too many hinky things went on there)

here is a crazy idea… don’t claim political affiliation and start thinking for yourself.

seems so simple, but for some reason many people find it hard to vote against their own “party,” even if they agree more with a candidate from another “party”

I do. I think a lot of others do as well. There have been times where I voted republican in local races. For example, I voted for a local judge who was a republican but, I thought he was a fair judge so he got my vote.

Unfortunately, on the national stage people have become divided. The lines in the sands are drawn and neither side is willing to budge. Our current president is only making the problem worse by dividing us further. Rather than building bridges he is burning them down!

Sometimes I think we would have been better off if we went with a parliamentary system like our European counter parts rather than a presedential system.

I have to admit that I’m pretty much in the same situation as LucidSTUDENT, my dad is very conservative and I’ve kinda received that from him. Though it’s hard to admit, I am quite biased, and do not know enough about the issues. My only defense is that I am a strong christian, and the republican party is much more strongly christian, while the democratic party is attempting to widen the gap between “church”(although I believe a relationship with God, and attempts to live rightcheously have nothing to do with “religion”) and state, which I am not for in the slightest. In a way I understand people want the right to their own opinion and all(that’s why God gave us free will), but still, the way this country is going…

I did take that political compass test tho, and while it was slightly confusing, I was suprised to find that I was slightly more Left on economic issues.


It is late right now and I am heading off to bet so I will give a more detailed reply to your post tomorrow because I think you brought up some important points.

In the mean time think about this.

You are concerned about where the country is going yet it is the republicans who have been in power?

Are not you aware that church/religion and state are supposed to be kept separate under the constitution? The whole point of keeping them apart is to prevent a state endorsed religion, which would necessarily outcast people of other beliefs by the very fact of its existence.

So you are all for federally endorsed christianity? Are you not aware of the implications of that?

Yeah I took the political compass test, the first time I was around: -6.31 and -2.5. I didn’t understand a couple of the questions though. I took it again and got around a -6.31 and -5. If you look at the comparisons, I am about as left as George W. Bush is right.

I don’t know too much about economics though.

About the religious aspect: I have to say I disagree completely with Dream Reacher. Honestly, I believe that religion should just be left out of politics. And removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, and the currency. I also think it should be illegal to say God Bless America in the context of a political discussion.

Okay, that last one was a bit far.