So, your routine?

SO my previous dream a long while ago contained some mansion scene which was incredibly detailed… stuff i have never seen before colors amazing, it wasnt even a LD but still, i stopped after a bunch of stuff, sat there and said wait… is this a dream? and i feel like i knew it wasnt but didnt really say it, i guess that counts as a LD? then i dont know but PLEASE tell me if anyone has had this, right after i did that i felt i was back in POV and going through this grey white tunnel and a white lite at the end, and then i remember just suddenly back into a dream with me and my friend discussing it, we had the EXACT same convo the next day, which was awesomely weird. Anyway after that i kinda lost it… im trying to get it back, so tell me, everything you guys can about your routine, around what time you do something, eat this to help dream, what techniques using while falling asleep,a nything to help me try to get this back…

Yes I believe many people call this dé-ja-vu. There is a topic about this in the Beyond lucid dreaming forum. The BIG Déjà Vu topic

Personally I am trying WILD as my main technique, but I also do certain things during the day to try to cause an RC induced lucid dream. Whenever I find the environment feels dreamy, I have trained myself to do an RC. I also do RCs when things don’t work as expected.

With the WILD attempts I basically relax and clear my mind of thoughts, I have tried to visualize things too and this worked quite well. Eventually I find thoughts form that seem much more random than normal and the images are extremely vivid, I believe this to be HI. From that point I am working on entering the dream and becoming part of the dream. Mainly by imagining myself as part of the scene, usually as somebody stood watching the scene.

For tips to help you get on track you might want to have a look at Newbie advice: Helpful hints for aspiring Lucid Dreamers III

by visualize do you mean you are thinking it or like… it just shows up on like your eyelids… i dont know how to describe it, theres 2 things i notice, when i get to the weird state, i have thoughts, and i do see stuff start to form ever so slightly… usually i fall asleep to quickly

When I said visualize I meant imagining it. Although if you are seeing images as you describe it sounds like you might be getting HI , this is great if you are trying WILD :grin: It would not be surprising that you are falling asleep quickly if you are getting to that stage, it is tricky to stay aware at that point.

For myself I just take things day by day. I’ve only recently past month or two gotten into the idea of achieving a LD through techniques. I am used to my normal dreams and so DILD was a good start for me. So, I would just fall asleep as normal without thinking about anything. Once in a dream I would wait for a dreamsign to trigger a reaction in my mind i.e. cars are driving upside down and I will think to myself, “Ok I am dreaming, lets stop moving.” At that point the LD starts and goes from there.

It can be tricky because not all the dreamsigns are the obvious, but I have found that I am stumbling across more and more now that I have been keeping an active eye out for them.


Hope this Helps!

I have no routine…

which is probably why I haven’t had a strong LD in a long, long time. :tongue:

i personally don’t find the guide very helpful (no offense to Q or anyone else who edits it). so what do you do to get a lucid dream (ie. WILD, MILD, FILD , ect) and how do you do it?

P.S. i like chronological order :content: , please post in it if possible

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what works for me best is WBTB i can fall asleep withen 30 minuets but somtimes ill have HH and HI and thier really jolting somtimes ill just spasm uncontrollably and then ill fall asleep and know im dreaming i try to eat chocolate before bed because ive heard that helps and i relax and listen to relaxing music i try to think of happy memories before i go to bed so i can almost relive them if i wanted to

On weeknights, I usually just use MILD before falling asleep. On nights when I don’t have school the next day, I use WBTB/WILD. If I’m too tired for a full WBTB, I just use FILD instead. It seems to work for me.

Like tell me your first lucid dream,

how long you have been practicing?

how much times a week you have been practicing?

After how many weeks/days you got your first lucid dream after starting?

How did you start off Lucid dreaming, WILD, MILD any other technique?

yeah I need those questions answered because I want to know how you started so i can try the same way

well the first lucid dream i had was from doing WBTB and it was about me being at the beach and of course i knew i was dreaming well i relized it and how i did that was i put my fingers up to my eyes and i could still see things but the RC i had been practising was look at ur hands this is after i had been trying for a while i dont remeber how long but i find i like WILD i used 2 think i couldnt do it since im a beginner but i did it and it was easy if u ever need more advice u can pm me if u want

Er, sorry to say that i LD naturally. My first LD was over 10 years ago, so i can’t remember it.

Hello there
I started a dream journal in August 2006. My first documented LD happened in August 2007, just under/over a year after I started researching, reality checks, affirmations.

Directly from my 2007 journal
29th August (wake up at at 6:05am) Lucidity Attained*
I’m by the embankment at the rugby club field. I look up and see a bomber plane and two german fighters beside it in formation. Shortly afterwards the bomber crashes into the embankment snapping both wings off and leaving the fuselage perfectly intact. The two bombers do the same. All the planes were now the size of large toys. I went over to have a look and was confronted by two german pilots. Dad was standing by the corner. I told him that we have to go. The german pilots were about 30 ft from where we were standing. One of them was pointing a gun at my dad. I told dad again that we had to go. But he was just being unresponsive. I then ran off. About quarter of the way down the road I looked back and could still see dad standing there. I immediately knew something was’nt quite right. Whilst running I performed the pinched nose reality check which failed resulting in me taking a breath in instead. I then stopped running and knew from then I was dreaming. I looked down at my hands and could see that some of my fingers were the wrong length one of which was actually getting smaller before me. I then walked down a bit and said “Transform into Dragon” I then started to drop down on all fours running. I could feel my body changing. I was getting much larger. Unfortuantly everything started fading out at the point.

Since then I’ve had about 11 documented LD’s. Two of which were from the result of setting an alarm for 4:30am (I goto bed at 10:30pm FYI) and going straight back to bed. (Loosely matches WBTB)
The rest were accidental from normal nights sleep.