I don’t know where else to put it (it is mostly experienced among therians, but it should fit here too), but do you know about a thing called shifting?
there are several types of shifting but they all have a base in the soul of the person experiencing it.

So i wonder, have you ever shifted. i have and it is quite amusing,
I was doing homework when i fell asleep in my chair, and i woke up in a bears hibernating position on the bathroom floor, (that is furthest down the hallway, and my room is on the opposite end) and when i looked at the clock it was about 60 min after i had fallen asleep, it is sad though that i don’t recall what happend.

These explanations is taken from:

read there for more info on the parts not included in this post (to minimise length)

  1. Mental Shift (MS):
    A condition known to affect “weres” (even if said humans don’t know about their awereness) when one species within their own spirit or soul is dominant over any other. In most cases “weres” are “mentally shifted” in their human mindset. The actual shift occurs when the mindset changes from human to animal (e.g. Wolf) or Vice Versa. A mental shift can also occur with a physical shift, whereas you change in mind or soul, as well as in body. (From my personal point of view, the soul never changes… unless other forces are involved, it Just is, a certain part may become more dominant, but the repressed ‘side’ is still present).

  2. Spirit Shift (SS):
    Some people use this term hand in hand with the MS, but they are not the same. This term may have a variety of connotations or dictations… I use it such as this, a SS occurs when a spirit guide (SG) is involved. In this case, the SG is a separate entity from the individual involved. Now this could either mean that #1, the SG assumes control over the body (which could be considered a “Walk-In”). #2, Your SG leaves, and may be replaced by another (of the same or separate species). A SS could also be thought of as a “Walk-Out” situation, but I’ve attempted to include that with the walk-out section and removed from the SS.

  3. The Astral Shift (ASS):
    I know very little on this subject, and appreciate thoughts/help. From what I know of this, you can astrally leave your body and become that of another form, either by shifting the appearance of the spirit, or entering the body of another being on this plane (this too is included in the Walk-Out/Walk-In section, and overlaps with that of the shapestealer definition below).

  4. Aural Shift (AS):
    Again, I know nothing on this subject. What I have heard, the aura (if you can see them) takes on the shape of the animal/wereside. I’ve also heard that with the AS, the person can take on some characteristics of that animal, mentally, but not a total mental shift.

  5. Dream Shift (DS):
    This is sometimes the most common form of shifting, at least, for those that can remember their dreams. This is exactly how it sounds, shifting while dreaming. It could be any of the mentioned forms of shifting here, the most common being the Physical Shift (below). For me, I tend to shift in my dreams when there is a genuine desire, or a need to shift. Such as, being attacked in dreams will cause me to shift… never tried it in RL, hope I don’t have to find out that way.

  6. Physical Shift (PS):
    The stuff dreams are made of… This shift alone, for those who believe, is a goal for the majority of “Weres” want to experience. This is indeed going from form A to form B with the body as the artistic media. A shift in body, many weres feel with the PS, they can become what they truly are on the inside, now reflecting on the outside. Only a handful of people have admitted publicly to being able to PS, or having been able to PS in the past (say once or twice). They are generally either bombarded with questions, or are treated as lunatics, liars, or role players. Thus, most PSers remain quiet about their abilities, and generally share their stories with people they wholeheartedly trust or sometimes, those just willing to listen. *Hint: Most of the time, if you wish for PSers to tell their tales, you must keep an open mind and a closed mouth.

  7. The Shadow Shift (SWS):
    This type of shifting should not be confused with the PS. This is a term to be used for the type of shift that occurs when only the appearance shifts. This usually takes place when there is little available light, a sort of mass hallucination if you will, but whatever the case, the object being focused upon, appears to be something else. Unlike the PS, this type of shifting is “looks only,” you wouldn’t gain any extra senses, or characteristics from this… it is, in fact, very similar to just putting on a fursuit (but without the suit).

