Reyth REM Dreamer Log

Welcome to my Rem Dreamer report log. I hope that if you have a REM Dreamer or are/might be considering getting one that this log will be as helpful to you as it is to me.

I welcome any suggestions from mask owners that may help me in my endeavors and welcome open conversation to that end.

Posts are welcome in this log as if it was an open topic. The only reason I moved it here is to avoid taking over an already established general topic.

Hope to see you along the way as I struggle to maximize my results with the REM Dreamer!


5th Day Report

I awoke remembering 3 dreams but no cues from the device. The device showed 16 flashes (my sleep was shortened slightly).

Once again I re-double the flashing and beeping time to 96 seconds in an attempt to bring the cues into awareness.

I post the settings I have made below and if I change any of them I will post it alone at the time of the change:

Delay (1234): I set this usually to 4 hours and I have been experimenting with 3. In previous dreaming efforts I have found that at about 4 hours my dreams solidify and are more accessible for work.

Off (1234): I turn the device off after each period of sleep so that the batteries are preserved and the number of flashes are reset. I place the device in the box it came in until it is time to sleep again.

Flash/beep length (1234 & 1234): My latest settings are 96 seconds. I am still actively working these settings as I believe they may be connected to the frequency of perceiving the signals within dreams.

Brightness (1234): 6 (maximum)

Volume (1234): 6 (maximum)

Threshold (1234): 3 (reduced value 10% from default)

Well, see you after my next launch!


6th Day Report

Well was kind of tired, lots of sleep but no real dream recall. Had 31 flashes. Noticed that I awoke several times while the device was going off so that it had actually awakened me. I believe that it was the bell so I will do two things:

  1. Turn the beeps off entirely (setting 0)
  2. Extend the flashes to 180 seconds

See you on my next launch!


7th Day report

Well it’s been a nice 1st week with the REM Dreamer. I have made progress in the settings which are said to take at least a week to several to work through.

I have signs that I’m moving in the right direction from my latest launch. I had 24 flashes, a small number of them while I was awake.

I had a dream where robots were firing lasers at me while I fired back. I will include this in my REM Dreamer Cues list.

In my dreams the red LED lights seem to always be white for me and I did have the tail end of a dream where I saw the white lights blinking and then slowly and smoothly they morphed into the red as I awoke. It was pretty kewl and at least shows some stimulus is getting through and how it changes when it manifests in the dream world.

I remember one other dream with no cues. I still think the cues are hitting early in the dream which is the hardest to recall.

So what I will do is maxmize the time the lights are flashing to 250 seconds. That’s 4 minutes! (for those of you keeping score) :happy:

See you after my next launch!


Thanks Reyth,

please go on with this. I also bought a RD but hadn’t much success with it… However, I didn’t try SUCH LONG blinking periods. I’ll try it again because of your post. Thank you :smile:


I was thinking of buying a REM Dreamer…if I like what I read about it here, I might still purchase one :smile:

Man, the controls of that machine confuse the hell outa me, and I havent had any success. Of course I can only get it to blink like a mad man, heh. Keep up the good work though.

Ya I believe the best way is to incrementally raise the various settings through an informed process of elimination. You have to set them to YOU.

Good luck man.


8th Day Report

Ok had 20 flashes and remembered 3 dreams.

In the 1st dream there was a period where I laid down to nap briefly and I have the very barest memory of something with white lights but it is only a scrap. I think I saw the lights but my consciousness was just too muddled.

The other two dreams I have no hint of flashing.

This leads me to naturally work the settings for the number of blinks per second and the length of each blink which are a ratio. The designer says that these settings can “force the lights into awareness” and so I need to work them since the length of the total signal is maxed out.

However, before I do I have just one nagging doubt about the threshold. I reduced it 10% in the beginning from 5 to 3. I never tried 4 and it is possible that the threshold is too sensitive and thus blinking far too early before the dream develops sufficiently. I think this is a long shot since I have the signal maxed out to 4 minutes but I have to try it just to see.