  8. The Relocation Shift (RS):
    This subject I’ve heard about, but I still am quite ignorant on. From what I know about this type, the shifter’s spirit leaves the body (in about the same way as an ‘astral projection’) and then forms a new physical body (from what I can tell, they can choose the shape).

  9. ShapeStealers:
    Also known as ‘Skinwalkers’ and ‘FleshDancers,’ this is a type of shifting feared the world over. They can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. They can just merely take on the form of another entity. Some claim that the shapestealer must kill the person/animal/etc they wish to take the form of. This could also include Walk-Ins, whereas, they leap into the body of the one they wish to steal, essentially taking it over, and may or may not kick out the ‘original.’ (That particular method however is also in many references describing the ‘astral shift’).

  10. The “Borrowers” or “Attributes” Shift:
    -Adapted from D.J. Conway’s section called “Shapeshifting” from her book “Animal Magick.” Specifically, this deals with the section on shapeshifting, which in her book is a misnomer, simply because it deals with a “Mental” or “Spiritual” shift instead of a “PS” which is most associated as meaning “shapeshift.” I have taken her basic idea and changed the format to produce a ‘hybrid’ form of shifting. Essentially, this is a mixture of the Mental, Physical, and Aural Shift, in varying degree (That is to say that One or Two could overshadow the other(s), or the repressed one(s) appear to be nonexistant). Unlike the types of shifts (being separate) noted above, this type of shift can give you attributes of any animal/spirit guide (not necessarily that of the wereside, or your personal spirit guide). These ‘attributes’ can be in the form of a physical (for example: “strength”), aural (“senses”) or mental (“cognitive abilities”).

  11. “Wereside”:
    This wereside is a term widely used to express the “animal” side of a person, typically called “weres” or “Therianthropes.” There are several “Shades of Gray” with these “types” of “awereness.” For many people, there is no separate “animal side,” they are the animal. They show in many ways such animal characteristics and attributes as a normal part of their mental state and being. Others within this category are “Transpecies” even “Transgenders” or both. This is a case of “Oops, wrong body,” where said person feels they were intended to be born into a different existence, be it another species or another sex. Other people feel as if they are not their weresides (But the wereside is not a separate entity). Many cases of this show that their is a human side, and an animal side of the same “spirit” or “soul.” (In which case there may be a ‘middle section’ whereas the two ‘sides’ can combine to have traits of both). This also has another situation, where the two ‘sides’ can exist at the same time, one being the human component, the other being the animal component. Both can exist without each other, but are still parts of the same “Spirit.”

  12. Spirit Guides (SG):
    This may not be correct according to other ‘Authorities’ but this is what I’ve gathered and learned over the years. The Spirit Guide (in my POV) is any separate benign entity living along with the ‘true spirit owner’ of the body. Many “weres” consider their SG to be their ‘wereside.’ This is NOT the case, the wereside and the SG are two completely different entities. You wereside may be the same species as the SG, but the SG is not a part of you. SG’s are separate spirits, they can come and go as they please, and may only stay with you for al limited about of time (Usually a SG will “guide”/help you in some way, and as soon as it has fulfilled it’s “duty,” it leaves, perhaps to help another). Also, your wereside could be your SG, but your SG cannot be your wereside. Unlike the wereside the SG is separate (as I’ve mentioned over and over) and could even be considered a “Walk-In,” but I won’t overcomplicate matters by overlapping the two terms. The SG functions differently from you, which could give you insight into certain situations, they can help show or “guide” you to the correct path.

So… Are there any methods to induce that?
I’d love to be a panther. [x

Wg\hat you are talking about is morphing in a dream, but this is different it seems, it’s more like something you spirit decides to do.

I don’t really like that site, I usually take my information from wikipedia and werelist… They usually speak only of Mental Shift, Spiritual Shift (I don’t really get the difference…), Phantom Limbs and Physical Shifts (that no one ever has proved :razz:).
EDIT: I forgot Dream Shift, to shift in a dream :smile:

I’ve myself have experienced the minor shifts that happen daily (when you feel less or more like your theriotype), but also very nice mental shifts, in which I can loose all control. And everything inbetween.