Let you know after my next launch!


9th Day Report

Well I had 36 flashes but no cues to report with 3 dreams recalled.

I was thinking I would never have to adjust these settings but I have no choice; and come to think of it these may be the actual underpinnings of getting the device to function!

The two settings are:

  1. Number of flashes per second (1234) 1-10

  2. Flash length in fractions of a second (1234) 1-10

The values for the second setting are not straight forward though. Here are actual times for the numerical values:

1=1/20th of a second, 2=1/10, 3=1/6.66, 4=1/5, 5=1/4, 6=1/3.33, 7=1/2.86, 8=1/2.5, 9=1/2.2, 10=1/2

The device does not accept flash settings that would exceed a full second so there are limits on the flash lengths depending on how many flashes per second:

1-2 flashes per second allows for flash length values of 1-10

3-4 allows 1-5

5 allows 1-4

6-10 allows 1-2

Ok with all that out of the way, the default settings are 2 flashes per second with a flash length of 1/10th of a second. There is no doubt in my mind that the stronger setting is more flashes per second but I am not sure whether shorter or longer flash lengths are stronger. Therefore I will choose sample figures from the slowest, middle value and fastest as I ramp up the number of flashes per second.

Ok the default has a low-end flash length of 1/10th of a second so I will bump up the flash length value to 1/4 of a second.

Well this is painfully slow but worth it as I try to see which settings will force the lights to my consciousness.

See you on my next launch!


PS Oh btw, I found that I had the threshold set one value lower than necessary so I will be leaving it at 4.

10th Day Report

Ok, some success. For one I’ve learned that slower flashes=more light. I’ve noticed that the light seems brighter with 1/4 second flash length then it did with 1/10 of a second in that the mask gives 2 warning blinks when the delay is hit for it to begin monitoring for REM. Often times I’m awake waiting to go back to sleep and so I see these flashes and I have noticed they are brighter.

Unfortunately I spent the night with the mask off of my head for several hours so I only got 12 flashes for the night.

However I did see the lights!

I was setting something up on a computer for a woman and the monitor started flashing extremely brightly over and over so much that it even hurt my eyes. I said, “It’s too bright, I’m going to to turn it down.” and she responds, “No leave it that way”.

Well, I will have to leave the settings as they are for another night to see the real effects of 1/4 second.

Funny I thought these settings were the least important and the ones I would never use. Looks like it’s quite the opposite.

I will also have to make a graphical chart of how the settings actually work because they are limited in a gradual manner.

See ya for the next launch!


11th Day Report

Ok I had 26 flashes and 2 dreams recalled. I saw the lights in the form of a driveway light that blinded me.

This is a pattern in the lights being too bright to see so I will take note of this.

I don’t think the lights are as strong as I would like them. So I will add more light by setting the flash length to 1/2 second.

This setting is the maximum amount of light the device can produce. All adjustments to the light ratios from here will reduce the light but add more flashes per second.

If I need to examine those settings and they don’t produce superior results then I will probably bring it back to this setting; but first let’s see what 1/2 second can do!

See you for the next launch!


12th Day Report

Well I am sure I got at least 30 flashes because I was at 21 before I accidently shut the unit off and I did have another cue to report with 3 dreams recalled.

I am playing baseball with a dream character and they say that they have an appointment and the scene shifts to the interior of a house where there is a monitor on the wall and it is “zapping” in and out. I ask about it and one of the characters says it must be the electricity. I turn around and see a huge monitor imbedded in the wall and walk up very close to it and stare into it. I then move over to a huge wok and start lighting matches and watching them burn very closely.

Well this is the most dream cues I have ever received from the unit in one dream. This is also the 3rd day in the row I received cues since I started modifying the light settings which is a very good sign.

The problem is I had 2 other dreams with no light cues at all. Obviously I want something more reliable if possible so I will lessen the light but increase the flash rate and see what happens.