The best was once when my boyfriend bit me in the neck a bit too hard, because the excitment of being close to him and the pain from him biting me resulted in my growling, barking and howling. I also walked on all fours and tried to defend myself from him by biting and scratching.
Of course, I calmed down after a while and became more human. But, the shift was so strong that I wanted to experience it again, and my bf thought it was really funny to see me turn into an animal :razz:
So, I shifted to and fro between human and wolf for a while, because he continued biting and teasing me.

I kind of knew it, but good to have another one that shares my experiences, and i think that i would see it as a bit unusual and funny if my gf ( never had one, not now either ) would bark and growl at me :razz:

I have had several shift’s before, didn’t use to write them down, but i know that most where induced bu sleeping and made me kind of sleepwalk but on all fours, i recall my mother talking to me about me walking to the mos cozy room in the hous in the middle of the night with my eyes closed, on all four :eek: where we live now that would be the bathroom floor, and i would end up lying there in the hibernating position througout the night :tongue:

Hm… I tend to shift a lot more when I have acted more human for a while (especially if it’s against what I really want). So, if you start to act out the bear more in normal life, then you shouldn’t need to sleep-walk as much.

it is fun though to see what happend douring the night :tongue: an i do like the fact that i get to be a bear without acting :smile:

I got this book in school today, that I still haven’t started reading. In swedish, it’s called “Stäppvargen” (Der Steppenwolf in the original language, german).
It seems to be partly about therianthropy, because the main character is a man who belives himself to be partly a “wolf of the steppes”.

Here is my own translation of the text on the book’s back cover.

Harry Haller is an educated loner, a melancholic outside human fellowship. He ponders vainly about his situation until he gets hold of “Treatise of the Steppenwolf” and therein finds the key to his personality. He is a split creature, half human, half wolf with an original nature of a wild animal that has been enclosed and twisted by
current morals and conventions.

The whole class is going to read it, and I’m feeling slightly paranoid. Some of my friends laughed and said that maybe they would understand me better after reading it. :razz:

that seems like a intresting book… say how it was when you finish it :wink:
and i got this need to just sleep today,like a need to hibernate, not just being tired bt more… my bear wants out. :smile:

Go to sleep Kenai :razz: And have many LDs! :smile:

Havent had any LD’s but i had a shift :happy:

I was walking to the bus stop (on my way home today) when i suddenly was running after something, i didn’t see what it was, but i felt hungry when stopping :eh:… when i looked at its footprints in the snow i realised that it was a cat. :eek:

it seems like me and Lanina is the only ones who have experienced this type of mental “Halusinasation” (typo i guess)

Well, at Ld4all maybe.

Mmm… I like chasing rabbits ^^ Never chased a cat though.

it was a small cat, kitten more like… when i realised it i was soon after in a real hurry to reach the bus :razz: and the only rabbits around here is in captivity… in cages in peoples houses and such… my physical size is not big enough to take down a sheep either =/

No, sheep are large and scary. And ugly. But they are fun to feed! I think that people might react if you actually caught any of the animals you hunted. Especially if you killed it in a bear-like way xD

i think you’re right there xD lol, another problem about that is that the closest sheep i know is indoors on a farm museum :razz:

I almost shifted today at school, a boy was teasing me and wouldn’t let me bite him. I was pretty mad at him…
So I growled at him, started to look at his body language from a wolf perspective and almost climbed over a table :razz:

xD can picture the sceene that made :lol:
/me wish he was there :content:

All this while a friend of mine laughs and whispers “shift, shift, shift!”
He thinks it’s really amusing when I do these kind of things, even though he’s never seen me shift 100%.

who wouldn’t, it could look quite odd you know.
i didn’t have any shifts today thoug, but i had a great day anyway :grin: seems that yours was a bit out of control though xD

Nah, I think I had control over the situation xD