So far the cues are at a peak with this setting.

The new settings will be:

  1. Flashes per second (1234): 4

  2. Flash Length (1234): 5 (1/4 of a second)

The good news here is that 1/4 of a second is still a strong light setting and I got results with it before. The question is if the additional flashing will force the signals to my consciousness in more dreams.

I never would of thought these light settings were so important and would have such an impact.

Well, I’ll let you know after my next launch!


13th Day Report

Well it’s hard to believe but I had 36 flashes, 5 dreams recalled and no cues!

Just to compare, the ratio of 2 flashes at 1/4 a second and 4 flashes at 1/4 a second = 1/2 second light, 1/2 second no light and omgosh!

Somebody oughta hit me!

ALL light = no blinking = no cues!

Well at least the system works; no cues is what I should of gotten. In fact, the designer even says as much in the documentation.

Ok, so I have to think here…

Ok I’ll have to bump it down to 3 flashes per second in order to get the benefit of the 1/4 second flash length.

I did have a dream with the mask in it and the lights weren’t in the mask, there were just two empty holes! That is an amazing coincidence!

I think this further shows the importance of the light settings and their relationship to perceiving the cues in dreams.

Ok so see you next launch with the proper settings this time! :happy:


14th Day Report

Well had about 35 flashes 5 dream recalled and no cues. The 1st half of the night I left it at 3 & 1/4. The second half I moved it to 4 & 1/10.

I’m starting to think that the greater the disparity between light and no-light (in between blinks) the stronger the setting as well.

I’m going to try 5 & 1/10 (value 2) hoping the extra blinks will make up for the less light provided by the 1/10 setting.

At this point I am just making sure I’m not leaving a better setting on the table by moving through the higher blinks per second settings.

Tedious but worth it…


15th Day Report

Ok only had 12 flashes with 5 dreams recalled and no cues.

The low number of flashes means the batteries are getting low. The designer said they should last for at least a couple of months depending upon usage but I have been hammering the settings daily for over 2 weeks and so my usage isn’t typical.

I will set the threshold back down to 3.

The first half of the night I didn’t perceive the flashes so I moved the settings to 5 & 1/6.66.

Even though the flashes were fewer I still didn’t perceive the lights in my dreams so I am going to move the light settings to 6 & 1/10 (value 2).

Almost done with the light settings. I should be ready to settle down a bit on the settings within a week.

About the only thing left to fiddle with is the beeper volume and length which might also help bring more cues to consciousness.

I don’t see any need for the alarm unless you cannot recall dreams.


16th Day Report

Over 30 flashes, 4-5 dreams recalled with no cues.

During the 1st half of the night I noticed a low flash count so I moved the threshold down to 2.

Moving the settings to 7 & 1/10.

See you at next launch.


17th Day Report

Had 24 flashes, 2 dreams recalled and a dream cue.

I had given some old neighbors a REM Dreamer and had laid down to sleep. I saw the lights and they were white. I took the mask off and a dream character was right there and said “This couldn’t be a dream because the mask doesn’t work under ‘such and such’ circumstances”.

It’s very obvious that anytime I see white lights it is 100% certain I am dreaming.

If I am awake they will be red through my eyelids.

Ok, interesting pattern. If this continues it will indicate that the extremes of the light settings are the strongest and reliably produce cues; ie longer flash length and more flashes per second.

Ok, so time to see what 8 & 1/10 will do…

See you on the next launch!


18th Day Report

22 flashes, 2 dreams recalled, no cues :cry:

I was hoping for a pattern here but I guess I’ll have to try 9 & 1/20 (value 1).

See you for the next launch!


PS Moved the threshold to 1 – batteries on their last stand :wam:

19th Day Report

Unfortunately I had the mask off monitor mode for two dreams and so I don’t have any accurate flash totals :ack: and no cues in the first dream.

Going to replace the batteries, set the threshold back to 4 and give 9 & 1/20 another try.

See you tomorrow!